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Ramping it up for the Rescues

Yes, the other entries are splendogorous and splencatorious and not to forget splenpigorous but I’ve just found out (yes, I’m a little slow) that there are ACTUAL PRIZES to be won.

Now you know I’m not going to take a prize for this little menagerie.  No sirree!  If there are prizes to be given, they’ll go straight to an animal shelter.  Come on guys, it’s time to vote for a shelter to get a prize.

The Valentines Ball over at Mollie & Alfie is going magnificently.

Raffles is a most regal and handsome fellow but, bless his little curly socks, he is, of course, still a pup.  He started the proceedings looking like this:

Regal Raffles with Litchi in her "A La Poodle" hairstyle (courtesy of Raffles' Help)

Regal Raffles with Litchi in her “A La Poodle” hairstyle (courtesy of Raffles’ Help)

But soon found the decorations simply irresistible:

How can any pup, regal or not, be expected to ignore such delectable toys?

How can any pup, regal or not, be expected to ignore such delectable toys?

Litchi, whom many believe to be a true Lady but whose hidden nature is that of Manic Mania, joined in the fun like this:

Maniac Litchi trying to catch pieces of decor tossed about by Raffles

Maniac Litchi trying to catch pieces of decor tossed about by Raffles

Raffles, on having been admonished by the bouncers, retreated in shame to hide in the bushes:

Raffles, like any young one at their first party, landed up in the bushes!

Raffles, like any young one at their first party, landed up in the bushes!

But Litchi, knowing it was her duty as the “more mature” half of this couple, ran to her rescue, bribed the bouncers (she learnt that from Doggy) and ensured their return entry to the Ball:

Litchi rushes to Raffles Rescue

Litchi rushes to Raffles Rescue

Shadow and Coccolino also started the festivities in fine style:

Cocco, the true gentlepig, arrived with a cupcake gift when he collected Shadow

Cocco, the true gentlepig, arrived with a cupcake gift when he collected Shadow

But as the alcohol flowed, he managed to relieve another guest of their costume and give Shadow some good giggles along the way:

What girl wouldn't laugh at a man wearing pirate skulls for Valentines?

What girl wouldn’t laugh at a man wearing pirate skulls for Valentines?

Realising he was on to a good wicket, he sneaked Shadow off to teach her how to steal the best quality drinks on the sly:

Well, no cat is going to say "No" to some stolen, spiked milk

Well, no cat is going to say “No” to some stolen, spiked milk

But once the shenanigans were over, Cocco certainly put his best hoof forward and my, oh my, what an accomplished dancer he proved to be:

Now tell me, how could these two possibly not win King and Queen of the Ball?

Now tell me, how could these two possibly not win King and Queen of the Ball?

Moving onto the youngest attendee at the ball.  Little 8 week old Pixels and the two most utterly handsome dates in dogville, Scout and Teddy:

As the Lady we trust she will grow up to be, she donned a fabulous hat to match her Gentledog partners

As the Lady we trust she will grow up to be, she donned a fabulous hat to match her Gentledog partners

What kitty could say no to the perfect Black & White partners, sporting their top hats with style and grace?

Scout seemed really taken by Pixels and gave her his best Toothy Grin

Scout seemed really taken by Pixels and gave her his best Toothy Grin

To which Pixels replied with an:



But soon realised that these two stunners were nothing, if not caring, gentle, slobberbugs well worthy of her paw pats.

Enough jabbering – get yourselves off to Mollie & Alfie and cast your votes for King and Queen of the Ball and Best Dressed.

Again, I warn you, DO NOT look at the other entries.  They are spectacular and brain cells will instantly ignite into an inferno.

Remember, you are voting to get a Rescue Shelter a PRIZE.  You are voting for the DESTITUTE, the HOMELESS, the UNLOVED and ADORABLE!  This is YOUR CHANCE to make a DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES!

PS – All photos of dates were maliciously stolen off their blogs.  They may sue me but would have to stand in line with the other 3258 other claimants.  We suspect your court date would be scheduled for around 2098.

The Rescue Animals of the World unite in saying THANK YOU!


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Valentines Valuable Votes

Yes, we’re doing it again.  We need your votes in order to win in Mollie & Alfie’s fabulous Valentines Ball competition

Not to make you feel guilty or anything but your votes are not for us, they are for the poor, abandoned, abused and neglected pets of the world. 

Pixels at only 8 weeks old, already has Scout and Teddy (count that - 2 handsome dates!) for the ball

Pixels at only 8 weeks old, already has Scout and Teddy (count that – 2 handsome dates!) for the ball

Pixels: Been on this planet for a mere 8 weeks.  Lost her Mom at 6 weeks.  Been run over by a car.  Taken to the vet and X-Rayed.  Picked up by complete strangers (that’d be me).  Put in a home with strange cats and a dog.  Somehow, managed to organize 2, yes 2 handsome dates for Valentines Ball.  Apparently Scout and Teddy think she is hotness percatified!

Shadow with the most fun date on the PLANET, Cocco the mini pig (and a bum tickling cupcake)

Shadow with the most fun date on the PLANET, Cocco the mini pig (and a bum tickling cupcake)

Shadow: Lost her Mom at 4 weeks of age.  Got taken home by stranger (yes, me again).  Grew up to be simply stunningly beautiful.  Nabbed herself a seriously hot date with Coccolino the Mini Pig.  He’s so sweet he even made Shadow a cupcake for the date, which for reasons unbeknown to us, he appears to be using to brush Shadow’s hot little butt?!?

Litchi and the utterly to die for, handsome pup Raffles (so young and yet so dapper)

Litchi and the utterly to die for, handsome pup Raffles (so young and yet so dapper)

Litchi: Roamed the streets being neglected and badly treated for her first 6 months on earth.  Trusted no-one.  Got taken home by strange individual (gosh, could that be me again?).  Went from supposedly “people aggressive” to working with children, helping to teach them Dog Body Language.  Hit the jackpot and got a date with Raffles, the mighty handsome Standard Poodle Pup.  They make the perfect Black & White couple and Litchi, knowing that this would be Raffles first Ball attendance, ensured she’d make him feel comfortable by wearing a quite stunning wig to match Raffles’ curly fur.

What you need to do:

  1. Hop over to Mollie & Alfie’s before 3am (British Time).
  2. DO NOT get distracted by looking at any of the other awesome entries!!!
  3. To avoid letting yourself, your conscience and your country down, ignore the entire post and scroll immediately to the comments (you may go back and look after capturing your entirely biased vote).
  4. Vote for Sweetest Couple and Hottest Couple (obviously, we’re wanting one of these three in each)
  5. Vote by putting comment eg # 1 Pixels Scout and Teddy, # 2 Raffles and Litchi, # 3 Cocco and Shadow (or whatever order you would like – see, not all that biased as you are allowed to choose between these three).

The rescue animals of the world thank you!

Our incredible photographs and attire were generously done by:

Shadow and Cocco – Festooned by the incredible Mom, owned by the fabulous guinea pigs of Hutch A Good Life

Litchi and Raffles – Amazingly attired by Raffles’ Help from The Princess Tails

Pixels, Scout and Teddy – Adorned by Scout and Teddy’s slave over at Dogs n Pawz

My eternal thanks to the handsome dates and their slaves/help/producers.


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Unbeatable for Battersea

A massive THANK YOU to all my wonderful readers who voted for my entry into Doggy’s Greatest Blog Contest of All Time.  It may not have been the best entry but it was certainly for a good cause and playing the guilt card, plus adding in a smidgen of bribery and corruption has certainly done the trick.

The “soon to be homeless” Doggy. Maybe that wig will help as a disguise whilst begging on the streets?

Doggy is one generous dood, who decided to donate £20 vouchers, out of his own hard earned cash, to two winners.  These vouchers are redeemable at Mollie’s Dog Treats, where there are scrumptious and wonderful items to be had (pop on over and get your Christmas shopping done).

Look at the gorgeous Christmas Outfit Mollie & Alfie made for Litchi. How sweet are they????

Battersea Animal Shelter is one which Mollie & Alfie suggested for our Rescue Reveal.  Being close to them, I have decided that Litchis £20 voucher could be better spent on these rescue animals.  If you live anywhere vaguely nearby (basically, anywhere in the UK), why not consider them if you wish to adopt your next furry friend.

Another of Battersea’s stunning cats

Now I know that £20 is not going to feed all the animals at Battersea Animal Shelter but each gorgeous critter that does manage to get a treat, will be having a great day.  No single person can help all the animals in need but each one of us can do a little bit to help a few.  It all mounts up and ends up counting for a lot.

And yet another adorable, adoptable dog from Battersea


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Financial Suicide – Is It Going Too Far?

Do you job right and this could be Doggy’s new home!

As Standard Operating Procedures go, I would have to say “Yes”.  Financial Suicide should never be ones primary aim.  However, in Doggy’s case, his attempt at self inflicted ruin is for Movember.  Doggy has promised to donate 50c for every comment he receives on This Post.  Not only that but he’s also managed to get a private donor to match his donations.  He is only 25 comments away from his goal so, if you haven’t yet commented, please pop over and do so.  Help Doggy to be relegated to living in a cardboard box.  It’s your public duty!

Could you deny this face a treat?

Whilst you’re over there, bask in the sunshine of the Blogville spirit, where The Lonely Dogs have kindly agreed to join me in the quest to win and donate to Battersea Animal Shelter, in Doggy’s Greatest Blog Contest of All Time.  If you have not yet voted and are still feeling the guilt well up due to my previous post, know that you still have time and you now have two choices, both my entry and that of The Lonely Dogs.  If either entry wins, the beautiful but treat deprived animals of Battersea Animal Shelter, will be given treats from Mollie’s Dog Treats

How about this beauty? Could you really say “No” to this?

One comment, one vote and you’ve performed both your public and animal duty!


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The Greatest Blog Contest Of All Time! Voting Open

As many of you may know, Doggy’s Style is running the  Greatest Blog Contest of All Time.  Obviously I entered.  Doggy has taught me well with regards to Competition Addiction.

Do It For Amy! Battersea call her their “Meerkat” Cat

You think this is a normal “begging” post, don’t you?  You’re wrong.  Lady Litchfield is not begging for herself, she is begging for the Battersea Animal Shelter.  She is begging for you to vote for her “less than perfect entry” so that these animals in need get to taste the delicious morsels on offer.

Doggy is giving a 20 Pound voucher for Mollie’s Dog Treats, to the winner.  Sounds awesome.  Bet those other entrants want that!  Me?  No, I want the prize to go to Mollie’s favourite rescue organisation.  

Do It For Colleen – Battersea’s Sociable Husky

As bribery goes, this is pretty good, don’t you think?  We’re appealing to your conscience.  We’re appealing on behalf of the Animals in Need.  We’re appealing on behalf of the Homeless Dogs and Cats.  How can you say “No”?

Basically, out of pure guilt (because I don’t believe mine was the best entry, we just have the best motive), I’m asking for you to hop over to Doggy’s site and vote for us – thereby voting for Battersea Animal Shelter.

Do It For Hooch – Battersea’s Cuddle Bunny

Surely they deserve treats more than our pampered pooches at home!



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Sharing is Caring

To all my wonderful readers,

Every now and then a post comes through that simply touches your heart.  You are left with no option but to help in whatever way you can.  Living in South Africa, means that I can be of no assistance to these dogs in urgent need and I, therefore, appeal to you all, if you live anywhere in the USA, to hop over to Temporary Home Permanent Love and read the latest post “Sharing is Caring”.

This is Freckles – referred to as a goofball of love!

I tried to do a re-blog, pressed the button and……nothing!  I like to think I’m not completely techno challenged but WordPress seems to think I am (must be their fault – certainly can’t be mine!)

Anyway, back to the point.  These dogs are in a shelter in Crawfordville, FL (no idea where that is but hoping some of you out there do).

Temporary Home Permanent Love have said that they are more than happy to help with transport, no matter how far.

We thank all of you, in advance, for any help that can be mustered.



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Dazed by Doggy!

I’m Amazed, Bowled over and Completely (had to put that in for the “C”) Dumbfounded by the kindness and generosity of Doggy’s Style.

I’m left Scratching My Head in Astonishment!

As I’m sure most of you already know, A Clown on Fire has been holding the most mind-boggling competition.  Doggy, the competition addict that he is, sent out his request for us to vote for him.  This I duly did.  It was mild mayhem in there and, I’m afraid, the fever took me.  I dutifully voted for Doggy but quite simply could not resist brazenly launching my own blog into the chaotic competition.  I begged, pleaded, bribed and cheated as best I could, desperate to usurp Doggy’s lead.  I’m afraid to say, I failed.

If anyone knows how to play a game well, it’s Doggy.  He beat me fair and square, guaranteeing himself a place on Le Clown’s infamous blogroll.

Doggy Won – Congratulations!  But that’s not where this seemingly simple story ends.  No, not when you have a celebrity like Doggy in the mix.

Mere moments after finding out he’d left me eating his dust, he sends me a message.  A message that makes us humble sole’s realise what true kindness and generosity means.

Doggy had arranged with Le Clown that I be given his hard won place on the blogroll!!!  Can you believe it?   How do you even begin to say “Thank You” with sufficient fervor for a gesture such as this.  I am, as I said, Dazed by Doggy.  Not only is he hilarious and utterly entertaining but it seems he is a saint as well.  I bow to your greatness dear Doggy.  The rescue animals of the world say “Thank You” and they mean it, from the bottom of their hearts.

Look closely – even the Baby Buck are smiling!

We Love You Doggy!  


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THIEVING FOR THE ANIMALS! Oh, and a Competition.



AND LITCHI – don’t mess with that face!

Yes, you read it right.  I am now turning into an outright thief, not OF but FOR the animals.

I may not always have been a thieving cheat but boy can I learn fast!

So, let’s make this interesting.  Let’s make this a smaller version of a bigger contest.  Yes Doggy, this is another competition you can enter.

Last time, I appealed to your sense of GUILT.  This time, I’m appealing to you on two levels:

  1. Your sense of PRIDE
  2. Your desire to WIN

Some of you may have noticed (well, probably not but that’s not the point) that I do not have a Blogroll on my site.  When first creating the site, I had no cooking clue what I was doing.  Since then, I simply haven’t bothered haven’t found the time to create a blogroll.

This will now change.  I am blatantly stealing Le Clown’s clever idea but on a much smaller scale (hats off – or maybe that should read fur-off – to him for being able to keep up with the admin but dog-alone knows how he manages it!).

Small Scale Blogroll Competition:

You can WIN your place on my soon to exist BLOGROLL by:

  • Voting for Long Life Cats and Dogs on Le Clown’s site
    • Hop onto the post HERE, scroll down to the bottom (probably) where I’ve put my thoughts for his “thinking bubble” picture, and vote for us to get 2 extra noses (never did I think the day would come, that I so badly wanted noses!)
  • Creating a post about this on your site.
    • I have no idea if I can order entries on a Blogroll but, assuming I can, you can WIN a HIGHER place on my BLOGROLL with this second option.

Note to Le Clown – please pay attention to the following list.  You created this admin nightmare for yourself, so you now have to go and add points, as these fabulous sites have voted for us on your Blogroll Contest page!

Current Winners of the Mini Blogroll Contest are (and remember, you can still get your name added):

Madame Weebles


Easy Weimaraner

Texas a cat in New York

Birding Zimbabwe

Henriettas Hippo

Serenity Spell

Oh Melvin

Granny 1947

The Misadventures of Misaki

My Small Still Voice


The Emes

Angels Whisper


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BRAZEN BEGGING – Dogs Do It, why can’t I?

IT’S FOR ME – NOT HER! See – I’m even sticking my tongue out in Brazen Begging Style!

It would appear that the blogosphere is full of shameless cheats (read Mollie & Alfie), competition addicts (definitely Doggy’s Style) and brazen beggars (that would now be me).  Apparently I’m not allowed to beg but, seeing as cheating appears to be the norm around here, I shall ignore that!  Anyway, it’s all for the sake of Dogs (+ all other pets) and they beg, so why shouldn’t I do so on their behalf.

Le Clown, a blog I had never heard of (tut, tut), apparently had a competition running for 6 blogs to appear on his royal highness’s blogroll.  Of course Doggy’s Style elicited my help and has promised to purchase me glasses (due to my new, soon to be fashionable, cross-eyed status – you’ll understand if you help!).  Doggy is not ashamed to bribe.

I, seeing this, immediately felt the earth shattering need to enter.  I have no idea why but, if it helps Rescue Animals, then let the Brazen Begging Begin.

I’m not going to make a big hoo-ha over this matter – you’ve quite enough work ahead of you.  Suffice it to say that this is not for me, it is for the animals.  I have received 2 fantastic, though somewhat surprising votes, from Madame Weebles and Dockfam.  I need, well, probably hundreds and so find myself just ever so slightly behind.

However, in a “never say die” attitude, I shall enter into the spirit of the competition and, who knows, maybe we could be the Surprise entry for this blogs’ Oscar equivalent – creeping out of nowhere to take the prize!

It’s all up to you guys now.  If you love animals, don’t let the guilt of apathy reign down upon you by ignoring my plea.  Avoid this terrifying plague by:

  • Popping over to the Post
  • Scroll down a few hundred miles till you see my comments (might be easier to scroll to the bottom and work your way back up!)
  • Click on “reply” under my entry saying why I should be on the blogroll
  • Simply write “like” (plus any other words of love and admiration – although not entirely necessary)
  • Press “Post Comment”.

You will then be gifted with the following:

  • A complete lack of guilt
  • A knowledge that you have done your bit to help Rescue Animals in need.

What more could anyone ever hope for?

Le Clown’s site had over 1200 hits yesterday and, to his credit, he found, read and replied to my comment.  For this, I have decided I want to be on his blogroll.


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