My name is Susan.  I have an unabashed, insane love for animals.  This has been true for as long as I can remember and the love covers all animals (well, except for those with more than 4 legs – those are out!).  My passion led me, not only to adopting the “un-adoptable” but also, in order to deal with these “problem” animals, to start studying Animal Behaviourism.  This, in turn, prompted me to start helping out at Animal Welfare Shelters.  The more you see the problems, the more you realise, not only how wonderful the people are who run these establishments, day in and day out, all year round (this is no 9-5 job) but also how important the awareness of these organisations (and the need for funding) is.

Long Life Cats and Dogs is a Registered Non Profit Company, started in order to assist with fundraising and food for the Pro-Life Animal Welfare Shelters.   These shelters provide permanent homes, love, food and medical attention for rescued animals for whom they are unable to find “forever” homes.   Cats, dogs and any number of other “domestic” animals, find refuge, care and love for the rest of their natural lives.  However, although awareness is critical in order to raise the necessary funds to run the shelters, it is equally important that news of the available places to adopt your next pet is ready at hand.

Adopting is a wonderful option for your next pet.  Unless you intend Showing your next best friend, why not consider adoption.  You will be helping the shelter from which you choose to adopt.  You will be helping the furry friend you choose and you will feel indescribably good having done so.  You will also be helping another needy animal, as the Shelter will now have an additional space.  Adopted pets are often times the best, most loyal and loving companions you could hope for.  Somewhere in there, remains the knowledge that life could have been so very different, had you not have chosen this bundle of love.

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  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. And, more importantly, thank you for advocating for those who can’t speak for themselves!

  2. Thanks for the follow on Dog House Furever. You have a very nice blog, love your style of writing!
    Here’s my other blog for Animal and Environment Advocacy:

  3. Hey there Susan, thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog! 🙂 I too am an animal lover and am actually currently studying Animal Behaviour at University at the moment! 🙂 I love reading your stories about the animals at the different shelters, consider me subscribed 🙂

    • Thanks. Best of luck with your studies. How great that you studying Animal Behaviour. I’ll be following your blog with interest (maybe, along the way, I’ll find out how the studies are going, or maybe some interesting tidbits)

      • Thankyou! 🙂 I’m currently in my second year and learning lots of great info, I’ll definately be posting animal related topics in the near future 🙂

  4. Chancy and Mumsy

    Very nice blog you have set up. Bless you for loving and helping wonderful animals. I too am a lover of all animals. Thank you for stopping by and following our blog we are now following yours. Hugs and nose kisses from Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    • Thanks Chancy and Mumsy, I knew you were nuts about animals – hard to read your blog on not know. I enjoy following you and thanks for following me (each view helps to get awareness out there for the shelter animals).

  5. Susan,
    Thank you first for being an angel to the animals in need–it seems like a never ending problem that cannot be remedied anytime soon but with folks like you, at least some animals can receive basic care.
    Thank you also for your visit…I appreciate YOU.
    ~Abundant blessings and power/energy for you and your blog. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Susan, for following my blog. I started to follow yours also.
    You do some very inspiring work for our beloved animals. Every animal deserves a good and lovely home where they get all the love they need and you get so much love in return. It’s good to have people around like you 🙂

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your continued support of animals. I’m a huge animal lover too with two dogs and two cats at my feet now. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

  8. Thank you so much for visiting Dakota’s blog! We are now following you as well! I cannot believe the coincidence…my ENTIRE family is from Johannesburg….my grandfather was from there and I noticed that that is where you are located?

    If you are interested, I also have a cat blog (Cat Chat) would love to have you check that out as well.

    It is a complete joy and pleasure to meet you!

    • That really is a coincidence! Amazing and so glad I found your site. I had, previously, been onto the cat chat blog but could not find a way of easily sending a message or following from a wordpress site. Being a bit slow on figuring all this blogging stuff out. Any hints for me to do a “like” “comment” “follow” on the cat chat site? I look forward to getting to know you and your furry friends better!

  9. HooOOOOoWWWWWLoooo 🙂 Greetings from the Pack! A little bit behind but thanks for the follow! (Lot of hunting to do recently with all the spring pups in the pack to feed lol ) You have a great blog here and I’m looking forward to exploring it in more detail over the coming weeks. I’m still playing blog catch-up at the mo’ so don’t think I’ve forgotten you if it takes a day or two longer to get back to yours 🙂 I WILL be back!! Icewolf…howling from Europa 🙂

  10. What a fabulous blog!! 🙂 Right down our alley – though we are not froma a shelter. We certainly do our best to help out our not so fortunate friends as you saw in our post and our human also offers her services to those in need! One day when we ave a bigger property we will be heavily involved!

    Thanks for visiting our blog, we look forward to following ours – we are adding you to our google reader now 🙂

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  11. How nice to meet you–all the way from South Africa!

  12. You are an animal angel in disguise. Props to you for helping stick up for those who cannot stick up for themselves. Good things shall always come your way 🙂

  13. Hiya! Savannah here! My big guy and best doggy pal Jetty sent me over, you know him…”Hi, It’s Jet Here…”. I am following you now. Your mission is large but so worthwhile. I will keep up with you now.

  14. Awesome blog. It’s great what you’re doing. And I’m glad you’re getting the message out there about adoption. I too love animals and wish I could save them all! 😉

  15. Hi Susan – I’m interested in speaking with you about joining the Pet360, Inc affiliate program! Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

  16. Susan, yet another wonderful connection across this virtual world; you started to follow Learning from Dogs! My wife, Jean, has been rescuing feral dogs for years and at home we have 11 dogs, 6 cats (and 4 chickens)! Jean is a volunteer at the local Humane Society Thrift store here in Payson, AZ.

    Anyway, good to make the link with you and if you ever fancy publishing a guest post on LfD please don’t hesitate to be in touch, Best wishes, Paul

    • Hi Paul, thanks and tell Jean I say thank you from all the rescue animals for helping them. I am quite new to this blogging thing, so have never guest posted before. If I come up with a good idea, I will certainly let you know. Thank you so much for the offer!

  17. Wonderful blog! I only adopt rescues, usually ones who are abused. thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

  18. Hi Susan! Thank you for visiting the girls’ blog. But more importantly, thank you so much for being who you are. Both Madeleine and Gingersnap! are rescue dogs. Beatrice was an abandoned kitty (we found her whole family moments after they were left at the park). They have a few words to say to you:

    Woof woof wooof yap yap yip howl yap yap woof! Woooof!


    I think that about covers it!

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I am so glad to hear that you have helped so many animals in need yourself. I love the fact that Beatrice has only one word to say, where the dogs are all mouth, as usual 🙂

  19. cocoaupnorth

    Outstanding blog! You are doing an amazing job speaking on behalf of those who can’t. I take my hat off to you.
    I’m honoured that you visited my blog. Much appreciated!

    • It was an absolute pleasure visiting your blog and thank you so much for all your kindness shown. Of course, for me, it really isn’t a “job” or “work”, it is simply something I love to do and the animals make it all so worth while.

  20. faithfulnibbles

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always good to see you stopping by. I have enjoyed by time looking around yours. 🙂


  21. It is a beautiful thing what you are doing. Thank you for doing it ♥.

  22. When I first started my dog blog I had no idea how many new wonderful people I would met around the world that speak on behalf of the animal kingdom and people/dogs making a difference. It has been a pleasure reading others creative writing, on a topic I adore. I have learned so much about wonderful shelters world wide and adopting older dogs in peticular.I am thrilled to have discovered your blog and will continue to follow your stories from Toronto, Canada.I will be adding you to my blog roll.

    • It is wonderful, isn’t it. I also had no idea how many people/blogs I would find. Love your blog as well and will be following it. My friend has just moved from South Africa to Vancouver so, weirdly, I now feel closer to Canada 🙂

  23. Your blog is ON FIRE, so I nominated you for The Blog on Fire Award! Please click here for more info: Love, Taylor and Jessica

  24. This cat lover has happily added you to his blogroll. The more awareness, the better. Keep up your great work and have a great day 🙂

    • Well I am mightily impressed that you managed to read the comment and find time to visit my site. Thank you very much. I feel incredibly honoured, considering the quantity of traffic you receive. Have a fabulous day as well 🙂

  25. Taylor and I nominated you for The Addictive Blog Award! Please click here for more information: 🙂

    • Oh my, I cannot believe it. Firstly, I am so sorry that it’s taken so long to respond. My internet connection is playing havoc with me. Secondly, thank you so very, very much. We really appreciate it. You guys are just so sweet.

  26. Here’s a wonderful rescue if you’re in the NE Ohio area…. We’ve fostered several dogs for them and they have wonderful, loving dogs and provide all the help you’d ever want.

    Noticed something about Ridgebacks–my b-i-l and s-i-l raise prize-winning RR in Provence. Lovely dogs!

    • Thanks for the shelter name. Unfortunately, I’m in South Africa – so pretty far from Ohio 🙂
      However, I always love to hear about the shelters that are really doing a good job. Especially with Pitties who seem to have such a bad rap over there. I’m always happy to promote an overseas group, as well as the locals. If they would like to send me anything I could use for a story, I’d happily put one together. My only requirement for shelters I promote is that they have a No-Kill policy and that the animals are giving a Life (not simply kept alive). Sounds like the latter is most definitely true for the organisation you suggested. Wonderful job you are doing, fostering for them.
      Aren’t Ridgebacks fantastic dogs. I really think of them as African dogs, so very interesting to hear that prize-winning ones are being bred overseas.

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  28. Thanks for the follow. ^_^

  29. reneeboomer

    Thank you for following my blog. Love your kindness and cares towards our special animals in the world. 🙂

  30. You have been chosen for the Blog of the Year Award 2012. Please see here if you have the time to accept 🙂

  31. Thanks like your Introduction | Long Life Cats and Dogs

  32. Dear Susan…as one of our most loyal and active followers in 2012, we wanted to say thank you and wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!! All the best to you! Hovercraftdoggy

  33. How have I not been following you until now? So sorry it took me a while to explore your site. You have expressed my sentiments exactly in your statement above. If everyone could only do a little of what you are doing in their respective communities, think of the change we could make! Keep up the excellent work!

    • Fear not, I know the feeling when it comes to finding sites I really should have been following but have not. So glad to have you on board now. I really do appreciate it. Yes, if everyone could just do a little something, the world would be such a great place.

  34. oh, hey, Susan…it’s me, Chuckles, remember? well, i have a few blog awards for Jangles. i’ve been thinking and praying hard for her so maybe if she knows there is something waiting for her, she will high tail it home! if she already has these awards, no problem. just enjoy.
    and as usual, i failed to follow the award rules so, woof, what can i say.
    thank you. 🙂

  35. Thanks for the follow over on my blog. You have such a great blog here. I will be forwarding some of your posts to facebook.

  36. Hi Susan, thanks for visiting my blog. Your works really are impressive. I am so glad I stopped by your blog. I am amazed by the originality of the work. What a beautiful and inspiring visit. Hugs and love!!

  37. ajaytao2010

    Nice reading about you.

    Thanks. for visiting my blog Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

  38. Hi Susan, I’ve nominated you with the Missy Award. It’s an award for animal lovers and you certainly deserve it!

  39. Hi Susan, I’ve nominated you for Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments award. You can find the link here There’s no obligation to accept the award, I just wanted to let people know that I think your blog is great 🙂

  40. What a great blog 🙂 i have noticed you have liked some things on mine and finally am catching up on my likers 🙂 i look forward to following your blog as i am also a nutty animal person…well there are worse things to be hehe ..pop in again and i hope you enjoy my blogs 🙂

  41. What you do is such an inspiration, I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to give back in a similar fashion! I look forward to following the stories of you and the many adorable animals that you help 😀

  42. Susan, is your blog a virtual 501?? That is exactly what I am wanting to do with Savannah’s blog. How did you do it? How long have you had this status? Can you share with me what some of your greatest accomplishments have been in fund raising? Even amounts ? my personal email is lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net. Thank you

    • Hiya Savvy. Wow, I had no idea you had wanted to do this. It’s an idea I came up with quite a while ago but getting companies registered and everything ready certainly took time. I’ve only been registered for a few months now and have been spending that time getting all the banking and other paperwork mumbo-jumbo sorted out. My brochures arrive tomorrow – very exciting, so I’m only really starting the process off now. I will, however, send you an email and we can chat about it all. Maybe we can collaborate?

  43. Thanks for helping out, superb information. “If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. Men will believe what they see.” by Henry David Thoreau.

  44. Just stopping by to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you should choose to accept or merely want more info, you can find what you need here:

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  47. Cara

    Could you please send me your email so I could send you pictures and information about the kitten I recently adopted from you. Thanks!

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