Pawty Preparations

Lady Litchfield Love of Litchfield, Staffordshire and now Empress of Bordeaux, currently residing in her colony South Africa, hereby wishes to extend her apologies for the lack of substance contained in this post.

Although she prefers that I concentrate on the plight of rescue animals and, wherever possible, to supply our readers with “Happy Tail” follow ups, she has found it necessary to enlist my inadequate talents in assisting her with Party Preparations.

The Meandering Mollie Pawty will be held tomorrow evening and, as such, we find ourselves with a considerable number of tasks at hand.

Task # 1: Create suitable décor for the ambiance of the revelry

Hand Made Decorations – For That Personal Touch

Task # 2:              Review potential suitors

Sizing Up A Rather Rambunctious Red-Head

Tastk # 3:             Consider appropriate attire

This, we are informed, is unsuitable for public display, due to her new Titles.  The paparazzi are everywhere nowadays and she simply cannot risk a scandal at this stage

Plus – she doesn’t have any photo editing software with which to ensure that she is fully clothed at this point (a fact which her mother might well have paid attention to prior to deciding to throw a party in the first place).

Mothers – what a mess!


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39 responses to “Pawty Preparations

  1. Are you coming in your birthday suit Litchi ..Oh sorry, me Lady..bol xx00xx

  2. Whee are going to get Mummy to create a portrait of you and send it over. Nofurry should have nothing to wear. Luckily whee are world reknowned designers!

    Your Furry Godfriends say you will go to the ball!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  3. Should be a pawty to remember M’Lady! I’m sure the piggie design team will whip up some delectable outfit suitable for someone with those various titles you now hold – – – and I am looking forward to an evening to remember!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank heavens for piggies. Litchi was awarded her titles so fast that her fashion sense has not had time to catch up 🙂
      We look forward to seeing you all spruced up for the occasion. Maybe we’ll even find you a lovely lady friend befitting your stature. 😀

  4. If I weren’t so tiny, I’d let you wear one of my dresses – or my tutu. But it would probably barely fit on your head! Naked is fine, though. Lots of the big stars are doing it!!

    Love and licks,

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  6. Can’t wait to see what you wear to the ball, your highness!

  7. rubytheairedale

    I’m so sorry, I didn’t get the message until right now!!!! Is it too late to send you my picture???? I only have pictures of me in my furs, would that be ok?
    Ma is awfully sorry, she was out almost all day today….It is perfectly ok if it is too late, we will just enjoy the PAWTY!!!



    • I think our time differences are the problem. Ive just received this message now. Send a photo if you can. We’d love to have you at the party. If you don’t gert the message in time, though, we fully understand.
      Have wonderful day!

  8. I like the titles, especially the “Empress of Bordeaux”. Enjoy the special day!

    • Why thank you Bassa. Lady Litchfield is particularly pleased with her new title of Empress of Bordeaux (especially with all the good wine in that region). She is saddened that you shall not be joining in the festivities. If you would like to change your mind, there’s still a little bit of time left to get your RSVP in. 😀

  9. I’m all ready, I even had another bath earlier in the week. My jewels are polished and my ‘do not touch’ look perfected. I haven’t eaten for a week, my colonic irrigation is booked for first thing and I have been practising the poses that make me look slim.
    On that note Lady Litchi I am so pleased the piggies are making you an outfit because you should know that even if we think we are in a private venue we are in danger from long range camera lenses and before you know it there will be photos of a topless Lady Litchfield for sale all over Europe by the naughty French.
    Well done Piggies 🙂

    • Oh dear, you are so funny. Colonic irrigation does seem a little bit of a drastic measure but, who knows, maybe it will all be worth it and you can meet your perfect mate. 🙂
      The piggies have been fantastic, getting Litchi her designer outfit. She never thought she’d be in a position where the naughty French would be stalking her from behind long lenses. Oh, the price of fame! 😀

  10. I’m sure all pawty guests will look pawesome!!!…uuuh I’m in trouble … can’t close the buttons of my tux…to much ice cream….

  11. Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    The drawing is exquisite, who is the artist?

    We totally understand party planning. In Mom’s office, the wife of one of her employer’s runs an event planning company. She said you would not believe the seating charts, auction items, gift bags, program preparations, etc… that she seems them working on…

    We look forward to the party,

    PS… is that red head a gentleman? He might be a proper suitor for JJ!

  12. There is a little surprise waiting for you on our blog –

    Consider it an early gift for the party, as no guest should turn up empty pawed!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  13. That is a lovely sketching of a beautiful lady. Have fun at your pawty miss. 🙂

  14. What about Cecile & Antoine, your Royal Highness? Can’t wait to party 😀

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