Rescue Reveal – Kent Animal Shelter NY – Courtesy of Finn & Charley

If you don’t already know Finn & Charley, I highly recommend that you pop over there immediately!  It’s hard, at the best of times, not to fall in love with Golden Retrievers but these two are truly special.

Phenomenal Finn

Phenomenal Finn

They epitomise the generosity and love the makes our Blogoshere so amazing.

Charming Charley

Charming Charley

Many of you know about Savannah’s Mom’s efforts to save Leo, a very sick cat.   To help raise funds, the magnificent Mollie & Alfie ran an auction.

The fantastic Finn & Charley chose to bid on an item, not for themselves but for other rescue animals, highlighting a truly wonderful shelter.  How sweet is that!  Of course, Goldens are so sweet by nature that we really weren’t surprised.

Torrey - available for adoption from Kent Animal Shelter

Torrey – available for adoption 

They want to highlight Kent Animal Shelter in NY.  They were so impressed by the shelter that they immediately felt the need to gain them more exposure.  Obviously, there’s exposure happening anyway, as the animals are predominantly naked but we are not talking that type of exposure here!

Trooper - available for adoption

Trooper – available for adoption

Being adopted themselves, Finn & Charley feel strongly about Pro-Life organisations, such as Kent Animal Shelter, who ensure their animals are given as much time as necessary to find their perfect “forever homes”.  No animal in their care will be euthanised unless incurably ill.

Penguin - available for adoption

Penguin – available for adoption

Kent Animal Shelter has been running for over 40 years, caring for, loving and re-homing thousands of abused, abandoned and homeless animals.  They provide a happy and tranquil place, on a scenic property near the Peconic River.  Animals receive exercise, love and expert medical attention.  They even run Pet Therapy Programs and strive to educate people regarding pet care, leadership and compassion by working with local schools and groups.

Daria - available for adoption

Daria – available for adoption

Their vision is greater than the animals in their care, as they reach out into the community, sharing knowledge and providing low cost spay/neuter programs.  They have even gone so far as to start a Retirement Home Program for cats.

Scooter - available for adoption

Scooter – available for adoption

If you are ever thinking of a adopting a pet, or feel that you can help them in any way, Kent Animal Shelter comes highly recommended and is certainly worth a visit.  They typically have about 100 animals available for adoption.

Abbey - available for adoption

Abbey – available for adoption

They can be found at 2259 River Road, in Calverton.

Our eternal thanks to Finn & Charley for highlighting this wonderful organisation.  Give them a High Five everybody!!!!

PS – all photographs courtesy of Finn & Charley and the Kent Animal Shelter


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147 responses to “Rescue Reveal – Kent Animal Shelter NY – Courtesy of Finn & Charley

  1. Bless you for your part in helping our fury friends find their forever homes. The ones here are perfection. Prayers they get home soon!

  2. Cute animals!
    I hope they find good homes

  3. Aww I absolutely adore Charley! Remind me of my Moms labradoodle Summer! Absolutely precious!

  4. God Bless the people at Kent Shelter for such outstanding efforts !

  5. Finn and Charley are real heroes. Well done to them. I really hope those sweet animals find good and loving homes very soon.

  6. What a great organization. I’m glad to read and learn about them. Hope all these sweet babies get furever homes soon.

  7. I hope these beautiful animals are adopted really soon.

  8. Yay! Nice one Finn, Charley and of course you too!

  9. /smiling…over Charming Charlie’s face! how adorable is that!?! thanks for sharing these lovelies…great names too. like the black and white cat named Penguin. lol ☺

  10. Oh my goodness… Torrey has such beautiful colouring! They’re all so gorgeous though. My heart melts!

  11. I’m hoping at some point all shelters operate in this fashion, thanks for sharing them.

  12. Eeoww Finn & Charley are da best n all dose lubly 4 leggedz are sweet n we hopez dey get new homez soon!!! me wishez we cuud have Torrey…she iz a lubly baby kit!!!
    It is guud to read about shelterz all over…
    Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  13. I hope they find a forever home!

  14. We love them!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. Hooray for no-kill animal shelters! I found my dog at one and she’d been there over 9 months. Lucky for her it was not the sort with limited time for adoption.

  16. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    So beautiful. I love them all. You’re an Angel.

  17. Cassie Hutchinson

    Beautiful animals, how could you say no to their faces, just so adorable. If I could I would buy all the animals at the rescue shelter, hopefully they all find a loving family and a wonderful home.

  18. They are so cute! Hope they have found homes already!

  19. That’s wonderful. We live in NY, nowhere near them, but I will definitely keep them in mind!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  20. Jo MacDonald

    I want to tip my hat for you allowing others of my large family to show up so that MAYBE they will find the forever home that we all want. Thanks f
    or sharing your space and taking the time to write about us for the globe to see.

    • It was an absolute pleasure. Anything I can do to help raise awareness for such a wonderful organisation. I tip my hat to you for the wonderful work you are doing. Lets hope that, one day, I can make a trip over there and visit in person.

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