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Sunday Sleep

It’s Sunday Mom and you want me to do WHAT?!?

You want me to get out of BED?

You want me to get out of BED?

You have got to be kidding me?  I have only one answer

I laugh at you!!

I laugh at you!!

Really Mom, you do make me laugh.  I’m staying right here:

No way Mom - It's Sunday, the day of Rest!

No way Mom – It’s Sunday, the day of Rest!

Consider adopting your next pet and you too can relinquish your bed to a love bug like this.



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What happens when you let your 8 week old start partying?

In short, this:

Passed Out Pussy Cat

Passed Out Pussy Cat

With minor adjustments to get to this:

Kitty Kaplutz

Kitty Kaplutz



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Ramping it up for the Rescues

Yes, the other entries are splendogorous and splencatorious and not to forget splenpigorous but I’ve just found out (yes, I’m a little slow) that there are ACTUAL PRIZES to be won.

Now you know I’m not going to take a prize for this little menagerie.  No sirree!  If there are prizes to be given, they’ll go straight to an animal shelter.  Come on guys, it’s time to vote for a shelter to get a prize.

The Valentines Ball over at Mollie & Alfie is going magnificently.

Raffles is a most regal and handsome fellow but, bless his little curly socks, he is, of course, still a pup.  He started the proceedings looking like this:

Regal Raffles with Litchi in her "A La Poodle" hairstyle (courtesy of Raffles' Help)

Regal Raffles with Litchi in her “A La Poodle” hairstyle (courtesy of Raffles’ Help)

But soon found the decorations simply irresistible:

How can any pup, regal or not, be expected to ignore such delectable toys?

How can any pup, regal or not, be expected to ignore such delectable toys?

Litchi, whom many believe to be a true Lady but whose hidden nature is that of Manic Mania, joined in the fun like this:

Maniac Litchi trying to catch pieces of decor tossed about by Raffles

Maniac Litchi trying to catch pieces of decor tossed about by Raffles

Raffles, on having been admonished by the bouncers, retreated in shame to hide in the bushes:

Raffles, like any young one at their first party, landed up in the bushes!

Raffles, like any young one at their first party, landed up in the bushes!

But Litchi, knowing it was her duty as the “more mature” half of this couple, ran to her rescue, bribed the bouncers (she learnt that from Doggy) and ensured their return entry to the Ball:

Litchi rushes to Raffles Rescue

Litchi rushes to Raffles Rescue

Shadow and Coccolino also started the festivities in fine style:

Cocco, the true gentlepig, arrived with a cupcake gift when he collected Shadow

Cocco, the true gentlepig, arrived with a cupcake gift when he collected Shadow

But as the alcohol flowed, he managed to relieve another guest of their costume and give Shadow some good giggles along the way:

What girl wouldn't laugh at a man wearing pirate skulls for Valentines?

What girl wouldn’t laugh at a man wearing pirate skulls for Valentines?

Realising he was on to a good wicket, he sneaked Shadow off to teach her how to steal the best quality drinks on the sly:

Well, no cat is going to say "No" to some stolen, spiked milk

Well, no cat is going to say “No” to some stolen, spiked milk

But once the shenanigans were over, Cocco certainly put his best hoof forward and my, oh my, what an accomplished dancer he proved to be:

Now tell me, how could these two possibly not win King and Queen of the Ball?

Now tell me, how could these two possibly not win King and Queen of the Ball?

Moving onto the youngest attendee at the ball.  Little 8 week old Pixels and the two most utterly handsome dates in dogville, Scout and Teddy:

As the Lady we trust she will grow up to be, she donned a fabulous hat to match her Gentledog partners

As the Lady we trust she will grow up to be, she donned a fabulous hat to match her Gentledog partners

What kitty could say no to the perfect Black & White partners, sporting their top hats with style and grace?

Scout seemed really taken by Pixels and gave her his best Toothy Grin

Scout seemed really taken by Pixels and gave her his best Toothy Grin

To which Pixels replied with an:



But soon realised that these two stunners were nothing, if not caring, gentle, slobberbugs well worthy of her paw pats.

Enough jabbering – get yourselves off to Mollie & Alfie and cast your votes for King and Queen of the Ball and Best Dressed.

Again, I warn you, DO NOT look at the other entries.  They are spectacular and brain cells will instantly ignite into an inferno.

Remember, you are voting to get a Rescue Shelter a PRIZE.  You are voting for the DESTITUTE, the HOMELESS, the UNLOVED and ADORABLE!  This is YOUR CHANCE to make a DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES!

PS – All photos of dates were maliciously stolen off their blogs.  They may sue me but would have to stand in line with the other 3258 other claimants.  We suspect your court date would be scheduled for around 2098.

The Rescue Animals of the World unite in saying THANK YOU!


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Kitty Yoga

For your quick Monday smile, Pixels would hereby like to demonstrate one of the best known Kitty Yoga positions – Lick Your Toes:





As you can see, she’s proving to be quite the naughty little minx.


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Life’s breezy with Easy – World Cruise Day 2

Her nobleness, Lady Litchifield Love, of Litchfield Staffordshire (currently residing in her fiefdom South Africa, though also known as Empress of Bordeaux) had, as some of you may be aware, been most devastated by being forsaken by the Errant Easy, who somewhat maliciously ran off with Mollie during what Litchi had assumed to be their courtship. 

Easy, being…well…easy, has once again returned to his dutiful role at Litchi’s side, having requested her companionship on his extremely well planned out World Cruise.  If you haven’t yet read about the general shenanigans, I would highly suggest you pop over HERE, to read all about WC Day 1.

It’s now Day 2, with a most splendid itinerary and some holiday snaps for which the newspapers are bound to pay millions.

We left Paris and tried to see the Eternal City – Rome. Unfortunately our globe was stolen in the French METRO – so we had to find our way without navigation systems. But we are dogs and not humans, who needs a GPS to find themselves and so we arrived a  Mountain with a hole…


I was right – but even in the Eternal City, not all is for eternity… some things could be very short here, especially your life, if you land at the wrong place in Rome…


… better cut and run! …literally…

Our next destination was India. Here we took an elephant-shower before we spent the night in the world famous Taj-Mahal – I’m glad dad’s bank has such a sense of humor…and we decided to take the president’s suite…




Our tour, obviously (no idea why), then led us to Australia. The warm welcome of the natives was overwhelming…


.. and we learned to jump like a kangaroo…


…and now we know what these yellow signs mean…

Our next stop was China. Here all is possible, even a ride on a  Dragon…



… first we had some problems with the chinese flatware – but later we were fed up and our nose and ears were clean too – think they call it “multitasking”


After all this adventures it was time to go back home. We’ve  booked a cabin on a luxury yacht with a funny name and fortunately  the way aboard was very short …



… the name smells a little to us.. but what’s in a name?


We hope you had some fun with us and  maybe you want to join  us for our next tour …

He may not be the Royals first choice for “gentleman” of the year but my word, how could Litchi ever say “No” to a man who can organise a trip such as this?  Thanks Easy, errant or not, you are one clever mutt!



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Dog Diet

With Christmas well on its way, we all need a good diet to follow.  I was sent this via email and have no idea to whom credit should be given but, as per usual, I shall share it anyway.

For my international readers, two quick points of reference:

Checkers – a local supermarket chain

Epol – a popular brand of dog food (maybe it’s international – who knows – who cares?)

“Yesterday, I was at my local Checkers, buying a large bad of Epol dog food for my loyal pet.  Whilst in the checkout queue (line, for the Americans), a woman behind me asked if I had a dog?”

This is a DOG (just in case anyone was a bit confused already).

This is a DOG (just in case anyone was a bit confused already).

“What did she think I had – an elephant?”

This is an ELEPHANT.  It doesn't look much like a DOG

This is an ELEPHANT. It doesn’t look much like a DOG

“So, since I’m retired and have little to do, on impulse I told her that no, I didn’t have a dog, I was starting the Epol Diet again. I added that I probably shouldn’t, because last time I ended up in hospital (after having lost 20 kilos) and woke up in intensive care with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.

I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet.   The way that it works is to load your pockets with Epol nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (By now, practically everyone in the queue was enthralled with my story.)

Horrified, she asked me if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me. I told her “No”, I stepped off the pavement to sniff a Bull Terriers arse and a car hit me.

I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard.

I’m now banned from Checkers.”


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Can a Cat be as Big as a Queen?

Now we all know that a “Cat can look at a King” and one would, therefore, assume that a Cat can look at a Queen but I ask you “Where’s a Mom supposed to sleep?“.

It’s a Queen Size Bed!

Since when can a cat stretch to That Length?

It’s supposed to be my bed as well, you know!




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Meandering Mollie – Invitation to Party!

Lady Litchfield Love of Litchfield, Staffordshire and now Empress of Bordeaux, France (currently residing in her protectorate, South Africa), hereby formally requests the honour of your presence at her

Meandering Mollie Party


Please join Lady Litchi and her consorts Jittery Jangles, Senseless Sabre and Charlatan Shadow in celebrating the successful Rescue and Recovery Operation performed by the incredible IARB (International Animal Rescue Brigade).

All beloved readers may RSVP to this most prestigious of events.  Amusement shall be provided in the form of masterful match-making by the ever loving Litchi who will be accepting responses up to and including Wednesday, the 3rd day of October, this 2012’th year of Animaldom.

Special requests are hereby sent to:

Meandering Mollie

Errant Easy

Dapper Doggy

Maestro Misaki  

Gallant Guineas

Admirable Alfie

Sagacious Sammy

Zealous Zena

Jaunty Jet

Reliable Ruby

The above honoured guests either formed the acclaimed IARB or, as in the case of Mollie and Easy, the instigators of said Rescue & Recover.

RSVP’s to the amuse bouche will be accepted via written reply via the provided “comments” section attached to this invitation.  However, acceptance of RSVP’s will only be accepted upon receipt of photograph displaying aspirant attendant in appropriate attire.  Such outstanding photographic delights should be forwarded to longlife@dcrprocess.co.za



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Doggy’s Dilemma

Well, it seems that Litchi has found herself a bona-fide job.  Good for her.  About time she earned her kibbles here.!

Although previously self-appointed, it appears that her title is now official.  She is:

Lady Litchifield Love – Mediator to the Dogs

Mollie and Doggy are still at it.  The international crisis has not yet been averted.  After many grueling days of court cases (presided over by Judge Sammy) and mediation, the official Litchi Treaty was signed.  All seemed good in the world!

International politics being what they are, has resulted in a further dispute.

Mollies latest question for Paw Tokens was “Who originally sang this and what year was it released?“.  Doggy, always quick of the mark, got the first portion perfectly correct.  He neglected, unfortunately to give the Date of Release.

Each correct participant received Two Paw Tokens.  This did not include Doggy.  Being somewhat of a drama-queen (alright, he’s not a queen – maybe a Drama-Dog), Doggy threw a perfectly heartbreaking hissy-fit.  Exerpts of his laments include:

“My heart aches, I’m in tears, tears blur my vision as I write this….I’ll be praying for you and for the snipers….”

As you can see, he still has snipers surrounding Mollies place.  Of course Alfie, the cat, is thoroughly enjoying chasing their laser beams but Mollie lives in fear.

Lady Litchi has offered the following compromise, hoping the 2nd Litchi Treaty will be signed soon:

Litchi Treaty Two:

  • Mollies competition question clearly consisted of two parts, the first being the singers and the second, the date of release.
  • Doggy, without doubt, got the first portion of this question correct
  • As Mollie offered Two Paw Tokens to those who correctly answered both questions, it seems reasonable to assume that there was a Paw Token per portion.
  • Mollie, therefore, agrees to offer Doggy One Paw Token for answering one question correctly.
  • As acceptance of this agreement, Doggy refrains from pitiable laments, agrees to “man-up” like the Gentledog he has previously proved himself to be and re-enters the competition in the spirit of good fun everywhere.
  • Mollie, for her part in the mischief, knowingly driving Doggy to extreme levels of psychosis, offers a public apology.  Declarations of love, at this point, would also be acceptable.

Litchi requests that fellow readers provide their thoughts regarding this agreement.  Comments may be lodged here or at either Mollie’s or Doggy’s blog.

It is vital that all International Litchi Treaty’s are open to public comment.


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Tickled Rainbow!

On receiving my first two awards, I was just Tickled Pink.  Today, I find myself Tickled Rainbow, for I received not one, but two fabulous awards from equally fabulous sites.  There is no “one hue” that can describe my elation now.  I am doing belly-flops I am so excited.  The cats have left.  The dog, on the other hand, is loving this new game, although she is battling to understand the rules of belly-flop.  Then again, when has a dog ever needed to understand anything to get full-hearted enjoyment out of it?

Pick of the Litter Award

Hey It’s Jet Here most incredibly sent me the Sunshine award.  This is truly a great honour and I am astounded by Jet’s generosity.  Jet (clever little dog that he is) writes a most entertaining blog from his unique perspective on life.  DogDaz have also given me an award – you crazy bunch of welcoming bloggers.  This site has brilliant photographs and very entertaining dialogue  (details of their award further on).

Sunshine Award

In acceptance of the Sunshine Award, I have to ….. here we go again….. sorry Mom for all these 4-letter words …..WORK!  I need to answer (which requires thinking), the questions below:

  • Favorite number: 3, no 7, no 11 – oh stop confusing me here!
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:  What is a non-alcoholic drink???  Amarula Cream has cream in it, does that count?.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Would have to be Facebook – never been on twitter, you tweet.
  • My Passion: Oh golly, let me think here, it might be….let’s see….animals?
  • Favorite pattern: Those one’s that make you inadvertently think of hearts (aren’t I just the soppy one).
  • Favorite Day of the Week: The one’s on which we win awards, of course.
  • Favorite Flower:  Now there’s a weird one.  Maybe Self-Raising?  Oh, sorry, you meant “flower” not “flour”, ok then, it would be Jasmine (my last rescue dog was even named Jasmine)

Whew!  That’s it for all the Thinking and Work, other than to nominate a couple of my favourite sites.  There’s a good chance I am supposed to nominate a specific number of sites but, unfortunately, I haven’t been around all that long (real spring-chicken here), so it’ll just be a few.  I hope it makes your day guys – it certainly made mine!

I know, I know – all of you have probably received billions of awards, including this one, but I thought you might at least want to know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and think you are all Fantastic.

To Collies Of The Meadow – who really needs a little sunshine at the moment – God bless you and give you strength.

To Wayward Dogs – for all your incredible work, helping lost and wandering dogs – we appreciate you.

To  I Adopted a Dog – NOW WHAT – thanks for adopting and letting us all share in your adventures.

To Paws to Talk – for always keeping a smile on my face with your unique answers to difficult questions.

To Chancy the Gardner – for your fantastic site with its’ own special point of view.

To Bassas Blog – for your hilarious and brilliant photographs and your unique outlook on life.

And last but by no means least:

To DogDaz, who is jointly responsible for my absurd “belly-flopping”, as they have listed me as their Pick of the Litter and awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.  I love your site and am deeply grateful for your generosity and kindness.

Versatile Blogger

All the furry critters here in Sunny South Africa, send all their slobbery kisses and hugs to Hey It’s Jet Here and DogDaz.  They appreciate your help in raising awareness for the shelter animals.  THANK YOU


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