Mothers can be so cruel to their babies

Baby Sabre is devastated.  Sammy is throwing an awesome camping party, including forests and beaches and all our bloggy friends.  Mom, being the slightly challenged blonde that she is, didn’t get anything organised in time for Sabre to join in the fun.

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Here he sits, all ready to go but too late to catch the transport.  He has his drinks, his lollies, his beach ball and even organised for the sun to come out (for which, of course, as a responsible baby, he is wearing a protective hat).

How absurd is it, that Mom cannot find photo editing software she can use on her PC but found something on her phone?


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90 responses to “Mothers can be so cruel to their babies

  1. Oh noes, sorry Sabre missed out on the trip:-(
    Next time you could try, you don’t have to download it

  2. Poor Baby Sabre!! Well, I just put in an urgent call to the Feline Bureau of Investigation to see if they could swing by and pick him up and bring him to camp………tell him to stand by… is photo edit software you don’t have to download – it’s super easy – my Mom can even do it (so it has to be easy…hahaha).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Oh poor baby. We hope Sammy picks Sabre up to join in the fun. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Aw poor ickle puddy tittums!
    I wish I could do that sort of editing on ANYTHING! The best I can do is terribly laborious and has smudgy edges.

  5. Terriffic job. Can I come to the party? 🙂

  6. You look so pretty, Sabre. Maybe you can camp in your yard. ……Or nap on the couch…. Or eat a bug……

    Love and licks,

  7. Or poor Sabre…next time call me and I will pick you up for a trip ;o) Maybe you can come to the camp a little bit later? for the great camp fire? That would be great… maybe Sammy can pick you up with his fabulous hang glider?

    • I’m going to figure out this photo stuff if it kills me. Of course, it’s more likely that it kills me than I find out how to cut a figure out of one photo and put it in another. Might not be around for a while, until I figure out how to haunt you all from the other side.

  8. Mommy should of mailed me 🙂 Sammy has given a good software, that even Blondes can do..Bawahhaaaaaa Can’t you email the photo to Sammy xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Mommy would probably have mailed out for instant assistance if it weren’t that things have been a little, tiny bit on the “not so easy” side here. Didn’t get posts out, barely read any posts and, basically, fell of the blogging bandwagon for a week. Anyway, not to worry, Sammy is trying to make a plan – sweet chappie that he is. Still don’t quite believe that there’s any software out there simply enough for this Mom 😀

  9. Poor Sabre. My Mamma didn’t get anything done for me either!

    Oink oink,
    Coccolino the mini pig

  10. I bet if Indiana Jones sees that hat, he will want to take you on a camping adventure. 🙂

  11. Perhaps Sabre’s friends will come and play with him instead, since he’s got such a lovely spread? lol xoxoM

  12. I have no doubt that Sabre’s mom will plan an equally exciting adventure for him in the very near future!

  13. But, you look so cute anyway. Try or for editing.

  14. What fun! is another simple (mostly) free online site for photo editing. Enjoy!

  15. Don’t feel bad, Sabre. My Mom didn’t do anything either. 😦

    Methinks you’re going to have a fun beach party all of your own!!

  16. catfromhell

    Sabre, Just wish really hard and yous will be there!

  17. Leo

    Sabre look quite happy in your phone. I also seem to have more apps on my phone than on the computer.

  18. Oh Sabre, have comfort in knowin’ you are not alone in the position of havin’ a Moms that is completely usless at times!! And she’s not even blonde!! At least your Moms can use that as an excuse, my Ma just has to accept that she’s a dunce!
    Anyhu, I thinks your pic looks great!! See, your Moms did come through in the end!
    Happy St. Paddy’s day!
    Eirinn go Brach!

  19. Oh dear! Poor Sabre!! How could you do that to him 😉 😀 Poor little thing 😉

  20. hello sabre its dennis the vizsla dog hay do not wurry the beetch is overrayted!!! for wun thing their is water their and for another thing their ar waves their and both things ar kwite skarry!!! ok bye

  21. hi sabre, this is lizzy, service dog for my combat yid, dont worry, next time your mom will find a photo editing software on he pc, and you look great by the way.

  22. Well, hope you have fun at home, you have all the stuff you need there. I did drop in on Sammy’s campsite…it did look pretty fun.

  23. He really looks cute with all his bracket party things 🙂

  24. What a mean Mum you are! Very relieved to hear from Sammy that a jet was sent to pick Sabre up – all was not lost in the end 😀

  25. Roly

    Try piZap, iPiccy, photobucket or pixler —– from easy to complex.

  26. Awwww he’s so darn cute! Whee use PicsArt app on our Mummy’s phone for all our edit pigtures and it works for us.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  27. Love it! Looks like Sabre is having his own party!

  28. I am so happy Baby Sabre got to go on the camping trip!!!!

  29. This is so cute! I would have no idea how to do that kind of photo editing!

  30. ha ha…funny and cute all wrapped up in one place! 😀

  31. Great picture and beach party. Have a great day.

  32. Look look look, Sabre, the party came to you and you lucky kittykat you get all the toys and goodies to yourfuryness self. Lucky you. Max & Bella wag wag

    • Too true and, as it turns out, not only did he get to have his own little party but Sammy organised for the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigations) jet to come fetch him so he could join in the last bit of the party. All in all, he did better than expected.

  33. If it helps our mum never gave it enough time either …. wish she did not work all the time lately meowwwww

  34. Poor Sabre, I’m always late to the party too. 🙂

    • It was until Sammy organised the FBI jet to come fetch him. Glad Sabre could end up joining you guys. Now Mom just needs to get a few remaining brain cells working on photo editing, so he doesn’t have to miss out again.

  35. So cute…Oh Sabre…you are priceless…I am glad you got to go camping in the end!!!! Theose FBI kitties are the best.
    Sherri-Ellen xo

  36. Aww, she’s so cute. I’m glad she finally could go to camp.. who could say no to her anyway 😉

  37. aaww…poor Sabre 😦 looking all cute like that and no party to show off his cuteness

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