Life’s breezy with Easy – World Cruise Day 2

Her nobleness, Lady Litchifield Love, of Litchfield Staffordshire (currently residing in her fiefdom South Africa, though also known as Empress of Bordeaux) had, as some of you may be aware, been most devastated by being forsaken by the Errant Easy, who somewhat maliciously ran off with Mollie during what Litchi had assumed to be their courtship. 

Easy, being…well…easy, has once again returned to his dutiful role at Litchi’s side, having requested her companionship on his extremely well planned out World Cruise.  If you haven’t yet read about the general shenanigans, I would highly suggest you pop over HERE, to read all about WC Day 1.

It’s now Day 2, with a most splendid itinerary and some holiday snaps for which the newspapers are bound to pay millions.

We left Paris and tried to see the Eternal City – Rome. Unfortunately our globe was stolen in the French METRO – so we had to find our way without navigation systems. But we are dogs and not humans, who needs a GPS to find themselves and so we arrived a  Mountain with a hole…


I was right – but even in the Eternal City, not all is for eternity… some things could be very short here, especially your life, if you land at the wrong place in Rome…


… better cut and run! …literally…

Our next destination was India. Here we took an elephant-shower before we spent the night in the world famous Taj-Mahal – I’m glad dad’s bank has such a sense of humor…and we decided to take the president’s suite…




Our tour, obviously (no idea why), then led us to Australia. The warm welcome of the natives was overwhelming…


.. and we learned to jump like a kangaroo…


…and now we know what these yellow signs mean…

Our next stop was China. Here all is possible, even a ride on a  Dragon…



… first we had some problems with the chinese flatware – but later we were fed up and our nose and ears were clean too – think they call it “multitasking”


After all this adventures it was time to go back home. We’ve  booked a cabin on a luxury yacht with a funny name and fortunately  the way aboard was very short …



… the name smells a little to us.. but what’s in a name?


We hope you had some fun with us and  maybe you want to join  us for our next tour …

He may not be the Royals first choice for “gentleman” of the year but my word, how could Litchi ever say “No” to a man who can organise a trip such as this?  Thanks Easy, errant or not, you are one clever mutt!



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91 responses to “Life’s breezy with Easy – World Cruise Day 2

  1. Easy does it – with style, humour and extravagance. Lady Litchfield adds graciousness, beauty and bravado. What an awesome pair 😀

  2. Haha I’m glad you had fun on our tour – my dad is happy too – I gave him the nose of the sphinx as a souvenir ;o)

  3. You two are pawsome. How funny is the kanga pic and croc one. Loved it. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Don

    Must have been one helluva holiday.

  5. The Red Man is jealous of your world cruise – he only gets to ride in an old Dodge Dakota pickup between South Carolina and Texas, if you catch my drift. Glad you had fun!

  6. catfromhell

    Wow! What a trip! Mes would LOVES to goes on a trip like that – Even if me went with the dogs!

  7. Oh my what a time you two have had on your World Tour! Very nice that Easy’s Dad paid for the entire thing……very generous and staying in the Taj is NOT cheap! The luxury yacht indeed has an interesting name but then again you two seem to love to live dangerously – and as long as the cabins are comfy (and there’s plenty of cheesecake for snacks) who cares?! Thanks for keeping in contact with all of us while you traveled the world………it’s been VERY exciting!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Easy’s Dad was extremely generous (although I’m not entirely sure he knew he was being 🙂 )
      The snacks were great – you can always count on Easy for that! Good times indeed (definitely can always count on him for That). He really is a clever boy, all those photos and everything.

  8. You guys riding that chinese dragon cracked us up! World travelers all right!

  9. Well! That looked like fun …

  10. You have lived more in one trip than most people live in a lifetime!

  11. Well, I waz short changed on my date wiff Easy..BOL, what can I say..Go for it gal, but watch out, coz it’z not youz he’z bringing to de ball..Bawwahhaaaw. xxooxx Wait till Doggy see’z thiz.
    Mollie and Alfie

  12. What a great world tour! Beautiful pictures, love the alligator and the elephant one!

  13. Hehehe! You guys have me in stitches! How pawesome you got to go on a luxury yacht!!! =^.^=

  14. Roxy the Traveling Dog

    My goodness, what an adventure. Love the pics.

  15. Wow, how exciting…BOL. Love the pics!!

  16. What a trip! You two are so funny…The photos are wonderful…Thanks for the fun!

  17. oh seriously, doesn’t like just EVERYONE know that Easy Rider is the coolest canine since, well, since…umm…well…furrever! He is a fast canine with style and a BIC that cannot be trumped (VBP)..our guy, Easy…Lucky Lady Litchi! Paw pats, Savannah

  18. You must be exhausted…you need a holiday to recover from your holiday *BOL*

    Wally & Sammy

  19. Fantastic adventures! Litchi! But I have doubt in connection with two events. I’m not sure that Easy took an elephant-shower with you and swam among the crocodiles in Australia. Either you has fallen head over paws into love with him and try to depict him as a hero or he has fallen into love head over paws and did not recoil from water in your companionship! 🙂

    • Oh, you are just too clever. Well, although love is definitely in the air, I’m afraid Easy and Litchi are both taking different partners to the Valentines Ball so, you’re probably right 😀
      Litchi is far too much of a lady to have taken her elephant shower with Easy. They had to take them separately. No funny business now 🙂

  20. love the photo of the arena, fighting like a courageous gladiator 🙂

  21. What a totally awesome tour! so much fun!

  22. Fatasmagorical in the egg-stream!
    Funny gangplank that unmentionably-named boat uses!

  23. Leo

    Great story line,someone had a fun time with Photoshop. 🙂 The old way before digital was to cut photo`s up,stick them together and rephotograph the result, it took hours and a steady hand.

  24. Glad you made it to OZ!

  25. Wow! What a great time you had! Great tour and you sure got involved in your siteseeing. Great post we loved it and laughed hard several times!
    God Bless You!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  26. Absolutely brilliant post! Very funny and very creative. I loved it. The pictures are fantastic. I especially like the one of the kangaroos 🙂 🙂

    • The kangaroo photo was a definite favourite of mine too. Wish I could take credit for it all but, in truth, it really was all Easy’s doing. Quite fantastic on the photo editing and imagination side. We had such a blast 😀

  27. The kangaroo photo was a definite favourite of mine too. Wish I could take credit for it all but, in truth, it really was all Easy’s doing. Quite fantastic on the photo editing and imagination side. We had such a blast 🙂

  28. loved the Fartbutt photo 🙂 who on earth christens their boat Fartbutt? must be a lover of baked beans and brussels sprouts 🙂

  29. I wish I had your photoshopping skills! Course that would probably require actually having photoshop instead of a free substitute.

  30. Such a fun adventure, I’m glad you guys had such a wonderful time:-)

  31. I’m afraid Wonderbutt cannot go on such an amazing trip. He is too much of a homebody, and would be completely homesick for his three beds and his leather chair.

    • Oh dear, what a pity. I’m sure Litchi would have loved to meet Wonderbutt. Maybe next time they could organise a 5 star trip, with leather chairs included. Oh dear, Easy was complaining about the amount of hand luggage Litchi brought with her. Cannot imagine what he’d say to a leather chair being thrown in 😀

  32. What a wonderful jaunt. It looks like you had the best fun ever. How brave to go swimming with crocodiles. 😯 The elephant shower must have been most refreshing. That looks like my luggage sitting on the quayside. 😀

  33. hello long life cats and dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that wuz kwite a whirld toor!!! it reeminds me of wen we went on a whirld toor on the majik flying koaster only more eksawsting!!! ok bye

  34. This was pretty funny. Especially the bathing at your risk 😀

  35. Hilarious pictures especially the Roman Colsieum and excelent writing! Glad the world travelers made it home safely and unscathed!

  36. Fabulous tour and so much fun 🙂

  37. lol…fun story and cool edits 😉

  38. What an adventure. We love the twist on the tour pictures.

  39. Oh dear, we’d better get Shadow and Cocco ready for the ball! We’re late on submitting a picture. How to dress them…?!

  40. OK – I can’t seem to find your email address! Cocco has been practicing for the ball with Shadow… could you email me so I can send you some behind the scenes photo preps and get Shadow’s picture? Thanks!

  41. Such a cute tour! I really love the part about taking an elephant bath! Such a cute picture and a funny idea 🙂

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