Rescue Reveal – ARK Animal Centre

My most humble apologies for being so scarce of late.  It appears the cell phone companies are quite particular about payment.  Silly really, considering they are making a sweet fortune without my measly little amount. 

Fear not, however, as a small thing such as a complete and utter lack of communication facilities is highly unlikely to stop me.

So, plowing on regardless, I’m pleased to reveal to you ARK Animal Centre.  They are an utterly fabulous organisation with, of course, a pro-life policy for all the animals in their care.  They take on puppies and pregnant moms and work tirelessly to ensure that all are healthy, happy, loved, exercised and receiving any medical care required.

An Ark puppy - most definitely loved (well, who wouldn't?)

An Ark puppy – most definitely loved (well, who wouldn’t?)

They have recently moved to a new property, purchased by the owner, for the dogs, by selling her own home.  Now there’s someone who definitely puts the welfare of the animals before herself.

Much loved Mom, although she refused to open her eyes for any photographs

Much loved Mom, although she refused to open her eyes for any photographs

Ark Animal Centre are based just passed the Fourways/Dainfern area on a wonderfully large property, allowing them to provide the dogs in their care with fantastic walks and stimuli.  This is definitely a happy bunch of dogs and puppies who, I am sure, are delighted that the owner gave up her home to move them to such a great property.

Such a gentle lass - she'll make someone a most wonderful pet

Such a gentle lass – she’ll make someone a most wonderful pet

This last weekend was far more successful than my previous fundraising exercise and I would like to thank the wonderfully generous Blairgowrie residents, the Blairgowrie Spar, Brightwater Commons Flea Market and the awesome people who donated money and food as well as those who supplied me with items to sell at the flea market.

Some super sized bags of dog food, kindly donated

Some super sized bags of dog food, kindly donated

With the help of everyone above, I was able to deliver cash, dog food and a staff care package (the all important tea and snack break items vital to the wellbeing of overworked shelter staff), to Ark Animal Centre.

Staff Care Package plus extra dog food.  When working in these shelters, you'll not believe how important your tea break is.  It's just as important to keep the staff happy as it is the animals.

Staff Care Package plus extra dog food. When working in these shelters, you’ll not believe how important your tea break is. It’s just as important to keep the staff happy as it is the animals.

The cat items received were kindly delivered to Cat A Holics, by my long suffering father who was instantly put to hard manual labour and general work both over the weekend and today, with deliveries.

Puppy Play Time

Puppy Play Time

I now have a permanent space at the Brightwater Commons Flea Market in Randburg and shall be stationed there every Saturday and Sunday.  My stall is a White Elephant for the Animals affair and I sell anything and everything that is donated.

Running for my cover.  Save me from those big bullies

Running for my cover. Save me from those big bullies

Anyone out there finding themselves in the area over a weekend – I would be utterly delighted to meet you.  Anyone who has been storing goodies in their house, such as books, jewelry, ornaments, toys, stationery (truly, anything cluttering up your home) – we would be eternally grateful for the donation of these unwanted items as, the more we sell, the more we can help the shelters.

Play time sure is exhausting!

Play time sure is exhausting!


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75 responses to “Rescue Reveal – ARK Animal Centre

  1. Adorable! Mom looks so sweet. It’s funny how her eyes are closed for all the pictures. 🙂

  2. Ok, I had to laugh about your comments on the phone company! And, what a great organization too. That last picture is adorable.

    • Oh, the pups were just too adorable for words. Silly me, though, hadn’t cleared the memory card and ran out of space. Next time I deliver there, I’ll be prepared and you’ll be bombed with cuteness. Tsk, tsk to the phone companies

  3. Bless all the great friends helping our furry ones. Love the photos. Hope you continue to have phone use. 😉

  4. What a fabulous worthwhile thing to do! My Dad takes all our unused pet food to the local shelter and my mum makes cakes for their coffee mornings so it’s a pity you don’t live nearer or I could send my Dad your way with a red cross Dyson Abbey parcel

  5. Susan, we have things planned in the pipe line.. We have our team 🙂 but there is so much going on at the moment, auctions , raffles, games to raise money, that we thought we would hold back for a while..We are brain storming of great events to do xx00xx

    • You are such a complete and utter sweetheart. I agree entirely. There’s far too much happening out there at the moment. That’s why I haven’t done a push for donations either. Wonder if it’ll ever quieten down? Definitely hoping so. In the mean time, it was great to have a decent fund raising weekend and I’m off again tomorrow and then again on Sunday to raise more. Hopefully it all goes well and I’m soooooo chuffed to have been donated a permanent spot at the flea market. It’s going to start making a big difference. Things are beginning to get exciting and hopeful this side.

  6. Is that a puppy too under this black cute guy at the “play time picture”? Looks funny. I think all phone companies of the world are related to each other :o) Maybe the mom is a celebrity and wants to be incognito?

    • It certainly is a puppy under the black one. Well spotted. It’s actually the one who came running for cover immediately thereafter. The two black pups were quite a bit bigger and were bullying her somewhat. Poor little thing.

  7. Hi!! So nice to hear from you but it’s tough to keep in touch when you don’t have something to keep in touch with! LOL Anyway, great puppy pix – so adorable…..and bless you and your “permanent stall” to have your white elephant sales and get donations for the shelter. You’re wonderful!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

    • The stall is such great fun and it’s like Christmas each time I open up a box donated from someone. You never know what you’ll find. Next time I deliver stuff there, I should get much better photos. Silly me hadn’t cleared the memory card so I ran out of space.

  8. So glad there is a place for pregnant dogs and puppies – some won’t take them. These pups looked well taken care of (some environments don’t allow room to play. socialize, or learn group manners)
    Grateful for your efforts.

  9. Those puppies are soooo cute!

  10. Great post! Love all the beautiful photos you took!! xo

  11. Nice to squeak to you again! Whee has missed you. Those phone companies are silly things. Whee promise to bite their ankles if they are mean to you again.

    Those puppies made our hoomans go “Awwwwwwww” really loudly so whee think they like them.

    Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  12. Super adorable photographs! I want all of them!

  13. oh my … that first puppy stole my heart!

  14. My mommy could look at those cute puppy pictures all day, but then who would feed and walk me? What a wonderful place, and what wonderful work you are doing, too!

  15. Kudos to you Susan for your fund raising abilities. So glad this past one was good for you. Ark sounds like a great place. Who wouldn’t adopt those very cute dogs. Thanks for what you are doing.

  16. Oh well, well done Miss Susan!! Mom follows Ark Animal Centre on Twitter and she totally agrees with you, they are grrreat.

    Ok, we are giving mom a BIG kick in the butt…we have an entire store room full of stuff that needs sorting and donating. As soon as she is done with her next assignment she WILL go and start working through it and will be in contact!!

    Wally & Sammy

  17. Well done, Susan 🙂 What a fantastic place! The pups are adorable and mom is so sweet 🙂

    • There were a fabulous amount of utterly cute pups there. Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my camera, otherwise there’d have been a ton more photographs. Next time I deliver there, it will be cuteness overload in the post. I’ll make sure the memory card is empty and ready for snapping.

  18. What a special woman to do that! Sounds like you are building up a great source of donations – we’d love to see a picture of your stall one of these days.

  19. Cute puppies 🙂 glad you are back xxx

  20. I found it difficult yo read your post. I was completely distracted by the cute puppy and doggie pictures!

  21. Funny how the phone is so essential to us. I love the puppies. So cute. What a great organization.

  22. Such a gorgeous little puppy dog, Susan. If I lived in Jo’burg, I’d definitely come visit you. Good luck with your endeavours. Such a great cause.

  23. Thisis such a great thing! It makes meso happy,people like you are the true heroes!!!!

  24. Awww, Look at the puppies. This looks like a great organization.

  25. Wonderful organisation.
    Hope you don’t get burnout doing the market on both days of the weekends. Even if one is passionate about something, it can be overdone …?

    • Thing is that I have to make this work. I’m on a mission to truly make a difference to these shelters. If I don’t throw myself into it, head long, I’ll end up being able to donate bits and pieces but not make the real difference I am wanting to. The economy means that everyone is holding onto the cash like pro hoarders and monetary donations are barely visible. The flea market is my best bet to get enough in to help the organisations. We’ll have to do a “work during the day, party at night and sleep when I’m dead” exercise until the economy turns around. If I drop of the face of the earth, please check up on me 😀

  26. I wish you success with the market. I do pop over there at times and will make a point of visiting you there when I’m in the area again.

  27. cocoaupnorth

    Oh such lovely post. Bless you for such a sterling job with those adorable puppies. All the best with your stall.

  28. Glad your back and God Bless all who do so much for our furry friends!

  29. I thought I commented – blue eyed puppy! A little strange…

  30. hello long life cats and dogs its dennis the vizsla dog aww sutch kyoot dogs!!! i wish they cud all find gud homes rite away!!! ok bye

  31. I wish I was close enough to donate some stuff 😦 Yay for such am awesome sounding location!

  32. your rescue efforts are totally pawsome…cellular or no cellular…paw hugs, Savannah

  33. Great job!!!! We loved the pics and the collies are giving three loud cheers for your wonderful efforts in helping dogs!

  34. Isabella Rose

    What beautiful little souls. Bless you for your kindness towards them. Blessings from Isabella [ex Lizzie Joy]

  35. Sounds like a wonderful place. Such cuties 🙂 Great job!!

  36. Great work, they must be so happy that you are helping them – a big happy WOOF to you

  37. They sound amazing! The photographs of the puppies are gorgeous.

  38. Im in love with puppies! Since much acuteness and cuddlesomeness!

  39. Such cute puppies! You should link up to Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop even if you don’t feature an animal! Other bloggers link up when they talk about an animal shelter or rescue or anything having to do with adopting. We would love to have you! Just a thought:)

    There is an award waiting for you at

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  40. murphydogs

    Thanks for all you’re doing, and all the work you’re putting into helping and rescuing these guys!

  41. You have award waiting for you on my blog today thurs july 25

  42. Those pups are adorable, and you do an amazing work! It’s really so inspiring and heartwarming :)!! Wishing you all the best!

  43. Could you vote for Phe?!? She is in a contest and if she wins we are donating a portion of it to the animal shelter she was adopted from. Phe would really appreciate it if you would vote for her! If you can help her out go to this link to find out more: Phe really wants to help her doggy and kitty friends at the shelter!!!!

    • Tried to vote for you but can’t if I don’t live in the USA. What a pity, as I’m right here behind you and would have voted like a wild thing if I could have.

      • I’m back to ask you a favor because I know you will help me out if you can! There have been a few bloggers that have said they voted and they don’t live in the U.S. It was a few days after I asked everyone to vote. So I am wondering if maybe they fixed it so non U.S. residents can vote. Could I get you to try again and let me know if you could vote? If so, I will go back around to those that couldn’t vote to begin with! I really appreciate it. Thanks!

  44. Sending best wishes for continued good results. You’re not only doing a good deed for the recipient, but also for the person wanting to get rid of clutter. I love that when you donate you have items for the staff. I think that is a lovely touch.

  45. The puppy time pictures are adorable indeed! What is it about puppies that endear them to us so?


  46. Jim

    Your a wonderful person to do this. It breaks my heart to see so many dogs without loving homes. I don’t understand why people won’t care for their dogs.

  47. Thank you for much for such a lovely article! We really appreciate your support 😀 Please feel free to pop around again and visit our little fur balls…….the shelter has also changed quite a bit since July!! 🙂 xXx

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