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Rescue Reveal – Kent Animal Shelter NY – Courtesy of Finn & Charley

If you don’t already know Finn & Charley, I highly recommend that you pop over there immediately!  It’s hard, at the best of times, not to fall in love with Golden Retrievers but these two are truly special.

Phenomenal Finn

Phenomenal Finn

They epitomise the generosity and love the makes our Blogoshere so amazing.

Charming Charley

Charming Charley

Many of you know about Savannah’s Mom’s efforts to save Leo, a very sick cat.   To help raise funds, the magnificent Mollie & Alfie ran an auction.

The fantastic Finn & Charley chose to bid on an item, not for themselves but for other rescue animals, highlighting a truly wonderful shelter.  How sweet is that!  Of course, Goldens are so sweet by nature that we really weren’t surprised.

Torrey - available for adoption from Kent Animal Shelter

Torrey – available for adoption 

They want to highlight Kent Animal Shelter in NY.  They were so impressed by the shelter that they immediately felt the need to gain them more exposure.  Obviously, there’s exposure happening anyway, as the animals are predominantly naked but we are not talking that type of exposure here!

Trooper - available for adoption

Trooper – available for adoption

Being adopted themselves, Finn & Charley feel strongly about Pro-Life organisations, such as Kent Animal Shelter, who ensure their animals are given as much time as necessary to find their perfect “forever homes”.  No animal in their care will be euthanised unless incurably ill.

Penguin - available for adoption

Penguin – available for adoption

Kent Animal Shelter has been running for over 40 years, caring for, loving and re-homing thousands of abused, abandoned and homeless animals.  They provide a happy and tranquil place, on a scenic property near the Peconic River.  Animals receive exercise, love and expert medical attention.  They even run Pet Therapy Programs and strive to educate people regarding pet care, leadership and compassion by working with local schools and groups.

Daria - available for adoption

Daria – available for adoption

Their vision is greater than the animals in their care, as they reach out into the community, sharing knowledge and providing low cost spay/neuter programs.  They have even gone so far as to start a Retirement Home Program for cats.

Scooter - available for adoption

Scooter – available for adoption

If you are ever thinking of a adopting a pet, or feel that you can help them in any way, Kent Animal Shelter comes highly recommended and is certainly worth a visit.  They typically have about 100 animals available for adoption.

Abbey - available for adoption

Abbey – available for adoption

They can be found at 2259 River Road, in Calverton.

Our eternal thanks to Finn & Charley for highlighting this wonderful organisation.  Give them a High Five everybody!!!!

PS – all photographs courtesy of Finn & Charley and the Kent Animal Shelter


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Monday Mischief – How to Bug Big Brother!

Yes, we’ve ascertained that Sabre is fairly fond of little Pixels.  However, no matter how cute you may be, there are certain sibling duties which need to be performed.  Annoying big brother is a vital skill to acquire.    

“Big Brother Bug” is a great game and crucial to boredom avoidance.  It is particularly effective if you can find Big Brother already ensconced in a nice, deep slumber.

Step 1 – Pat him on the head to wake him up

Pat him to wake him up

Step 2 – Pretend it wasn’t you.  Try to embellish your face with the most innocent of expressions whilst looking the other way.

Pretend it wasn't you by looking the other way

Step 3– Give his toes a good sniff.  If nothing else, the tickle of your whiskers should help wake him.

Give his toes a good sniff

Step 4– Get distracted by his now wonderfully swishing tail

Get distracted by his wonderful swishing tail

Step 5 – Do the unthinkable.  Sniffing his…um…nether regions is sure to get his attention

Do the unthinkable and sniff his bum

Step 6 – Receive a good clobbering for that gesture

Get something of a clobbering for that

Step 7 – Go in for the neck (I’m sure you’ve seen your big Lion cousins using that tactic to great effect)

Go for the neck

Step 8 – Break free of the inevitable wrestle hold (Mommy Lions never explained that consequence on Animal Planet).

Break free of wrestle hold

Step 9 – Great, now you’ve got his attention and can settle in for the ultimate huggle bunnie sleep with big brother.

Great now you've got his attention


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Even Sabre is powerless to resist the charms of Pixels

To begin with, he was far from impressed.  Remember, Sabre is my ultimate Baby Boy.  He believed this to be his universal right and took to Pixels much like an ostrich takes to flying.

Of late, however, I see even his resilience has crumbled.

Come here Pixels!  I need you for sleep time

Come here Pixels! I need you for sleep time

These photos may be poor but they are irrefutable proof that even Sabre likes the idea of cuddling and touching her when sleeping.

Getting ready for the cuddly curl-up

Getting ready for the cuddly curl-up

The cuddle begins

The cuddle begins

Kitty Cuddle Complete!

Kitty Cuddle Complete!

As we begin to regain our credit giving strength, our gratitude to the following, for their tireless efforts in tweeting and facebooking Pixels competition attempts, needs to be shared:

Mollie & Alfie


Please visit both these sites, as they are on a most awesome mission, running raffles and auctions to raise funds for Leo, who’s story can be found on Savannah’s site.  Please support them in whatever way you can.


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Credit Relapse

Credit is due to so many and we’ve relapsed terribly.  This might be due to the cuddly nature of Pixels, whose love for sleeping in her Mom’s arms, just like a baby, distracts us from actually typing.

Tell me if you could type out thank you notes with this cuddle bunny in your arms!

Right, these arms of Mom's look perfect for a good sleep

Right, these arms of Mom’s look perfect for a good sleep

Get ready for it!  Sleep is coming.

Get ready for it! Sleep is coming.

Ah yes, here it is!

Ah yes, here it is!

Fold your arms like an angel.  Close your eyes and snuggle into Mom's arms for the best sleep ever!

Fold your arms like an angel. Close your eyes and snuggle into Mom’s arms for the best sleep ever!

So, belated credit and eternal thankfulness go to:

Serenity in the City
Princess Zena
Dogs N Pawz
Cats & Co
My Three Moggies

They all reblogged and shared our desperate attempt to win a competition for the shelter animals. Truer examples of the spirit of togetherness that our blogosphere exhibits, would be extremely hard to find.

There are still many more, deserving of our gratitude. We shall attempt to stay awake in future and post suitable acknowledgements. This, of course, remains to be seen but, on step at a time


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