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Recue Reveal – Homeward Bound

So, you’ve been convinced to adopt (remember our Magnificent Moggy and Mutt Mania posts?).  Tell me you do and that I managed to convince you to rush off and rescue an animal in need.  Good!  So, now you’re looking for just the right places to find just the right dog.  Yes, today is about dogs – sorry cats, I love you all dearly but you’ll get your chance.

Cute enough to convince you to adopt - surely!

Cute enough to convince you to adopt – surely!

Right then, dogs it is and Golden Retrievers sound fabulous.  So, if you’re in America, you need to get your derrière over to Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary.  Yes, I know America is a big place but, even if you’re not in Northern California, it’s still worth the drive (of course, it’s not my derrière taking the punishment).  This volunteer organisation rescues and heals displaced, abandoned and homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden / Labrador mixes, no matter their age or health.

OK, just to keep the cats happy, there is a cat in this photo

OK, just to keep the cats happy, there is a cat in this photo

Some of you may already know Homeward Bound through Ogee’s blog Gardens for Goldens.  The author of this blog joined them in November 2011.  With a small army of volunteer gardeners, the restoration of the Memorial Garden, a place designed to serve as a tribute to rescued Goldens was revitalized into a place of peace and remembrance.  Hop over to Gardens for Goldens to see what a fabulous job has been done.

How could anyone resist a Golden?

How could anyone resist a Golden? They can’t even resist themselves!

Please note that all pictures on this post have been maliciously stolen off the above blog site.  I couldn’t leave you without cute, gorgeous, aw moment photos to get the adoption juices flowing.

Don’t forget to hop onto the Homeward Bound website to see how you can help.  Even if you can’t adopt, they have many ways you can make a difference.  They rescue, provide medical care and find loving homes for over 700 dogs each year!  That’s some awesome figures there!

Signing off - it's time to sleep

Signing off – it’s time to sleep

Last request, please also pop over to Savannah’s site, where their “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking” interview is a story from Nylablue, who migrated to wordpress this year and has lost oodles of followers in the process.  It would be wonderful if you could give them your support.


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