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The Greatest Blog Contest Of All Time! Voting Open

As many of you may know, Doggy’s Style is running the  Greatest Blog Contest of All Time.  Obviously I entered.  Doggy has taught me well with regards to Competition Addiction.

Do It For Amy! Battersea call her their “Meerkat” Cat

You think this is a normal “begging” post, don’t you?  You’re wrong.  Lady Litchfield is not begging for herself, she is begging for the Battersea Animal Shelter.  She is begging for you to vote for her “less than perfect entry” so that these animals in need get to taste the delicious morsels on offer.

Doggy is giving a 20 Pound voucher for Mollie’s Dog Treats, to the winner.  Sounds awesome.  Bet those other entrants want that!  Me?  No, I want the prize to go to Mollie’s favourite rescue organisation.  

Do It For Colleen – Battersea’s Sociable Husky

As bribery goes, this is pretty good, don’t you think?  We’re appealing to your conscience.  We’re appealing on behalf of the Animals in Need.  We’re appealing on behalf of the Homeless Dogs and Cats.  How can you say “No”?

Basically, out of pure guilt (because I don’t believe mine was the best entry, we just have the best motive), I’m asking for you to hop over to Doggy’s site and vote for us – thereby voting for Battersea Animal Shelter.

Do It For Hooch – Battersea’s Cuddle Bunny

Surely they deserve treats more than our pampered pooches at home!



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Never have So Many been called upon to Help So Few!

Never in the history of Dogdom, have so many been called upon to risk their lives for so few (well one, to be exact).

Woof World III is on the verge of breakout and not, as one might assume, due to border disputes, greed induced arguments over mineral bone resources or mans dogs’ inherent need for battle.  No, my dear readers, WWIII looks to take the stage due to Paw Tokens!  The ultimate in valuable currency for competition addicted dogs the world over!  Oh, and lest we forget, the capture, “potential” hostage situation and now Kidnapping of Mollie.

  • Doggy invaded Mollie’s village, captured her and held her at his Castle.
  • He then brazenly took her to dine at the finest trash cans in town.
    • This, needless to say, surprised all in Animal Kingdom, who had, thus far, assumed Mollie to be a Hostage.
    • However, one should not forget the Stockholm Syndrome (hostages falling for their captors).
    • Mollie, subsequently, went missing!
    • Fear reigned through the nations.  Dogs, cats and guinea pigs mobilized their forces.  So many animals, so little time, only one to rescue!

Doggy threatened WWIII, stating that his honor had been compromised, insisting that Mollie had left happy, full and content.  He provided the following proof of her being escorted by the War Elephants on her return trip.

And then, oh the horror, a ransom note was received.  All paws had been pointed at Doggy and then, this:

The Frightening Reality – A RANSOM NOTE!

Doggy is indeed innocent (although I still suspect that his intentions towards Mollie were not quite so).  Rumours having been flying about kissing by the trash cans.

Many a Rescue Animal is involved in the hunt for Mollie.  Follow their death defying escapades and catch up on previous news here:

War Horns  – By Doggy

War Update – By Doggy

Kidnap By Mollie

Call to World Invasion – By Doggy

News Reports By The Piggies at Hutch a Good Life

Investigation By Misaki

Investigation By Sam

Investigation By Zena, The Princess 


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It’s a sad day in the world of animals!  Two of my favourite dogs, Mollie and Doggy have gone to war and the court case is underway.  Litchi feels that she simply cannot stand by impartially, watching friendships being ruined over simple misdemeanors relating to “Paw Tokens”.

Litchi has assigned herself as the Official Dog Mediator!  She has proposed a Plea Bargain Settlement, which is endorsed by the WWRAG (World Wide Rescue Animals Group), as being reasonable and fair.

LITCHI – The Official Mediator to the Dogs

The full details of the case, presented thus far, are available on Misaki’s blog and I would request that all readers, having now been deemed fit to adjudicate this matter, lodge your comments at Misaki, requesting that the Plea Bargain be accepted.

Many of my readers will be aware of the fact that Mollie is running a superb competition at the moment, the aim being to collect as many Paw Tokens as possible.  You would also be aware that there are two vital elements to Doggy.

Firstly: Doggy is a competition addict.  He will enter anything, just for the adrenaline rush and go full out to win! We are currently looking into DCA (Dog Competition Anonymous) help centers for him.

Secondly, and I believe most importantly, Doggy is a true Gentledog, Dog of honour and Dog of his Word.  For his selfless generosity in awarding me his well deserved and hard earned spot on Le Clown’s blog site, he has been Knighted, by President Obama no less (all kindly arranged by Mollie – the plaintiff in this scandalous court case).

Sir Doggy, as he is now officially addressed, has been taken to court by Mollie, for having misread the rules and taken a “Paw Token” meant for those who had yet to received one (he, of course, being the player that he is, had already acquired 3 of these valuable items).

This is where Litchi comes in.  Being a huge fan of both Sir Doggy and Mollie, she is, hereby, officially lodging a request for an amicable Plea Bargain to be entered into between the Plaintiff and the Defendant.

Her Plea Bargain offering is as follow:

Dear Mollie, I would request you look into the following:

  • The majority of the competitors are either cats or dogs.  As such, they are not privy to the deeper understanding of legal jargon and may frequently (but with no malice intended), misread or misunderstand certain rules.

Sir Doggy:

  • We understand that with your previous lack of legal mumbo-jumbo jargon credentials, you may have misunderstood Mollie’s fine print.
  • We also understand that you had not expected only certain cats and dogs to be the recipients of said “Paw Token”, rather believing it to be “shared equally amongst all competitors”.
  • This seems fair and reasonable as each competitor would gain equally.

Suggested Plea Bargain:

  • Mollie, the plaintiff, agrees to modify the rules, allowing all competitors to acquire said “Paw Token”.  This would include Sir Doggy.
  • Sir Doggy, the defendant, for his part in the misunderstanding, formally apologises to Mollie.
  • Sir Doggy’s charge of “Criminal Intent To Gain Paw Tokens”, is reduced to a “misdemeanor”, with a Probationary Sentence, lasting the duration of the competition, whereby he accepts that he will not attempt to unlawfully obtain future “Paw Tokens”.

So, to all my dear readers, please help this friendship survive and hop over to Misaki to lodge your comments, requesting said Plea Bargain.


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Dazed by Doggy!

I’m Amazed, Bowled over and Completely (had to put that in for the “C”) Dumbfounded by the kindness and generosity of Doggy’s Style.

I’m left Scratching My Head in Astonishment!

As I’m sure most of you already know, A Clown on Fire has been holding the most mind-boggling competition.  Doggy, the competition addict that he is, sent out his request for us to vote for him.  This I duly did.  It was mild mayhem in there and, I’m afraid, the fever took me.  I dutifully voted for Doggy but quite simply could not resist brazenly launching my own blog into the chaotic competition.  I begged, pleaded, bribed and cheated as best I could, desperate to usurp Doggy’s lead.  I’m afraid to say, I failed.

If anyone knows how to play a game well, it’s Doggy.  He beat me fair and square, guaranteeing himself a place on Le Clown’s infamous blogroll.

Doggy Won – Congratulations!  But that’s not where this seemingly simple story ends.  No, not when you have a celebrity like Doggy in the mix.

Mere moments after finding out he’d left me eating his dust, he sends me a message.  A message that makes us humble sole’s realise what true kindness and generosity means.

Doggy had arranged with Le Clown that I be given his hard won place on the blogroll!!!  Can you believe it?   How do you even begin to say “Thank You” with sufficient fervor for a gesture such as this.  I am, as I said, Dazed by Doggy.  Not only is he hilarious and utterly entertaining but it seems he is a saint as well.  I bow to your greatness dear Doggy.  The rescue animals of the world say “Thank You” and they mean it, from the bottom of their hearts.

Look closely – even the Baby Buck are smiling!

We Love You Doggy!  


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Dumbfounded By Decorations

It’s true.  I am, indeed, dumbfounded.  Could it be true?  Could I really be at a loss for words?  Certainly my Mom would never believe it!  Nonetheless, I find myself simply stunned by the generosity and extraordinary kindness of my fellow bloggers.  I feel like I’m kicking the Oscars to the curb.

Of course you do realise that this means two things.  Firstly, I have to embarrass myself, yet again (I’m definitely going to have to look into writing this blog from an animal’s point of view).  This will happen after displaying my beautiful, new Award Decorations.  Secondly, I have to work, again.  See, you guys are making me use that 4-letter word.  My mother is not going to be impressed.  Tut, tut!

The Ralphie Chronicles recently bestowed upon me the 




Then ShareChair and Paws to Talk went and gave me the

Paws To Talk, not to be outdone, together with Collies Of The Meadow, bequeathed upon my little blog, the 



Golly, I’m tired already but in an elated kind of way.  I get so over-excited about awards I can barely contain myself.

The work, of course, comes in the form of attempting to think of 7 things about myself (sorry Mom):

  1. I have an inherent fear of the kitchen.  As a kid, when in trouble, I was always called to the kitchen, where the door could be shut.  On the short walk there, I had to figure out all the things I’d done wrong, which one she might have found out about and, to be on the safe side, excuses for all of them.  I do not like walking to kitchens!
  2. The first time I invited a boyfriend for dinner, I phoned my sister to find out how to boil an egg!  I cannot remember if he got any food and, anyway, what was I thinking with boiled eggs?
  3. I am a terrible procrastinator, which is why, whilst I am supposed to be doing research (for an upcoming conference and workshop at which I am talking), I am busy writing this blog.  See, it’s all your fault – never mine!  It would have been just rude not to get a “Thanks for the Awards” blog out.
  4. I will be out of town during the coming week (for the above).  This is not an invitation to break into my place and steal anything!  It’s not that I’m possession driven, however, I have become slightly attached to what I have, so, if you could please leave it where it is, I would be eternally grateful.
  5. My Dad is convinced (or so he says) that he is from a different planet – called Zurgon.  And my parents wonder why I’m not normal!
  6. I believe that laughter is extremely important – which is why I embarrass my mother so frequently.
  7. I also believe that forgiveness is vital – I hope my mother forgives me.

Right, that’s quite enough embarrassment for one day.  So, moving onto a more pleasurable task, I am nominating 15 blogs, who, as I have no idea who has received what in the past, may choose whichever award/s they wish.  I believe they all deserve them.

Henriettas Hippo

Angels Whisper

The Misadventures of Misaki 

Sand Spring Chesapeakes 

The Lonely Dogs 

Jazz Cat Jay

Tiggers Teachings 

Hands on Bowie 

I Adopted a Dog – NOW WHAT 


Nana with 2 Dogs 


Remain Insane

Hutch a Good Life


Now don’t go getting upset if your blog is not on the list.  It’s not because I don’t think you are fantastic.  I am simply trying to choose sites which I have not yet nominated.  I promise, I think you are all brilliant!  For the sake of the rescue animals, I hope there will be more and I can get to nominate everyone I love.


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Tickled Rainbow!

On receiving my first two awards, I was just Tickled Pink.  Today, I find myself Tickled Rainbow, for I received not one, but two fabulous awards from equally fabulous sites.  There is no “one hue” that can describe my elation now.  I am doing belly-flops I am so excited.  The cats have left.  The dog, on the other hand, is loving this new game, although she is battling to understand the rules of belly-flop.  Then again, when has a dog ever needed to understand anything to get full-hearted enjoyment out of it?

Pick of the Litter Award

Hey It’s Jet Here most incredibly sent me the Sunshine award.  This is truly a great honour and I am astounded by Jet’s generosity.  Jet (clever little dog that he is) writes a most entertaining blog from his unique perspective on life.  DogDaz have also given me an award – you crazy bunch of welcoming bloggers.  This site has brilliant photographs and very entertaining dialogue  (details of their award further on).

Sunshine Award

In acceptance of the Sunshine Award, I have to ….. here we go again….. sorry Mom for all these 4-letter words …..WORK!  I need to answer (which requires thinking), the questions below:

  • Favorite number: 3, no 7, no 11 – oh stop confusing me here!
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:  What is a non-alcoholic drink???  Amarula Cream has cream in it, does that count?.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Would have to be Facebook – never been on twitter, you tweet.
  • My Passion: Oh golly, let me think here, it might be….let’s see….animals?
  • Favorite pattern: Those one’s that make you inadvertently think of hearts (aren’t I just the soppy one).
  • Favorite Day of the Week: The one’s on which we win awards, of course.
  • Favorite Flower:  Now there’s a weird one.  Maybe Self-Raising?  Oh, sorry, you meant “flower” not “flour”, ok then, it would be Jasmine (my last rescue dog was even named Jasmine)

Whew!  That’s it for all the Thinking and Work, other than to nominate a couple of my favourite sites.  There’s a good chance I am supposed to nominate a specific number of sites but, unfortunately, I haven’t been around all that long (real spring-chicken here), so it’ll just be a few.  I hope it makes your day guys – it certainly made mine!

I know, I know – all of you have probably received billions of awards, including this one, but I thought you might at least want to know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and think you are all Fantastic.

To Collies Of The Meadow – who really needs a little sunshine at the moment – God bless you and give you strength.

To Wayward Dogs – for all your incredible work, helping lost and wandering dogs – we appreciate you.

To  I Adopted a Dog – NOW WHAT – thanks for adopting and letting us all share in your adventures.

To Paws to Talk – for always keeping a smile on my face with your unique answers to difficult questions.

To Chancy the Gardner – for your fantastic site with its’ own special point of view.

To Bassas Blog – for your hilarious and brilliant photographs and your unique outlook on life.

And last but by no means least:

To DogDaz, who is jointly responsible for my absurd “belly-flopping”, as they have listed me as their Pick of the Litter and awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.  I love your site and am deeply grateful for your generosity and kindness.

Versatile Blogger

All the furry critters here in Sunny South Africa, send all their slobbery kisses and hugs to Hey It’s Jet Here and DogDaz.  They appreciate your help in raising awareness for the shelter animals.  THANK YOU


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Johannesburg’s Terror!

The other day, Raising Daisy at http://raisingdaisy.wordpress.com wrote an article in which Stink Bugs were featured as a toy/irritant/nightmare for Daisy.  It got me thinking.  Well, of course it did, bearing in mind that each incident in my life is now inadvertently converted into blog format.  Anyway, it had me remembering a scenario a couple of years back.

My neighbour’s place had been broken into.  No-one was home, so I called the police who, somewhat remarkably, came rushing around.  As they approached my residence, I heard a truly blood-curdling SCREAM emanating from her house.  Now I know there are “baddies” out there and my adrenalin starts to pump.  I rush instantly to my neighbour, ready to rescue the damsel in distress from lurking danger.  I have no idea what I planned to do (maybe slap them about with a powder puff or something).  The police, weapons drawn and all action / tough-guy demeanor, rush the place from behind me.  We are all ready, guns and powder-puffs blazing, to take on the criminals.  It turns out that my neighbour had returned home, just minutes after my call to the police, completely unaware of the break-in which had occurred on the other side of her premises.  On stepping into her entrance hall, she had been confronted with the greatest terror Johannesburg has to offer.  Fly the crime, fly the news reports any international reader may have seen.  She had stumbled straight into the path of a PARKTOWN PRAWN.  She could care less about the pending doom of criminals.  All she could think of was getting the police to rid her home of the creature.  The police were flabbergasted.

These are the most frightfully fearsome looking creatures, that have a nasty habit of jumping stupendous heights and lengths to land their horribly spike covered legs into your flesh.  Just creepy!

I found a rather amusing write-up on these spine chilling creatures at http://www.whatsupjozi.com/2012/jozi-joburg-info/the-legend-of-the-parktown-prawn/818 The picture is courtesy of this webpage.

Joburg resident in terror after intruder invades her home

I know, I know, this appears to have nothing to do with pets.  However, never fear, there is a link up.  It follows into my latest money making scheme.  I have decided to rent out my fear-deficient husband and mad Baby Boy Sabre cat.  Sabre seems to think that Parktown Prawns are the best toy nature ever invented.  Being the perfect hunter that he is, he catches them and then, to amuse himself and terrify his mother, he brings them inside where they pounce and perform around the place whilst he gets to play hunter over and over again.  I react like any other level-headed, responsible mother by screaming for hubby, whilst performing death defying acts of gymnastic proportions to avoid the onslaught of the enemy.  My fearless husband (bless him) is the first person I have ever encountered that does not mind these creatures.  So, with Sabre’s instinctive ability to catch them and hubbies fearless removal thereof, I find my garden no longer a resting place for evil creatures with more than four legs (anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog will know that, although I love animals, my loves limit is reached at 4 legs and anything beyond that has me turn instantly into a real girl).

So, here’s to my latest “get rich quick scheme”.  All I have to do now is convince my husband to be a “man for hire”.


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The Stats are in – Insanity Rules!

Chocy – the Ridgeless Ridgeback

Well then, for Monday Mischief (this is a Monday Mischief Blog Hop, after all) the stats are in and the unanimous results show that Insanity Rules!  I am pleased to announce that I am in extremely good company in this mad-house.  Not one single vote for my addiction being abnormal.  We had a 100% hit rate on “Normal” and I find myself now truly entrenched in the bloggersphere.  I am delighted.  The animals are delighted (well, they would be, if they were awake but cat-naps and doggy dreams seem to have taken over here) and we will continue foraging for fuel to super-charge the addiction.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us.  I have, hopefully, found a good “forever” home for Chocy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback that has been at the Woodrock Animal Rescue Shelter for over 4 months now.  Chocy is actually a Rhodesian Non-Ridge though as, somehow, she managed to misplace her RIDGE!.  No-one seems to be able to find it!  Guess that’s “Mischief” enough for Monday.  How many other dogs can say they lost their Ridge?

Chocy was a stray, rescued from an informal settlement and certainly had a hard start to life.  We are holding thumbs and paws that the potential adoptees fall head over heels for her tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to provide updates in my next blog.

Happy Blog Hopping to all.  Monday Madness Rules!!!

This is a Monday Mischief Blog Hop

Thanks to Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies and Luna, A Dog’s Life…for sponsoring the hop!  Click on any of the sponsors to join the hop.


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Can Addiction Affect Your Work?

My “Baby Boy” Sabre. His story will follow

By now, we all know that my Blogging Addiction Level has reached extraordinary levels.  This has been fueled by the intensive training program, into which I was somewhat unknowingly conscripted.  It would appear that the training is in overdrive and my Rewards/Awards for desirable behaviour are increasing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my addiction.  The problem I am experiencing, however, is that work (that nasty 4-letter word that keeps getting in the way of pleasurable experiences), seems to be expecting me to maintain a level of responsibility.

I need assistance and, to this end, I have added a poll.  I am now reaching out to my fellow bloggers and friends, to see if there is a consensus regarding this perceived insanity encounter.

Now, on this subject, I will have to admit that – dare I mention this in polite company – WORK got in the way of my ability to keep track of my Addiction.  As such, I have only now noticed that I have, once again, been Rewarded for my Addictive Behaviour.  The wonderful Wayward Dogs (http://waywarddogs.com), who have dedicated a site to helping lost dogs find their owners, or new “forever” homes, have very kindly awarded me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I am tickled pink!

This one, however, comes with a degree of…..wait…..here it comes again…..that 4 letter word, WORK.  As I knuckle down to the inevitable thought processes required, I now list the 7 Things about myself:

  1. I LOVE animals – who’d have guessed?
  2. I LOVE my family and friends
  3. I love potatoe crisps (as you can see, slightly less than those above but still high on my priority list)
  4. I am a Leo (the kitties of the world seem to have figured that out!  Clever little munchkins)
  5. My husband is a Basket-Case (but we love him all the same)
  6. My Mother may be more so and my Dad remains responsible for my humour (but without them I’d be lost)
  7. God is good (although sometimes our priorities seem to differ.  I assume he knows what he’s doing and I’ll look back on my challenges with an “Ahh, that’s why” moment).

My time on the bloggesphere has been short and I am gratified with the acceptance of my short stint with such welcoming.  I would like to pass this Award onto the following kind people who have welcomed me with open Blogger-Arms:

Rumpy Dog – http://rumpydog.com

One Spoilt Cat – http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com

Hey Its Jet Here – http://heyitsjethere.wordpress.com

Animal Couriers – http://animalcouriers.com

Clowies Corner – http://clowiescorner.wordpress.com

Donkey Whisperer – http://donkeywhispererfarm2010.wordpress.com


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