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Rescue Reveal – Kitty & Puppy Haven

The wonderful children at St David’s Marist School organised a box of food and some blankets for donation.  Bless them!  I took this lot to Kitty & Puppy Haven, a Pro-Life Animal Shelter.  

Looking for a new Lap Warmer?

What a wonderful bunch but good golly, what a difficult time they are going through.

Kitty and Puppy Haven help approximately 3000 animals annually.  Not only do they rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs and cats but they also run a desperately needed Community Veterinary Clinic for the disadvantaged community close to them.  However, bureaucracy has a way of making “doing good” rather taxing. 

Is there a hole in your life

“After 6 years of applications regarding the re-zoning on their property, they were … provided with permission to run the community clinic.  However, recently the court advised that the agreement was null and void due to technicalities.”

They were given a month to either euthanize the 200 animals they had in their care, or find alternative premises.  I am pleased to say that they managed the later, although not without substantial costs and logistical nightmares.

A "Friend with Benefits" - how funny and cute is this?

A “Friend with Benefits” – how funny is this?

“The impact of this ruling affects far more than just the animals at the sanctuary.  All Alex residents who make use of the community clinic will no longer have access to the services of the Kitty and Pupy Haven vet….Over the past 12 years approximately 11000 animals have been helped by Kitty and Puppy Haven”.

Community Veterinary Clinic

I take my hat off to Samantha Berger, founder of the centre, for remaining positive and optimistic during this trying time.

You can hop over to their Website  or visit the Facebook site.

Above quotes and pictures are from Kitty & Puppy Haven’s website.

I took these the day I visited:

I may be just a pup but I have a very responsible job, watching over the office staff

I may be just a pup but I have a very responsible job, watching over the office staff

Oh yes, this is the life!

Oh yes, this is the life!

PS – please note that, despite the red tape, Long Life has finally been officially registered as a Non Profit Company.  The goal is to help shelters precisely like this one.  If you feel so inclined, please re-visit the updated How Can I Help and Donations pages.  Every tiny bit helps!


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Silly Sleep Sunday

I had no intention of posting today.

Spring will be on it’s way to the northern hemisphere shortly, which means Autumn will set in here.  In the meantime, we have beautiful, sunny, warm weather.  I should be out there.

Pixels, however, always changes things up.  I figured I could read a few posts quickly.  I look up to find her sleeping on my desk, like this:

Don't all cats sleep this way?

Don’t all cats sleep this way?


It's a fabulous way to keep your ears warm whilst sleeping

It’s a fabulous way to keep your ears warm whilst sleeping


Looks perfectly normal to me, from any angle

Looks perfectly normal to me, from any angle!


It's simply the way all Pixels should sleep

It’s simply the way all Pixels should sleep


Plus it's a great time saver if you're into Yoga.  This way, you can do Yoga whilst sleeping

Plus it’s a great time saver if you’re into Yoga. This way, you can do Yoga whilst sleeping

PS – Mom is very proud of herself for having managed Easter Egg style crops on these photos.  Baby steps.  We’ll get the hang of it all eventually.






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Silly Sit Saturday

Adopt your next furry friend and you too could be subjected to idiotic antics

Laugh not at my unique sitting position

If you’re anything like my Mother, then laughter at my unique sitting style is currently ensuing.

Surely this is how all cats sit

I have no idea why.  I think this is a perfectly normal way to sit.  I’ve seen the humans do it before!


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It’s Good To Have Friends In High Places

Remember poor Sabre, all ready for an outstanding camping trip with Sammy and his friends?  He was stuck at home due to his dim-witted, excuse-filled Mom.  Well, the Stupendous Sammy came to the rescue!

Being unbelievably well connected, Sammy organised for the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigations) to send their Jet, normally reserved for VIPs (Very Important Pussies), to collect Sabre and fly him directly to the camp site.

Not only that, but he also made sure there was a professional photographer on board, who sent Mom proof that little Baby Sabre was, indeed, in extremely good paws.

Sammy pulled out all the stops on this one!

Sammy pulled out all the stops on this one!

Just look what Sammy did.   An FBI Jet, filled with food, toys, tents and pretty much anything any VIP camper could ever hope for.

Thanks Sammy for a terrific time.


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Mothers can be so cruel to their babies

Baby Sabre is devastated.  Sammy is throwing an awesome camping party, including forests and beaches and all our bloggy friends.  Mom, being the slightly challenged blonde that she is, didn’t get anything organised in time for Sabre to join in the fun.

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Here he sits, all ready to go but too late to catch the transport.  He has his drinks, his lollies, his beach ball and even organised for the sun to come out (for which, of course, as a responsible baby, he is wearing a protective hat).

How absurd is it, that Mom cannot find photo editing software she can use on her PC but found something on her phone?


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Vital Cadillac Maintenance – Step 1

If you read Your Step by Step guide to gaining a Cadillac, then you should now feel confident about acquiring your reasonably priced, slightly less than new, outstandingly upholstered Cadillac.  If not, please refer back.  

Remember, you can’t maintain a Cadillac if you don’t Have a Cadillac.

Now, we all know to wash and clean the outside of our Cadillac.  A shiny exterior will gain the attention one is seeking.  However, the longevity of your Cadillac will be greatly improved if you also consider the maintenance of the interior.

Step 1 for good interior maintenance:

Especially during the early days, a bit of “spit and polish” is going to be necessary.  In order to acquire the required spit, you could throw hard earned cash away, purchasing items or, if you are feeling frugal, you can simply use wobbly bits from a slightly older model.

Diagrammatic representation of Frugal Interior Maintenance is provided below:


Allow new Cadillac to chew on the ear of marginally older model, thereby maintaining good spit and polish interior maintenance

Allow new Cadillac to chew on the ear of marginally older model, thereby maintaining good “spit and polish” interior

What are you waiting for?  Rush on over to your nearest “Cadillac Supplier” (or Rescue Shelter) to gain yourself the latest high end model.


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Legless! Or maybe, one too many?

One of my blog pals, the Colonialist to be exact, noted that Pixels appears to have an extra front leg.

Can you spot my 3rd leg?

Can you spot my 3rd leg?

Bet you can’t do that for Mischief Monday!!

PS – It’s just my chest colouring, I promise.


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When I put out my call for help with Jangles (my missing cat), I was simply astounded by the help and reaction of my wonderful fellow bloggers. How could I then not help others going through the same ordeal. Dixie has been missing since December 2, 2012 from Reidsville, Georgia. I know I have readers all over the world and I pray that someone, somewhere, may have news for Dixie’s parents.

Collies Of The Meadow

Recent news had  a collie found in Georgia but when trying to contact the phone # it was not the right one and the email address did not answer which makes us wonder.   So, once again we are still looking for Dixie.  Each time I post we get leads but each time they have ended up a dead end.  But, we keep looking and trying.  I know someone just recently found a dog they had lost ten years earlier.  So, we can’t give up hope yet, however, I am saddened we havent found her yet.

For all those who have looked and helped a huge thank you but dont give up yet.. she may still be out there….

Several leads have occurred but nothing is known about Dixie as of yet.  It is time for a huge appeal to the only power I know that knows exactly where she is…

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