Courses for Junior and Pre-Primary children:

  •  Available to all Schools
  • Course covers dog body language, safety around dogs, how to approach dogs, when to avoid dogs, etc.
  • Please contact me if you wish to run this course for your children, school or class.  References available.

On Site / At Home help for your animals:

  • Home visits are arranged to help with any behavioural issues you may be experiencing
  • If I can help, I will.  If for any reason, I cannot, I have contacts that are unbelievably good and I’ll refer you to them
  • Get help rather than run the risk of yet another pet landing up in a shelter due to “behavioural” issues!

Something different:

  • What about getting a Gelish manicure or pedicure?
  • If you live in the Gauteng region, your next mani or pedi could go towards helping pets in shelters.
  • What a bargain!  You get to be pampered and help animals all in one go.


3 responses to “Services

  1. I’m missing a contact us form.
    I need to send you an email, could you send me your email to my Drop me a line form.

  2. Lauren Trevor

    MISSING – fully grown male jack russel,responds to “Rocky”. Missing since Tuesday 4 September. Please help

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