This spectacular amuse bouche is being held in honour of the awesome animals who united in a spectacular display of courage and conviction in order to, they believed, rescue a dog in need.  Mollie, the “damsel in distress”, turned out not to be Dapper Doggy’s hostage but was, rather, cavorting around Vegas with the Errant Easy, who’s ransom note had demanded Lobsters? In the words of the The Colonialist “What Mobster wants Lobster?”

Festivities had been planned for the safe return of Mollie but, due to her somewhat less than desirable conduct, the reunion party is now officially a Meandering Mollie Party!

The Guest of Dishonour Honour, Mollie, arrived in South Africa in great style, aboard a yacht and, to the shock of all concerned, was travelling with, not only the always Admirable Alfie but, also, with the Errant Easy, who had been the cause of her fall from grace.

After having managed to cover her skimpy yacht attire and don a more fashionable evening gown, she strode down the red carpet, totting her clutch bag easily in one paw and, briefly, behaving like a true lady.

However, after a few bottles glasses of Bordeaux’s finest wines, the true Blonde Vixen returned.  You tell me – Damsel in Distress or Overly-Vivacious Vixen?

No wonder the Errant Easy was unable to resist her wily ways and left Litchi to lament her loss.

Errant Easy, for his part, arrived with great aplomb, swaggering down the red carpet sporting his finest tuxedo, which we later found out was not un-buttoned due to his desire to appear casually elegant but, rather, due to having over-indulged in ice-cream!  Mollie and Easy continued to flaunt their flirtatious fling, dancing the night away with abandon.  We believe that they make a perfect couple!

Dapper Doggy, being in great favour with Lady Litchi (having bestowed upon her the title of Empress) arrived looking splendid in his cravat.  However, having now conquered the majority of the world, he finds he now requires his blonde wig disguise in order to throw off the paparazzi.

Princess Zena arrived in perfect Royal Style, carrying her crown on her head with the ease of one born into high society and impressing all with her jeweled gown.

A few glasses of delicately sipped wine soon dispelled her inhibitions and she transformed into a most lively Cleopatra, with whom the Dapper Doggy found himself quite taken.  It would appear that love may be in the air.  They do make quite the perfect match!

The world renowned Gallant Guinea Pigs, whose latest line of fashion design was being sported by Lady Litchfield, were looking grand in bow ties, top hats, tie clips and bowlers.  All party attendants were in awe of their finesse and the fabulous team of Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and Basil astounded everyone by offering, to the blogosphere, their talents for any future festivities whom anyone may be attending.

Sagacious Sammy, strode in with the confidence of a world leading Judge, decked out in his finest court robes.  He looked poised and elegant and immediately caught the eye of Shadow (who’s picture we cannot display as she refused to displace her perfect hair with a gown of any nature).  The little Charlatan Shadow would like, however, to convey to Judge Samuel Kimmell, her delight in having met such a handsome cat.

Sammy, for his part, soon forgot his legal background and changed into party gear, with the assistance of the Fab-Four Piggies and became the life and soul of the party, masquerading as Captain America.

Madame Misaki, elegantly draped in beautiful shades of blue, was one of the few who managed to retain her dignity during the festivities.  Empress Litchi was greatly impressed and thoroughly enjoyed her company, although she is wondering what might have happened to her Kong?

Every party has to have one!  The rule breakerRebel Ruby provided the true shock factor for this affair, arriving perfectly naked!  Mollie had quite a time holding onto Easy at this point.  Rebel Ruby, in retrospect, was probably the cause of all the hilarity and general misdemeanors of what turned out to be quite the swinging party!  Thanks for bringing so much fun to all – Rebel Ruby!

And then, the moment Lady Litchfield, Empress of Bordeaux had been waiting for.  The arrival of Jetty the Gentleman!  Jaunty Jet arrived in the style of a true Gentledog, comfortably bearing his bow-tie with dignity and ease.  Lady Litchi was instantly smitten.  Her mysterious, dark haired rescue dog had finally arrived to quell her once aching heart.

At this point, as we are aware of the media desperately seeking out juicy stories, we can reveal little else but, if you look at the true delight and enchantment displayed by Litchi, I think one’s imagination can conjure up the rest!



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  1. I don’t think..I have ever laughed, so much in my life..It’s almost believable, this fantasy world we have created. Shame, my Husband is missing out on so much fun..seeing his hairy daughter dressed up and out wiff an Easy absolutely wonderful..Still laughing..Doggy’s wig, the piggies, Misaki, Zena..all of them fantastic..Great job..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Glad you enjoyed yourself, you vixen you! The blondes always end up having all the fun 😀
      Your cat suit was especially fabulous for the party – especially considering what you got up to. I hope your head doesn’t hurt to much in the morning! 🙂

  2. Crap, I forgot to mention the Hostess..Who looked like the bell of the ball, always a lady ( cough cough! ) xxx

  3. What a pawty Lady Litchie! You really, truly know how to be the perfect hostess – good food, good wine (and plenty of it) – great music, a chance to celebrate good friends all in the elegant atmosphere you provided for us to let it all hang out (so to speak). When the clock strikes midnight (or whenever it strikes) I shall be sad to go back to my mundane little world in Virginia – but I’ll carry memories of this evening forever! 😀 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Why thank you Sammy, you truly are a gentlecat. Shadow will be deeply disappointed when the clock strikes and you have to return. She found your company rather favourable! She especially liked it when you played “dress up games” and paraded around as Captain America! Very dashing indeed! 😀

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  5. What a PAWty, and a great launch for our fashion designing! *tips hat politely and bows*

    As always, it has been a pleasure fair lady! You certainly know how to throw the best ball!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • My Dearest Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and Basil, Litchi is forever in your debt for having designed such fabulous outfits for this gathering. She felt like a true Empress and you really set the tone for the whole party.
      We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and were delighted that you were able to grace us with your presence.
      Your Forever
      Lady Litchfield Love

  6. Thanks so much for visiting our sight. Your party sure looks cool, we especially like the guinea pigs

    urban hounds

  7. Oh my goodness! The fashion! The style! So cute !!!!!

  8. What a fabulous pawty!! And what a fabulous hostess express Litchi is:-)

  9. What a great party and great idea. Though I can see I shall have to pay a small fortune to keep the Cleopatra picture from surfacing at a later date – still it could have been worse!
    I shall never get the image of Vixen Mollie out of my head!!
    I think I’ll have to get The Producer to be a bit more imaginative in future! I should be the centre of attention!!
    And, as for the Piggies – they look wonderful. All guinea pigs should be ordered to wear bow ties and top hats.
    You Lady Litchfield have the power to command these things.
    Thanks for the fun 🙂

    • Princess Zena, you were most certainly a star. I am seeing lots of comments coming through regarding you! 😀 Doggy is definitely quite taken with your beauty and poise.
      I shall start proceedings regarding new rulings for Guinea Pigs to be required to wear top hats and bow ties. I think that is a very important task to be tackled by a new Empress 🙂
      Glad you had fun.
      Have a fabulous Saturday!

  10. I am your new blog pal!!!! So many new friends here. These photo effects are so cool.


  11. What an event! I’m sorry I missed it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. rubytheairedale

    OMD!! That was SOME pawty Lady Litchfield!! Sorry I caused sooo much mischief showin’ up all neekid, but, ya know…..I gotta be ME!!!! BOL
    SO MUCH FUN!! Mollie and the Whole Gang really looked their best, amazin’ job!!
    When’s the next ShinDig???



    pees: can’t promise I’ll wear anythin’ to that one either!!! hehehe

    • I should think we’d all be counting on you to be as outrageous at the next shindig as you were at this one. It was great fun but not sure when the next one will be. I quite possibly didn’t think through the work load when I glibly stated we would be throwing a party. It’s a great case study for “think before you speak” 😀
      The most brilliant part of all is now having made contact with such a fun Airedale! 🙂

  13. the pawty was obviously (VBP) a total, total success…all decked out to the nines…and the piggies were pawsome of course. But I must say, my Champion Jetty was the knock out of the evening! paw pats, Savannah

    • Oh Jetty is going to be so pleased to hear that! He really is such a sweetheart! I hope you join us if we have another shindig sometime (although it will take a while for me to recover from this one now – all heads are sore today 😀 )

  14. What an evening of star-studded high fashion! The Piggies are leading the way in this cat, dog and pig walk of design 🙂

  15. I agree with what Mollie said, we created this little fantasy and had fun with it like kids, although what Mollie did at the party was X rated, she was flashing her 8 boobs to everyone once she was wasted. I feel it for Misaki that kept looking after her but mollie is like Lindsay Lohan, a train wreck. But was it was nice to see everybody having amicable fun.
    The piggies were soooo elegant, they are classy.
    As for Princess and Doggy, she denies that there’s love but I can see it all happening.

    Thanks for the laugh, this was really good.

    • Glad you had fun Doggy and I thought you might be quite taken with Princess Zena. She can deny all she wants – you two look perfect together. She’s definitely got a naughty side under the pomp and ceremony of royalty. 🙂
      Maybe Mollie should be called Lollie Lohan (think you got that one perfectly, flashing all 8 boobs around the place – well I never!) 😀

  16. Thats just gorgeous, I don’t know who is the funniest guy, they all are so great!!!
    …and princess Zena as “Zenopatra”- COOOOOOL!

  17. Absolutely brilliant. Well done all. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. Our Lady loved this but we felt bad for everyone who had to dress up. Have a great day. Hailey and Zaphod

  19. Everyone looks amazing!

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  21. Poor animals. I feel with them.

  22. runningwithellen

    And may I say, from LADY LITCHFIELD LOVE, to REBEL RUBY, I am enchanted!

  23. Whoa! The red carpet, the tiara, the RED LIPS!!! What a babe! I’m smitten! She looks a tad like Mae West. Tell her she can come up and see me sometime…

  24. THAT WAS AWESOME! Do you know if Molly’s black evening gown was especially made for her, or did she buy it off the rack? 😉

  25. Wonderful story and what a happy ending, even if Easy was a cad…lol

  26. Fantastic post and an amazing party!!!! 🙂

  27. Sounds like you all had a pawsome time!!! I hope everyones head’s are ok this morning, and you didn’t have too much bacon beer?!

    • It was a “ball” 😀
      Bacon Beer – now there’s a fantastic idea. Maybe our heads would be feeling better after that, rather than the copious quantities of Bordeaux wine that was consumed. Litchi is still feeling a little bit under the weather. Next time, you really should join us. You could bring some of your bacon beer for everyone to try 🙂

  28. Wow, everybody looks fantastic. When everybody had such a good time as Granny and I have now, then it was a succesful party 😀

  29. Hey Mi’Lady, Jaunty Jetty here. Hi Miss Mistress of Ceremonies Susan.

    Mi’Lady, may I first compliment your post, one of our favorites EVER. We can only imagine the work it required to put together. We appreciate your party planning skills.

    Next, may I say you looked beyond fetching. I, too looked forward to seeing Mi’Lady of S. Africa/Empress.of Bordeaux and I was not disappointed. We shall keep the details between us, as a “Gentleman NEVER tells!”

    Perhaps it was the mixing of the Bordeaux with the Tropical Mojitos in addition to your fabulous hosting efforts that left you worn out… Water and rest will no doubt renew your body, mind and spirit. If absolutely necessary, there is a homeopathic or Chinese medicine thingie called Pill Curing which takes care of over-imbibing matters, should that be necessary.

    Looking forward to our next encounter.

  30. Oh my dear Jaunty Gentleman Jetty,
    You are too kind. I am so glad that you enjoyed the party and that, as a Gentleman, you shall “never tell” 😀
    I definitely think that the mixing of Bordeaux wine and Mojitos was a bad idea. However, having never previously had a party, I was unaware of these devastating effects. I believe that I shall most definitely be taking your advice regarding Pill Curing. It definitely pays to have friends in high place, who know about such things.
    Yours faithfully
    Lady Litchfield Love, Empress of Bordeaux

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  33. Good grief, this is fantastic doggy-stuff! 😉

  34. cocoaupnorth

    Love this!

  35. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is so gorgeous :). You’ve really had me smile :).

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