Can a Cat be as Big as a Queen?

Now we all know that a “Cat can look at a King” and one would, therefore, assume that a Cat can look at a Queen but I ask you “Where’s a Mom supposed to sleep?“.

It’s a Queen Size Bed!

Since when can a cat stretch to That Length?

It’s supposed to be my bed as well, you know!




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123 responses to “Can a Cat be as Big as a Queen?

  1. Dogs are just the same – especially Dachshunds (Saussagedog to some, lol). We had one beloved Hasso,sooooo aristrocratic and elegant, he was absolutely convinced that Kingsize bed is HIS, soft pillows/duvets = HIS, best chair anwhere = HIS; I think you get the picture. Ciao, Carina

  2. This is a scenario I know so well!

  3. My girls (cats) leave no room for my hubby! They can make themselves as big as elephants when they want! 🙂

  4. It’s a known fact that a cat’s mass increases exponentially with the size of the bed.

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