Credit Relapse

Credit is due to so many and we’ve relapsed terribly.  This might be due to the cuddly nature of Pixels, whose love for sleeping in her Mom’s arms, just like a baby, distracts us from actually typing.

Tell me if you could type out thank you notes with this cuddle bunny in your arms!

Right, these arms of Mom's look perfect for a good sleep

Right, these arms of Mom’s look perfect for a good sleep

Get ready for it!  Sleep is coming.

Get ready for it! Sleep is coming.

Ah yes, here it is!

Ah yes, here it is!

Fold your arms like an angel.  Close your eyes and snuggle into Mom's arms for the best sleep ever!

Fold your arms like an angel. Close your eyes and snuggle into Mom’s arms for the best sleep ever!

So, belated credit and eternal thankfulness go to:

Serenity in the City
Princess Zena
Dogs N Pawz
Cats & Co
My Three Moggies

They all reblogged and shared our desperate attempt to win a competition for the shelter animals. Truer examples of the spirit of togetherness that our blogosphere exhibits, would be extremely hard to find.

There are still many more, deserving of our gratitude. We shall attempt to stay awake in future and post suitable acknowledgements. This, of course, remains to be seen but, on step at a time


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95 responses to “Credit Relapse

  1. Aw, too cute. I would just cuddle!

  2. Our little tortie sleeps wrapped around my neck – extremely distracting and jolly hard to do much else.

  3. Pixel wins the cute award! I’ve become adept at typing with cats draped across my arms.

  4. Your in the dog house, forget the furball, you never came to our grand opening..Bawahawaawwwaaw Where’s ya bin?? on ya holidays wez mizzed you.. Wez been so buzy opening our new shop..That sure is one cute kittie 🙂 Hugs xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Sorry my gorgeous friends. Been having a really tough time this side. And I do mean Really Tough. I’ll hop over now and do apologise for missing your grand opening. So excited for you and hope it brings you a huge amount of success.

  5. Pixels is an angel in disguise!! ♥

  6. These photos are precious. That kitty is so fortuante and a little dream to have in one’s life.



  7. LOL tryin to type wif dat sweetie in yer armz wuud be hard LLC&D!!! Me finkz Pixelz is DA BEST!!!
    Lub Nylablue n her Mum xo

  8. Whee like distracting Mummy, if she looks like she might get something done whee are extra cute to get her attention back!


  9. Oh she’s just an arm full of ADORABLE and I can’t blame you one bit for concentrating on her comfort vs. sitting at a computer plunking on a keyboard! Not to worry… soon as she’s running around and having fun between snoozes we know you’ll be catching up on the REST of the things you enjoy…….Nice to hear from you though – HUGS from me AND Sammy!


  10. This is when zooming the monitor for longrange viewing and typing with toes would be indicated?

  11. D’aaawe, isn’t she the cutest kitty ever? :3

  12. Awe! Pixels, you’re so adorable when you sleep. ❤

  13. I never saw a kitty folding her arms… That’s a “wonder kitty” I swear :o)

  14. veraersilia

    What a lovely kitten growing up into an affectionate and trusting cat.

  15. veraersilia

    Whatever the Tough Time is I wish for you that it will soon dissolve. Love. Vera

  16. Wrap Saruman on a bubble envelope and send to me please.

  17. It would be hard to want to do anything with such a cuddler. We know – and Cocco isn’t soft like Pixels!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  18. Beautiful pictures, I wouldn’t be able to work with her around either. I do hope your shelter gets the funding it needs.

    • Thanks and I agree, she makes it very hard to get any work done. If I had ever been feeling broody for a baby, she’s most certainly taken care of that 🙂
      Funding, unfortunately, is terribly low. Everyone is feeling the recession and, unfortunately, donations seem to be the first thing to come off peoples tightened budgets. They forgot, though, that even a dollar or 2 can make a difference, especially if quite a few people do it. The animals are all doing fine – they’ll always come first, but we’ve been through a number of days with no food. Makes thinking hard and plays terrible games with the emotions. I have a new found respect for those who go hungry often.

  19. So cute!!! Beautiful shots!!!

  20. What a cutie – I nearly fell into a deep nap just looking at the photos, so contagious!

  21. Cuddly angel! ….just like ME!

    Love and licks and cuddles,

  22. Just great pix and so darn cute. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  23. You must have read my mommy’s mind! Just this morning she said, “Harper Lee, you really need to check on Pixels’ mommy. We haven’t heard from them in too long.” Now that we see sweet Pixels, you’re excused. 😉

  24. Chancy and his cats

    Sweet Pixels you are just adorable sleeping all cuddled your mom’s arms. Wonderful pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thanks Chancy and your kitty friends. Pixels really has proven to be the most lovable, cuddly cat of all time. She also refuses to relax in “normal” positions, which supplies me with endless photo opportunities (thank heavens for cameras on cell phones these days.

  25. Hiya, whee have a little surprise waiting for you . . .

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  26. Pixels has certainly fallen on her …….. well……. back! You have a duty to cuddle her, never mind the typing 😉

  27. Forget typing when ya have that baby 🙂

  28. Hmmmm…it must be a cat thing. Our sister cat, Simone, does that too and then we aren’t allowed in the lounge because “it will upset her” *HURRUMPH*
    Wally & Sammy

    • Definitely a cat thing, although Pixels takes it to the ultra cute level of sleeping on her back, in my arms, just like a baby. Litchi, however, is allowed on the couch next to me, so she’s better off than you guys. The black lump behind Pixels is Litchi, sleeping soundly.

  29. Nice to see you back – I have been missing you!!

  30. Cuddles can be distracting 🙂

  31. She is too cute! We can understand why you want to cuddle with her but we were getting a little worried about you! We had stopped by several times and in fact, we were getting ready to send you an email today!!!!! Glad everything is okay and thanks for mentioning us! Anything for your precious Pixels!

    • Thanks so much for thinking of us. In truth, things have been really hard here and that’s why I hadn’t been on the blog. Oh well, keep the head up high, take one step forward at a time and never, ever, ignore your blog 🙂 – that’s my new advice to self.

  32. Pixels is so darn cute! How can you get anything done with that cuddle bunny in your arms?

  33. I can’t resist my dogs sleeping on me either. 🙂

  34. Pixels is too damn cute xxx love you babe 🙂

  35. rubytheairedale

    Oh, I don’t blame you!!! Just look at that sweetie!!!

  36. What a sweet kitty cat!

  37. My goodness…Pixel’s sleeping position is adorable >.<

  38. She is very cute! My biped says it’s painfully slow to type with one hand – the cats here sometimes insist on it!

  39. Bootiful Pixels,
    This Shiva, your Purrime Ministerette not your mom even though I could be.

    I luvs you.

    XXXX S

  40. Absolutely irresistible. 🙂

  41. Hi Susan,
    I loved the “folded arms” of your angel. 🙂

  42. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Lovely ode. The blogosphere can be hugely supportive. Bless you guys – keep trying 🙂

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