Doggy’s Dilemma

Well, it seems that Litchi has found herself a bona-fide job.  Good for her.  About time she earned her kibbles here.!

Although previously self-appointed, it appears that her title is now official.  She is:

Lady Litchifield Love – Mediator to the Dogs

Mollie and Doggy are still at it.  The international crisis has not yet been averted.  After many grueling days of court cases (presided over by Judge Sammy) and mediation, the official Litchi Treaty was signed.  All seemed good in the world!

International politics being what they are, has resulted in a further dispute.

Mollies latest question for Paw Tokens was “Who originally sang this and what year was it released?“.  Doggy, always quick of the mark, got the first portion perfectly correct.  He neglected, unfortunately to give the Date of Release.

Each correct participant received Two Paw Tokens.  This did not include Doggy.  Being somewhat of a drama-queen (alright, he’s not a queen – maybe a Drama-Dog), Doggy threw a perfectly heartbreaking hissy-fit.  Exerpts of his laments include:

“My heart aches, I’m in tears, tears blur my vision as I write this….I’ll be praying for you and for the snipers….”

As you can see, he still has snipers surrounding Mollies place.  Of course Alfie, the cat, is thoroughly enjoying chasing their laser beams but Mollie lives in fear.

Lady Litchi has offered the following compromise, hoping the 2nd Litchi Treaty will be signed soon:

Litchi Treaty Two:

  • Mollies competition question clearly consisted of two parts, the first being the singers and the second, the date of release.
  • Doggy, without doubt, got the first portion of this question correct
  • As Mollie offered Two Paw Tokens to those who correctly answered both questions, it seems reasonable to assume that there was a Paw Token per portion.
  • Mollie, therefore, agrees to offer Doggy One Paw Token for answering one question correctly.
  • As acceptance of this agreement, Doggy refrains from pitiable laments, agrees to “man-up” like the Gentledog he has previously proved himself to be and re-enters the competition in the spirit of good fun everywhere.
  • Mollie, for her part in the mischief, knowingly driving Doggy to extreme levels of psychosis, offers a public apology.  Declarations of love, at this point, would also be acceptable.

Litchi requests that fellow readers provide their thoughts regarding this agreement.  Comments may be lodged here or at either Mollie’s or Doggy’s blog.

It is vital that all International Litchi Treaty’s are open to public comment.


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59 responses to “Doggy’s Dilemma

  1. Dear Litchie, Readers, LLCAD, General public and baby Jesus, when all this started, I asked myself, ‘Am I going to withdraw from the world, like most people do, or am I going to live?’ I decided I am going to live-or at least try to live-the way I want, with dignity, with courage, with humor, with composure. However, what should move us to action is human dignity: the inalienable dignity of the oppressed, but also the dignity of each of us. We lose dignity if we tolerate the intolerable. For me this is all about what I deserve, we all know that dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.
    I have to meditate, I have to ponder.
    I’m hurt.

    • Oh dear Doggy, I thought maybe we could get away from the laments 🙂
      There you go, do as you said, survive the day with dignity, courage, humour and composure! We know you can do it Doggy – your such a gentle giant and Gentledog all around. Accept Litchi Treaty Two and prove you are the bigger man/dog.

      • Listen to her… just listen to hear.
        She wants me to ask for what’s mine like if it was a favor.
        Get a grip Mollie and dear LLCAD do not ask her to be a Ladydog, it’s not impossible to make apple pie with pears.
        I’m doing what’s best for all, how many treaties will this individual violate?
        She changes the rules as she pleases, she just wants to get on my nerves, but all those years of yoga and deep meditation and deep fried food had made me wise, I’ll retreat now, I won’t sing any treaty, she’s not willing to change her ways, I’ve been always willing to conciliate and yet I remain under attach and contact scrutiny, enough, ENOUGH! just like movie with JLo which honestly was really bad. Violence is not the solution but I’ll get my army ready, blood will cover this land, the land my parents worked, the land my ancestor defended, I shall defend it too, I shall defend my dignity.

      • So, deep fried food has made you a wise dog – isn’t that cool. If nothing else, that should put you in a great mood. 🙂

        I have spoken to Mollie and I think it’s fair that she be requested to behave like a Ladydog. She is quite capable of doing so and I’m sure you will see that in the not too distant future.
        Now, we were ready for court but in no ways ready for full blown battle. Let’s hope that Mollie offers her undying love before blood streams across your lands.

        Good golly Doggy, you truly are a master hissy-fit thrower 😀

      • French revolution started like this, heads rolled, what did we learn from history? Nothing!
        Court will do nothing, Guantanamo will do nothing, Azkaban will do nothing, heads will roll.

      • Oh Doggy, this so saddens me! I believe that you have a most beautiful head, as does Mollie and my mother tells me that I, too, have a perfectly reasonable head. The thought of any of these rolling, especially in blood and Azkaban, is hurting me terribly. I would ask that you re-consider this drastic action and wait to see if Mollie might be prepared to offer a truce before the bloodshed begins.

        Your humble servant
        Lady Litchfield Love

      • You can go to bed peacefully my dear Litchie, your land, the women and wine of your land will remain untouched, this I promise you. This war won’t reach the boarders of your land. I would suggest you send a messenger and ask Alfie to leave before dawn the horns of war have sung their song.

      • My Dearest Sir Doggy, Litchi wishes to thank you for promising not to invade our land and I, personally, would like to thank you for promising the safety of my wine, without which, I doubt I could assist Litchi in mediation.

        Very sad to hear that the horns of war have sung but will attempt to reach Alfie in time. How many hours do we have to reach a settlement from Mollie’s side, before the troops arrive on her doorstep?

      • Troops have her surrounded already, they are just waiting for you to take Alfie and then fate will be sealed for Mollie.

      • My word you guys move fast. No time for the poor mediator to eat her kibbles or anything. She declined her dinner and hastily made it over to Alfie, urging him to make a hasty retreat. She has also offered her final plea to Mollie. She requests that no bullets fly until Mollie has been given one last chance to offer some degree of “good will”.

      • To go late, go to my blog.

      • Oh dear – what a weird army you have amassed there Doggy. Are you quite sure you don’t want any dogs in the army, only elephants and neanderthal looking me?

      • Dogs are the snippers that have been around here place since all this started.

      • Oh well, Orcs, elephants and sniper dogs it is then. Best hope Sammy doesn’t get an army of karate-kitty’s though – you know how mean they can be 🙂

  2. And is not drama, I protest, remember that when an individual is protesting society’s refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human or dog being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.

  3. That Tokens are somehow bewitched…maybe Mollie got them from the wreck of the Flying Dutchmans ship? btw: Litchi you look gorgeous – whats your phone number? :o)

  4. Litchi, excellent suggestion…though I suspect we might be going back to court BOL

  5. Uh oh……I burned the old court robes after that last case – thought I’d surely NEVER need them again since things had calmed down and all was right with the world. Personally I thought that Lady Litchie’s proposed compromise was reasonable……Mollie’s question asked for (1) who sang the song and (2) what year was it released. Definitely a two-parter…..anyone who would have guessed one part or the other I can see winning a token….those who guessed BOTH parts I can see winning two. I also am so happy that even in the midst of this disagreement, true love can be found (or is that lust??) between Lady Litchie and Easy the WonderDog……..true love wins in the end!!

    Sammy, the RETIRED Judge 😀

    • Dear Sammy,
      As you are clearly Retired from Judgeship, may I request that you change your uniform to one of a more military nature as, it would appear, Doggy has decided to go to war, rather than court.

      Call all your feline friends – an army of felines would surely terrify the dogs into submission and have them sign what Litchi believes to be a perfectly reasonable treaty.

      Your humble servant
      Lady Litchfield Love
      (who, as you say, appears to have found Love, or lust) 😀

  6. HELP..I NEED HELP…He’z off his head again, he’z barking mad..Get the dogs in white coats..Quick..

  7. To Whom it may concern,
    I have had discussionz wiff that mad dawg.. I have offered a token to him and my love..He haz refused boff..So being a beautiful bitch, I’z am not going to take this lying down. I don’tz need lawyers, I don’tz needz judges but I am nows gonna call in Mez army..On your own it……………..BRING ON!!!!!!

  8. Oh my Wolfie paw! Doggy really must man-up!! Immediately and completely!! Even my Wolfie laments at the time of Full Moon aren’t that bad!!! 🙂

  9. The Drama! Whee are going to become Reporters and report the whole sordid story.

    How much more will unfold as whee head off to bed?! Whee do not know but one thing is for sure . . . They’ll be making headline with us! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    ps. Doggy’s Drama has had Mummy giggling!

  10. I am worried about this escalation.
    Doggy will be eliminating the competition next – that way it doesn’t matter if he gets the tokens from Mollie for not, he will win because he’ll be the last Dog standing.
    Protect yourself guys. Dig up the gardens and search for any weapons of mass destruction Doggy might have hidden.
    Before getting into the cars, have a good look underneath and pull apart he seats to check for bombs.
    Thoroughly investigate each parcel and letter which comes into the house, let no hiding place remain. Shred everything.
    Easy, you’ll be great at this, we should appoint you the Security & Emergency Response Director.

  11. Hey Litchi, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    hmpf, such issues. I, Jetty the Gentleman, (title appointed by Lady Litchfield), approve of L.L.’s draft of the 2nd accord. (vbp – vocab builder project). Further, I second and heartily approve of L.L.’s new post. I believe she serves at the pleasure of the ICK9J – the International Court of K9 Justice (affiliated with the ICJ in Brussels.) I, Jetty the Gentleman, have been approved as an Investigator (certified by Scooby Doo Academy) by ICK9J and offer to serve M’Lady Litchfield in any detective capacity needed to further the efforts to reach an accord. 🙂

    • My Dearest Jetty the Gentleman,

      Lady Litchfield hereby requests the honour of your expertise in resolving a most unsatisfactory dilemma. It would appear that Sir Doggy has taken Mollie hostage and, although Litchi has Mediation skills, she feels the need to call on someone with more officially qualified to assist with Hostage Negotiation.

      She is trusting that you will accept her plea for assistance in this regards

      Your faithful servant
      Lady Litchfield Love

  12. Wow! I’m pleased to hear that it is official 🙂

  13. He’z asked mez out to dinner..bit I don’tz know what to wear..bol xx00xx

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  16. Hopefully it can all be worked out!

  17. Sounds like a good treaty to me Litchi and by the way what a wonderful profile of you 🙂

  18. I just want to say: congratulations on your new title Lady Litchifield Love… I hope I’m not a world news now 🙂

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