Gone to the Dogs

Well truly, it’s about time a few dogs got themselves back on this blog.  Little character infused kittens seem to have been taking over recently.  So, we’ll give you some pics from the Vereeniging & Districts Kennel Club open show.  They kindly agreed to me having a table to raise funds for the shelters. 

Fund raising was, well, a rather dismal affair but it’s hard not to have fun at an open show.  We didn’t get in any money but we did get to run around, taking photos of blog friend look-a-likes and we got a whole lot of our new brochures out.  Let’s hope that the kind souls who now have them, choose to fill in the all important debit order form.  Anyone out there, reading this to see if their dog made the blog, your generosity could make all the difference to the less fortunate pups out there.  Even the smallest monthly donation helps and, if you truly have no spare cents at the end of a month, then flea market items (those bits and bobs creating clutter in your house) are always very much appreciated.

Right then, enough bribery and on to some look-a-likes and general cuteness.

Being an Open Show meant is was, yes, you guessed it, open – to all breeds and, even better, ages.  That meant we got to see both puppies and child handlers.  Who can resist cute kids and puppies?  So, first up, 2 adorable and beautiful children with their equally adorable and cute puppies

Lab Pups


Lab pup and child handler

And not to forget our friends.  This one is for Raffles 

Raffles look a like

And Misaki.  Well, fine, it’s not a Malamute but a Husky is pretty darned close


And Mollie.  Yes, again, not really a Mollie dog but close, at least in colouring

Mollie look a like

Oh and, guess what, we even found an Easy impersonator.  Just look into those eyes and tell me there’s not trouble coming.

Easy impersonator, you can see the naughty in the eyes

Then a bunch of cute little Grey Hound puppies, just to add to the cuteness factor

Grey Hound Puppies

And how could we do a post without having some nudity involved.  A Chinese Crested is always good for and this pic will have to be dedicated to Doggy, not only because he rather likes posts with nudity but also because he insists that he wants to steal Pixels from me but would have to shave her.  Thought I’d let you see what a nude animal might look like.

Chinese Crested

Plus a Collie for our Meadow friends

for collies of the meadow

And, not to forget our lovely Litchi Love.  We at least managed to find a dog that shows her what she was supposed to look like, even if she failed.


So, even if the fund raising didn’t go as well as others, we had a wonderful day out.  Not the best set of photos but certainly fun taking them.

Who do you think is the best Look-A-Like?


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116 responses to “Gone to the Dogs

  1. Beyoooootiful pooches and the Malamut and Collie just swept me.

  2. Oh what fun even if it wasn’t a massive success 🙂 Those woofies are nearly as good looking as us..bawahwawwww 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. what do you call a handful of gorgeous greyhound pups?

  4. Oh what GREAT photos! Sorry you didn’t get a lot of donations for shelters but I just bet the people who read the brochure and had time to think about it away from the show will come through and help if they can! You found some good look-alikes in the crowd too. FUN!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • No kitties for you Sammy but it really was time that the dogs got a bit of the lime light. The problem with dog shows is that the people there are concentrating on their own animals and how well they are doing. Great place to get brochures and my name out but not for raising funds on the day. Let’s hope there’s a knock on effect though.

  5. Shame the fundraising didn’t amount to beans but you’re getting your face out there and your name known. The lookalikes are wonderful! Would have to say that Raffles or Easy are the closest.

    • Raffles and Easy are definitely close. Not to worry about the fund raising. I’ve done better at other places but, at the dog shows, people are more interested in their own animal and how it’s performing. As you say, it still gets the name out there, which will count in the long run.

  6. Cute and friendly! It wasn’t a total loss!

  7. Love all the pictures. Too bad you didn’t get many donations. There is always next time.

  8. OK. The Poodle is in puppy clip. But one can’t blame a poodle for its hairstyle. The Malamute and Weimaraner look really good and do does the Chinese Crested. Nice Collie, so serious grooming was done there. I’m just sorry that there wasn’t a really decent DOG at that show!
    Half my last Lotto win is yours.

    • Well, thank you so much for half your lotto win. Taking a wild guess at that and coming up with either half of nothing or, on a really good day, half of R7 🙂 In fairness to the poodles hairstyle it was, in fact, still a pup, albeit a rather large one but, then again, you of all people know about large sized pups 😀

  9. How cute they are – what a wonderful Show. The girl with the dog is great.
    Oh and I think the Weimaraner was a girl? I think the poodle could be Raffles’ twin hahaha

  10. They are all very pretty and handsome! I hope you get more donations soon =^.^=

  11. The look a likes was real fun. We hope too some people donate. Glad you had a great time. Hope you have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. OMD, I didn’t realizae that so many of my blogging friends were SO FAMOUS that the needed body doubles to make appearances! 🙂 Looks like a lot of fun, and fundraising is hard, but hopefully you were able to make a difference.

  13. Don

    What a wonderful spectacle. Enough to bring so much joy. Just love that Weimeran, but then they’re all magnificent.

  14. You sure found a lot of great lookalikes!

  15. Awwww, they are all super duper cute little woof doggies!

    Have a great day

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  16. GREAT post and photographs! Our two dogs — both rescues — do yoga with us: http://tuesdayswithlaurie.com/2013/02/05/yoga-gone-to-the-dogs/

  17. OMG, those greyhound puppies — I’ll take all of them!!!! And that Chinese Crested is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, I know they are known for being ugly, but I have seen some nice looking ones, but this one truly takes the cake in adorableness. Pressing “like” wasn’t good enough. This post needs a “love” button! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. I love these photos… wish I could own them all…

  19. ruff-very dogs…everyone of them! i’m thinkin’ like Bulldog…want all of them. ☺

  20. Pray the donations will come in. The faces on this post certainly should sell the idea.

  21. Got all our paws crossed that donations come in. And, we think Misaki lookalike is a good one but then we don’t know the other dogs. Wishing you luck and wagging for you. Max & Bella (love the photos-biped Paulette)

  22. What??? No ‘Ruby’ look-a-likes??! Well, I NEVER!! BOL BOL BOL
    Those really are beautiful doggies!! I loves the Litchi look-a-like! Very handsome!!!
    Paws crossed that TONS of donations come floodin’ in!!!
    Ruby ♥

    • Sorry I couldn’t find your body double Ruby. We’ll try harder next time. Thanks for the good wishes for donations. Very difficult economic times for them at the moment but got other events lined up, so here’s hoping.

  23. Raffles is in love!!!!

  24. Wonder full bickshers!!! And I wood lubbs teu helb wif fund raising. Let’s work teugeffer!!!

  25. Of course the little black doggy mid-conversation is my favourite 🙂

  26. Aw. They are all pretty cute. I’m partial to the little Chinese Crested. 🙂

  27. Those are some good looking dogs there and oh yes, kids too. 🙂

  28. I hope it leads to some regular donations for you.
    That Easy impersonator looks rather serious, our Easy likes a laugh!

    • Certainly hoping for the regular donations as well. The economy is making this rather difficult. Nobody has spare cash at the end of the month (or the beginning, it would seem 🙂 ). Anyway, we plow forth and keep on trying. No keeping a good dog down, you know 😀 The Easy impersonator was pretty similar to Easy actually. Got up to all sorts of antics. That was the best photo, from a judging perspective. The rest had all sorts of silly faces being pulled.

  29. OMD I think you found my doppleganger!

  30. Sorry the fund raising didn’t turn out so hot, looks like a nice time nonetheless. Beautiful pictures. I thinks chinese creasted are so cool. Have a great weekend.

  31. So cute!!! I love the little yellow Labrador puppies. Reminds me of Maya’s more mischievous days. 😉

  32. I like litchi! But I don’t understand about the fund raising, probably because my attention span is too short. WEre you trying to raise money? Maybe I should send some. It looks like a lot of fun.

    • The Litchi one was just gorgeous. So full of personality and spunk. Yip, desperately trying to raise funds. Long Life Cats & Dogs is a registered fund raising company, aimed at generating income for the pro-life animal welfare shelters. These shelters are small but incredibly wonderful. They simply don’t have the time or resources to market, so we try to do so for them. Any spare pennies you may have would help immensely in our attempt to keep them open and running. Unfortunately, here in South Africa, there is no funding for animal causes. There are so many humanitarian issues, that any available funds go there.

  33. All very lovely looking dogs! 🙂

  34. The Misaki look a like!

  35. Love the look a likes hilarious x. Hope people empty their purses online when they get home x

    • I’m afraid the hopes of that have faded. I’ll be doing more fund raising during the week and next weekend but the economy is playing havoc on it. In a different economy, it would be easier but, then again, the need would not be as great. These shelters are dangerously close to having to close as nobody seems to have spare cash to donate and all state funding here goes to humanitarian aid, never animals. Oh well, we keep on trying and every cent counts. We’ll continue to do our best to help them.

  36. Lovely photos…that Chinese Crested Dog was very cute and the husky is great…oh and the Mollie look alike was very appealing too 🙂

  37. No Basils?! Looks like a brilliant day was had by all!

  38. Lovely photos all, but that little girl in the red coat with her puppy is just too damn cute. So sorry the fundraising did not go as well as hoped.

  39. They are all beautiful and I want them all! How can one possibly choose a favorite? Great shots!

  40. Just got around to reading this . . . if you are asking for favorite, it has to be the grayhound puppies.

  41. A wonderful bunch Susan. Wishing lots of donations and forever homes.

  42. A definite OD on cuteness – dogs and likkle girls bofe.
    Hope those forms come flooding.

    • So wish they would but so far, no such luck. No problem, we will continue concentrating on flea markets in the mean time. Anybody with any “hoarding” items lying around, is most welcome to send them my way. I can sell anything!

  43. I think your pics are so gorgeous, Susan. It would be hard to choose a favourite, but the Collie looks so adorable. 🙂

  44. I think the Chinese-Crested looks like Leo.

  45. All dem lubly Poochies!! Mum can we haz a Greyhound puppy!!! Purrleeze!!
    Nylablue xo

  46. It’s Raffles for sure.

  47. I think those are great photos! I love them all. That is the cutest Chinese Crested I have ever seen. I hope you get some long term good results from being out there. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently and for your kind words….they have been a big help during a difficult time.

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