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Gone to the Dogs

Well truly, it’s about time a few dogs got themselves back on this blog.  Little character infused kittens seem to have been taking over recently.  So, we’ll give you some pics from the Vereeniging & Districts Kennel Club open show.  They kindly agreed to me having a table to raise funds for the shelters. 

Fund raising was, well, a rather dismal affair but it’s hard not to have fun at an open show.  We didn’t get in any money but we did get to run around, taking photos of blog friend look-a-likes and we got a whole lot of our new brochures out.  Let’s hope that the kind souls who now have them, choose to fill in the all important debit order form.  Anyone out there, reading this to see if their dog made the blog, your generosity could make all the difference to the less fortunate pups out there.  Even the smallest monthly donation helps and, if you truly have no spare cents at the end of a month, then flea market items (those bits and bobs creating clutter in your house) are always very much appreciated.

Right then, enough bribery and on to some look-a-likes and general cuteness.

Being an Open Show meant is was, yes, you guessed it, open – to all breeds and, even better, ages.  That meant we got to see both puppies and child handlers.  Who can resist cute kids and puppies?  So, first up, 2 adorable and beautiful children with their equally adorable and cute puppies

Lab Pups


Lab pup and child handler

And not to forget our friends.  This one is for Raffles 

Raffles look a like

And Misaki.  Well, fine, it’s not a Malamute but a Husky is pretty darned close


And Mollie.  Yes, again, not really a Mollie dog but close, at least in colouring

Mollie look a like

Oh and, guess what, we even found an Easy impersonator.  Just look into those eyes and tell me there’s not trouble coming.

Easy impersonator, you can see the naughty in the eyes

Then a bunch of cute little Grey Hound puppies, just to add to the cuteness factor

Grey Hound Puppies

And how could we do a post without having some nudity involved.  A Chinese Crested is always good for and this pic will have to be dedicated to Doggy, not only because he rather likes posts with nudity but also because he insists that he wants to steal Pixels from me but would have to shave her.  Thought I’d let you see what a nude animal might look like.

Chinese Crested

Plus a Collie for our Meadow friends

for collies of the meadow

And, not to forget our lovely Litchi Love.  We at least managed to find a dog that shows her what she was supposed to look like, even if she failed.


So, even if the fund raising didn’t go as well as others, we had a wonderful day out.  Not the best set of photos but certainly fun taking them.

Who do you think is the best Look-A-Like?


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Can A Litchi Save Dogs and Children?

Well now, there’s a question!  We all know that a Litchi (Lychee to some) is good for you – it’s a fruit after all.  So the question is, how can a Litchi help children and dogs?

Yesterday, I was privileged enough to return to Rivonia Primary School, in Johannesburg.  Previously, I met with the Grade 5 pupils, which was fantastic.  This time, I met a very special group of children, from Grades 6 and 7 who, as an extra-mural activity, choose to give up their time doing charity work!


The group, called ROAM (Rivonians On A Mission) is an outreach program, focusing on giving back to the community, teaching children the importance of being helpful, compassionate and generous.  They raise funds and donations throughout the year for animal shelters, orphanages, old-age homes, etc.

This is where Litchi comes in.  Remember my “unadoptable”, supposedly “people aggressive” dog (Lady Litchfield – or Litchi for short)?  Early posts tell her story – pop back and have a look.

Nowadays this “difficult” dog helps me with such an important task.  We were invited to do our “Kids and Canines” course for ROAM.  Litchi assists me, demonstrating body language.  It’s a hectic course, covering the whole realm of dog body language and requires Litchi to move around with, in this case, 38 pupils plus teachers, staying calm, friendly and open to being touched and crowed by everyone.

Litchi loves it!  


So, the answer to the question is a resounding YES.  Litchi is helping to save children from frightening encounters and dogs from frightening shelters.  No dog will feel threatened around these children, who now know the signs to look for – they speak DOG.


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