Recue Reveal – Homeward Bound

So, you’ve been convinced to adopt (remember our Magnificent Moggy and Mutt Mania posts?).  Tell me you do and that I managed to convince you to rush off and rescue an animal in need.  Good!  So, now you’re looking for just the right places to find just the right dog.  Yes, today is about dogs – sorry cats, I love you all dearly but you’ll get your chance.

Cute enough to convince you to adopt - surely!

Cute enough to convince you to adopt – surely!

Right then, dogs it is and Golden Retrievers sound fabulous.  So, if you’re in America, you need to get your derrière over to Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary.  Yes, I know America is a big place but, even if you’re not in Northern California, it’s still worth the drive (of course, it’s not my derrière taking the punishment).  This volunteer organisation rescues and heals displaced, abandoned and homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden / Labrador mixes, no matter their age or health.

OK, just to keep the cats happy, there is a cat in this photo

OK, just to keep the cats happy, there is a cat in this photo

Some of you may already know Homeward Bound through Ogee’s blog Gardens for Goldens.  The author of this blog joined them in November 2011.  With a small army of volunteer gardeners, the restoration of the Memorial Garden, a place designed to serve as a tribute to rescued Goldens was revitalized into a place of peace and remembrance.  Hop over to Gardens for Goldens to see what a fabulous job has been done.

How could anyone resist a Golden?

How could anyone resist a Golden? They can’t even resist themselves!

Please note that all pictures on this post have been maliciously stolen off the above blog site.  I couldn’t leave you without cute, gorgeous, aw moment photos to get the adoption juices flowing.

Don’t forget to hop onto the Homeward Bound website to see how you can help.  Even if you can’t adopt, they have many ways you can make a difference.  They rescue, provide medical care and find loving homes for over 700 dogs each year!  That’s some awesome figures there!

Signing off - it's time to sleep

Signing off – it’s time to sleep

Last request, please also pop over to Savannah’s site, where their “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking” interview is a story from Nylablue, who migrated to wordpress this year and has lost oodles of followers in the process.  It would be wonderful if you could give them your support.


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81 responses to “Recue Reveal – Homeward Bound

  1. What beautiful dogs and what an amazing and successful job they do!

  2. We rescued our two dogs, Nikita (two years ago) and Bella (three months ago) from the Cleveland APL. We are now blessed with two beautiful adopted dogs that we cherish every day. They get along together well and play with each other every day. Adopting a dog is such a wonderful act of kindness and it gives them their “forever home” with lots of love and happiness. Check out our blog at to see the beautiful adopted dogs that bring so much happiness into our home!

    • Just hopped over. So wonderful that you adopted Nikita and oh my, a newbie just 3 months ago – fantastic. So glad to hear they are getting on so well. You have done a great thing, providing them with a loving forever home. Just perfect!

      • Since Bella is still a puppy, the one thing that I am lacking in is…sleep. Those 2:30am and 4:30am pee runs are killing me! LOL What’s funny too, is when I’m outside with the puppy, Nikita is fast asleep on the bed on her back with her feet up in the air! It cracks me up when she sleeps like that!

      • Oh I so get the sleep deprivation. I’ve done the bottle feed from a week old, up every two hours day and night bit. At least it doesn’t last as long as with human babies 😀
        Just love when dogs sleep all paws in the air style. Too cute. At least you get to see it regularly, albeit in the early hours of the morning 🙂

  3. Soooooo happy that you have featured Homeward Bound! Beautiful humans doing beautiful things for beautiful dogs in a beautiful place. Beautiful!

  4. They are so beautiful,it’s hard to believe they are looking forever homes..I hate this world sometimes, well more than I go again so bye 🙂 lol xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. If we did not already have our two dogs (both from our local humane society), I would buzz on down there in a heartbeat. Ours are labs – well, okay, Bailey is lab/border collie, but Shasta is yellow lab – but I also love Goldens.

  6. Lovely dogs. We two are rescues and we salute anyone that helps pets get a second chance. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. wow what a wonderful site – thanks for the link – I can’t help myself…I MUST say it: AWWWWW!

  8. I wish we could have them! I want to adopt them all…. we would have to get a bigger boat though! They are beautiful!

  9. What a great post and so many pointers to so many fab groups/individuals. Courier M is so partial to Goldens 😉 Thanks

  10. Thanks so much for highlighting Homeward Bound and Gardens for Goldens. Totally fine with your photo “borrowing” – anything to bring attention to rescue 🙂 The Goldens have voted: You’re the best!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing Homeward Bound. Goldens are great dogs and make very nice family members. Give them a home.

  12. Aww! Don’t those pics just make you melt! Beautiful photos 🙂

  13. Our 2 dogs are rescued dogs and their provide such joy and happiness in our everyday life we can only support rescuing !
    Their are so many great dogs and cats waiting for forever familly !!

    Thank you for this wonderful post.

    Maïté (Echo & Link’s humom)

  14. Our grand-dog (Barney) is a Golden Retriever. He`s an old boy now but very lovely. We looked after him for the weekend recently – he is huge and has the knack of settling down in our small home just where it is most inconvenient. One good point though, he has enough sense not to get up as you step over him. After he left I think I hovered up enough hair to knit another Barney! They never stop shedding do they? Bless him.

  15. Whee already follow them! If it weren’t for the fact whee are in England whee are pretty sure Mummy would want to rescue them all!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Yip, I’m sure quite a few of you already follow them but they certainly deserved another plug. I’d have the same problem as your Mum if I went and visited them (probably come home with a couple hundred more dogs 😀 )

  16. Goldens are so beautiful. It’s funny though, I’ve had many dogs over the years, all rescued and adopted except for Poppy. None was a golden retriever though I admire them. AND EVERYONE of my dogs took an instant dislike to goldens (including Pops who loves everybody). So strange as I don’t think I send out bad energy when I see them. Wordy comment to say I think these organizations that do breed specific rescues are wonderful. They know the breed and what kind of people do best with them, and so often have good success in placement. Sigh…it would take me a good 6 or 7 days of straight driving to get to California from Pennsylvania. 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely photos.

    Nanina and the Popster

  17. My nexxt rescue, one day, when I have a house that cansupport a big dog of course, will definetly be a golden!

  18. very good post, great information. ANd thank you ever so much for offering links to Nylablue’s blog and to Savannah’s interview with her. She did get several visitors today so hopefully some will start following her and she will feel motivated to start posting more frequently, great team work. peeEss do you think Lady Litchi might have time to complete the interview before Dec 15? It would post on Dec 18. no prob if too busy right now paw pats Savannah

    • Thank Savvy and it was a pleasure putting their link in. We’re all here to help each other.
      Don’t worry, I’ll get the interview done. Just been mild chaos this side with year end stuff and everyone wanting everything before they close up shop for Christmas (this is the long holiday for us here in SA, cause we’re in summer, so people start knocking off from tomorrow and will only be back at work sometime in Jan. Next week should be a bit quieter for me and I can concentrate on it. Thanks for understanding.

  19. You know how much I love your Blog and your personality, with the boundless loves given to animals, you really gain my full respect and salute!

  20. Lovely dogs, lovely pictures and what a appropriate name ‘Homeward bound.’

  21. G Rs are eminently huggable!
    Wouldn’t it be great to have a society with no rescue animals – simply because none of them needed rescuing any more …

  22. Great post……Homeward Bound does wonderful work and I love the name of their organization – it’s purrrrrfect!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  23. Ellie Tam

    aww these dogs and cats are adorable 🙂

  24. Those photographs are lovely. I’ll go and read more about them.

  25. They really are beautiful dogs, I’m partial to labs myself, but a golden/lab mix is the best of both if you ask me.

  26. Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Sabre, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Oh you had Mom with the first picture. We recently met Ogee and love the fact that they’re fixing the garden… how special is that. Did you know that Koko, JJ and I met Mom through Golden Rescue South Florida? Yup, they called me an “honorary” golden and saved my life. 🙂

    Thank you for shining your blog light on wonderful rescues around the world. Speaking for the rescues past and present at Casa Jetty, it means the world to us.

    We encouraged humans to visit Nylablue too… great minds….

    • I do remember that you were rescued by the Golden Rescue group. So wonderful. I was thinking about you when I was writing this blog. I couldn’t be happier that you found such a wonderful, awesome home. Thanks for all your encouragement. It means the world to me.

  27. Homeward Bound sounds like a wonderful organization and the name is great! Goldens are such beautiful and loving dogs!

  28. I love the photographs…they all look wonderful and lovely

  29. Love the pictures. Goldens are such beautiful dogs:) Have a great weekend!

    P.S. We are having an Angry Birds Dog Toys giveaway over at our blog! We think you should enter!

  30. Thank you for such a fantastic post and cause your supporting! We have a golden retriever she is 11 now and has given more to us than we could ever repay.Happy Holidays !

  31. I love, love, LOVE those pictures!

  32. Wonderful pictures! But oh Northern California is way far away….lol.

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