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Irresponsible Mothers and Child Pregnancies

Yes, I am an irresponsible mother.  We’ve suffered the first child pregnancy in the family’s history and it’s a shocker! 

Has anyone else suffered the sheer, colossal embarrassment of one’s child, having supposedly been surrounded by a warm and loving family who provided clear and sound moral guidance, suddenly falling pregnant at an absurdly young age?  I’m quite sure I cannot be the only one who believes that the home environment should have negated such a disaster.  I am equally sure that all parents, whose children have brought such disgrace upon the family, suffer the same whiplash thought of attempting to keep the embarrassing situation hidden.

The thought most certainly crossed my mind.  “Tell no-one!” I said to myself.  “What will they think of me?” I wondered.  Best not be lambasted for my poor parenting skills, especially out in public, on the internet.  But, I fear, as my own mother so poignantly pointed out, I’m far too much of a chatter-box to keep such things secret and, as such, I hereby lay bare the nasty truth of it all, awaiting the tyranny of my sorely neglected readers.

Pixels, the baby child of the family, fell pregnant!  There it is, in all its horror.  I said it.  My beautiful, sweet child allowed a street kid, nonetheless, into her home and did the unspeakable.  A subject on which I shall refrain from elaborating because it is, well, unspeakable.  Surfice it to say that, although I may appear to be a truly irresponsible mother, I had booked for her to be spayed but found, to my dismay, that the appointment needed to be altered to a pregnancy test.

Of course, as is the case with all prematurely “grandmothered” mothers, seeing the perfect, most adorable offspring, has changed shock into adoration and love.  As such I find myself inexplicably forced to subject everyone to photographs of my stunning grandchildren and their utterly fantastic mom who, even at such a tender young age, has proven to be the most perfect and responsible mother I think I have ever seen.  I am so incredibly proud of her and cannot fault a single thing she has done, through child birth to her skills through the first 3 days of the babies lives on the planet.

Welcome to the world, my lovelies!

A Cuddle of Kittens

A Cuddle of Kittens

Bath Time

Bath Time

1 day old - sleeping in my hand

1 day old – sleeping in my hand

Just got to love those faces!

Just got to love those faces!


The lightest of the gingers

The lightest of the gingers


3 days old - ultimate cuteness

3 days old – ultimate cuteness



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Monday Mischief – How to Bug Big Brother!

Yes, we’ve ascertained that Sabre is fairly fond of little Pixels.  However, no matter how cute you may be, there are certain sibling duties which need to be performed.  Annoying big brother is a vital skill to acquire.    

“Big Brother Bug” is a great game and crucial to boredom avoidance.  It is particularly effective if you can find Big Brother already ensconced in a nice, deep slumber.

Step 1 – Pat him on the head to wake him up

Pat him to wake him up

Step 2 – Pretend it wasn’t you.  Try to embellish your face with the most innocent of expressions whilst looking the other way.

Pretend it wasn't you by looking the other way

Step 3– Give his toes a good sniff.  If nothing else, the tickle of your whiskers should help wake him.

Give his toes a good sniff

Step 4– Get distracted by his now wonderfully swishing tail

Get distracted by his wonderful swishing tail

Step 5 – Do the unthinkable.  Sniffing his…um…nether regions is sure to get his attention

Do the unthinkable and sniff his bum

Step 6 – Receive a good clobbering for that gesture

Get something of a clobbering for that

Step 7 – Go in for the neck (I’m sure you’ve seen your big Lion cousins using that tactic to great effect)

Go for the neck

Step 8 – Break free of the inevitable wrestle hold (Mommy Lions never explained that consequence on Animal Planet).

Break free of wrestle hold

Step 9 – Great, now you’ve got his attention and can settle in for the ultimate huggle bunnie sleep with big brother.

Great now you've got his attention


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Even Sabre is powerless to resist the charms of Pixels

To begin with, he was far from impressed.  Remember, Sabre is my ultimate Baby Boy.  He believed this to be his universal right and took to Pixels much like an ostrich takes to flying.

Of late, however, I see even his resilience has crumbled.

Come here Pixels!  I need you for sleep time

Come here Pixels! I need you for sleep time

These photos may be poor but they are irrefutable proof that even Sabre likes the idea of cuddling and touching her when sleeping.

Getting ready for the cuddly curl-up

Getting ready for the cuddly curl-up

The cuddle begins

The cuddle begins

Kitty Cuddle Complete!

Kitty Cuddle Complete!

As we begin to regain our credit giving strength, our gratitude to the following, for their tireless efforts in tweeting and facebooking Pixels competition attempts, needs to be shared:

Mollie & Alfie


Please visit both these sites, as they are on a most awesome mission, running raffles and auctions to raise funds for Leo, who’s story can be found on Savannah’s site.  Please support them in whatever way you can.


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Credit Relapse

Credit is due to so many and we’ve relapsed terribly.  This might be due to the cuddly nature of Pixels, whose love for sleeping in her Mom’s arms, just like a baby, distracts us from actually typing.

Tell me if you could type out thank you notes with this cuddle bunny in your arms!

Right, these arms of Mom's look perfect for a good sleep

Right, these arms of Mom’s look perfect for a good sleep

Get ready for it!  Sleep is coming.

Get ready for it! Sleep is coming.

Ah yes, here it is!

Ah yes, here it is!

Fold your arms like an angel.  Close your eyes and snuggle into Mom's arms for the best sleep ever!

Fold your arms like an angel. Close your eyes and snuggle into Mom’s arms for the best sleep ever!

So, belated credit and eternal thankfulness go to:

Serenity in the City
Princess Zena
Dogs N Pawz
Cats & Co
My Three Moggies

They all reblogged and shared our desperate attempt to win a competition for the shelter animals. Truer examples of the spirit of togetherness that our blogosphere exhibits, would be extremely hard to find.

There are still many more, deserving of our gratitude. We shall attempt to stay awake in future and post suitable acknowledgements. This, of course, remains to be seen but, on step at a time


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The War we Lost but Gained

True, the title makes little sense and yes, we did lose the war.

What do you mean, I LOST?  I'll make my eyes go squiff and hang my ear in shame!

What do you mean, I LOST? I’ll make my eyes go squiff and hang my ear in shame!

This is sad with regards to assisting the shelters with food but, fear not, we’ll find other ways to help them.  What is more important is what we gained.

Really!! That many peopled helped?  Amazing!

Really!! That many peopled helped? Amazing!

The number of people who selflessly jumped in and helped, voting, emailing, reblogging and sharing on twitter and facebook was quite dazzling.  In truth, we feel more like winners due to everyone’s generosity than we ever could getting a prize.  Your friendship and dedication warms the cockles of our hearts (strange term but seems entirely appropriate here).

Well, you'd better get started with Thanking them all!

Well, you’d better get started with Thanking them all!

With such a vast quantity of people, having gone way beyond the call of duty, it would be unfair to list everyone in one post.  So we’ll start, today, by thanking 3 of these gallant and charitable hero’s and continue the list, through the week, in an attempt to show our gratitude.

Today’s insufficient thanks goes to:

Sand Spring Chesapeakes, who reblogged for us not once, not twice but THREE times.

Doggy’s Style, always there to when you need him.  Always willing to help and go the extra mile.  He reblogged TWICE for us.  You remain, always, my competition mentor extraordinaire.

Animal Couriers, the best pet relocation experts of all time who, somehow, in the midst of dealing with innumerable animals in their care, find time to reblog and help others.

Please go and visit each of these wonderful sites and give them your support as my only way to begin thanking them for their help.

Tune in for our next post for links to further incredible and delectable sites who’s generosity knows no bounds. 


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South Africa is at War!

Oh alright, not the whole of South Africa but the Cats of South Africa are at war!   Fine, obviously not all the cats are at war.  That would be absurd and frighteningly noisy

OK, two kittens, in South Africa, are at war!

This is our final plea!  A desperate last stand!  The lives of kittens in Animal Shelters depends on this!

Not so ladylike but definitely comfy

Not so ladylike but definitely comfy

Pixels is still in the competition for Cutest Kitten.  She’s cracked 1st place a couple of times but the other kitten then rallies up over 100 votes in a matter of minutes.

Pixels will donate her prize to the Animal Shelters most in need of kitten food.

Ask not what the kittens can do for you but what YOU can do for the kittens!

Apparently, sleeping upside down is very comfy

Apparently, sleeping upside down is the way to go

The competition ends on the 19th.  We need YOUR votes.

I know most of you have already voted, shared and reblogged but, if you know of any other warriors who could come to our rescue and swell the ranks for this final battle, the orphaned, neglected and homeless kittens of South Africa would be eternally grateful.

Every adult and child, armed with an email address, can force the enemy into retreat.

Can you do headstands whilst you sleep?

Can you do headstands whilst you sleep?

To join the war, click on the link below, enter your email address, rate the photograph as 5 Stars and Send!

Click here to Help Pixels win the War!

2 seconds of your time and 1 years supply of kitten food for the abandoned little love bugs.


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Miracles Never Cease!

Our dear, beloved postal service has been on strike (who’d have guessed) for the last couple of months (or years, considering how efficient they are).  As such, no-one in the area has any idea what mail they might be missing. 

Now, on an average day, I can’t say I’m all that unhappy.  Most mail is either utterly boring or terrifying.  However, every now and then, there’s something exciting.  I remain clueless as to anything good that may have been sent but for one exception.

Imagination Is Spicy had a competition on their site so, of course, I had to enter.  And I WON!  I didn’t get the answer right but, then again, nor did anybody else, so we ended up in a hat.  Long Life was drawn!  Oh, the excitement of it all.  Now that, in itself, is something of a miracle but the fact that the prize actually arrived, is the greatest miracle of my time!

Our prize came beautifully wrapped and presented:

My beautifully presented prizes

It could hardly be more appropriate, as it included a MOR Tin-Boxed Soapette and Handcream with Lychee (or Litchi as we would spell it here) flower fragrance.  Together with a beautifully hand stitched heart (or favourite) brooch.

MOR Lychee Flower

Litchi (the dog, not the fruit) is delighted!  She believes it was created especially for her.  She will not be getting to use it!

I love that the tin is collectable and has a cute little hinged lid.  Just precious.

And, as with all things that I love, it even gave me a giggle.  The soap tin comes with instructions.  Maybe they’re concerned that, here in deepest, darkest Africa, we may not know how to use it.


“Add water and massage onto body for a creamy lather.  Rinse thoroughly with water”

Thanks Imagination Is Spicy!  I love the gifts.  I love their fragrance and I always love a good laugh.

PS – If anyone has not yet voted for Pixels, please click on the link below, enter your email address, rate the photograph as 5 stars and Send.  2 seconds of your time and a chance for Pixels to win 1 years worth of kitten food, which she has agreed to donate to the needy Animal Welfare Shelters

Vote For Pixels – Save Lives!


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Pixels is getting a Stress Headache

Oh the stress of it all!

You, my wonderful friends, have done an incredible job and, although Pixels entered the competition race ludicrously late, she’s managed to climb up to 3rd position!

I think I'm getting a Stress Headache!

I think I’m getting a Stress Headache!

Problem is, she needs at least 226 more votes to get to 1st.

I know most of you have already voted but, if anyone has additional email addresses, or people they know who might vote, or any other ideas to drum up votes, Pixels would be eternally grateful and the kittens in the shelters (all awaiting the prize food to be donated to them) would love you forever!

The link to vote on her picture is:

Pixels Photo – currently in 3rd but needs to get to 1st

You hop on there, put in your email address, rate the photo as 5 stars (please) and Send.  Job done!  Kittens happy!  Your good deed for the day – accomplished! 



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Vote for Pixels and Save Lives!

Finally, a COMPETITION, here in South Africa, that I can actually enter and WIN.  But I need your help.

Based on your votes, I have entered 2 photographs of Pixels for CUTEST KITTEN.

Standard issue Cute

Standard issue Cute

Funnier version of Cute

Funnier version of Cute



Cute she may be but she’s up against entries that already have over 800 votes.  She’s starting this race late and needs to charge forth at speed.

You can vote for both photos but, only once each.  Then again, if any of you have multiple email addresses, you could manage a few more (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that).

The links for each photo are: Photo Number 4 and Photo Number 6

These links take you directly to Pixels’ Pics (can’t have you being distracted by all the other cute kittens).

Anybody managing to rustle up some extra votes through friends or family will be helping to SAVE KITTENS LIVES!  If Pixels wins, she has agreed to donate her food to needy Shelters who are currently overrun with kittens.

If the above links can’t be sent to others, then they can go onto the website at and hop onto the competition page that way.

The kittens of South Africa say “Thank You”


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Ditzy here needs your help choosing!

# 1

# 1

I hopped (appropriately for the Easter Season) onto the Royal Canin website, with plans to rustle up much needed kitten and puppy milk for the shelters.

# 2

# 2

Being easily distracted, I got ambushed by a COMPETITION they are running for the CUTEST KITTEN.  Yippee, finally a local competition I can enter.

# 3

# 3

The prize is 1 years worth of kitten food.  Imagine how much that would help the shelters!  So, I simply have to enter Pixels into this one.

# 5

# 4

Problem is, this ditzy blonde cannot make up her mind.  so I humbly hand the reigns over to my most trusted of sources – YOU!

# 5

# 5

Which pic do you think could win Cutest Kitten?

# 6

# 6

I’ve simply numbered them from 1 through 8 (seemed like the easiest option for a blonde to handle).

# 7

# 7

Please enter brilliant advice in the comments.

# 8

# 8

I trust your judgement and, if she wins, Pixels can donate her food to the shelters in need.



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