The Awesome Blogroll List! Competition Winners Unite!

THERE IS NO REASON FOR THIS PHOTO – I just know you like to look at pictures! This is Ashley, a previous bottle-feeder foster kittie

I know I’m mad.  The voices in my head tell me so.  Being a nutter, I pinched Le Clown’s idea and ran a mini-blogroll contest of my own.  This was a positively preposterous idea – leading to untold hours of complete confusion on my part.

The entries were easy enough!  The creation of an ordered blogroll list was, on the other hand, absurd!  WordPress could, of course, have kindly allowed me to simply “drag” the blogroll widget across and edit the entries from there.  But no!  Why would they make my life easy?  Instead, I was inflicted with the admin (my downfall) task of creating individual links, under categories that, for reason unknown to myself, only allow 20 at a time, for each and every blog.

I trust you are thoroughly impressed and utterly delighted to be featured, as my once fabulous but now imploding electrical brain circuits have officially revolted (no, they are not “revolting”, they are staging a “revolt”) and I can no longer process enough data to make a simple cup of coffee.

So, to avoid any further brain-freeze, I shall move swiftly onto the list of Mini-Blogroll Contest Winners, who are now listed under Awesome Blogroll – Competition Winners!  These utterly superb sites, that helped keep me in Le Clown’s competition, are as follows:

Mollie & Alfie

Doggy’s Style

Madame Weebles


Easy Weimaraner

Molly the Wally

Texas a cat in New York

Birding Zimbabwe

Henriettas Hippo

Serenity Spell

Oh Melvin

Granny 1947

The Misadventures of Misaki

My Small Still Voice


The Emes

Angels Whisper

Comedy in Crisis

Animal Couriers

The Misadventures of Misaki

I wish I could say that was it but, no, I simply couldn’t leave off people who have contributed to the success of this site and, therefore, made a valuable difference to the plight of Rescue Animals.

An additional, labour intensive blogroll has been created in honour of the Comment Contributors for the month of September.  DBS (Dead Brain Syndrome) prevented my going back further.  Check out the Blogroll – Comment Contributors list for additional terrific sites.

WWRAG (World Wide Rescue Animals Group) would like to inform all readers that this “Blogroll – Comment Contributors” list is not static.  You too can gain fame (although, probably, not fortune) and appear on this list, simply by contributing to the valuable comments.

Go on – comment for the critters!



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78 responses to “The Awesome Blogroll List! Competition Winners Unite!

  1. Congratulations to all who made the lists (and God bless you for even taking it on).. Hmmmm. I wonder if it will cause a problem that Mollie’s name is ABOVE Doggie’s, as if she’s bigger and better and more important. Just sayin’….. 🙂

    Love and licks,

  2. Yeah..I’mz at the top..:) Youz waz barkin mad…but itz such fun 🙂 When we start these things..we don’t always time consuming they are going to xx00xxx

  3. Pit

    Aren’t these little kitties always sooooooooooo adorable? Thanks for sharing the pictures. We like our Sister Fidelma [] a lot.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  4. Oh, I’m so excited to have made your list!!! Thank you so much! And those kitten pictures are SO adorable that if I was near her I would sacrifice several days of breathing (severe cat allergy) for the opportunity to snuggle with her!! again…. many thanks 🙂

    • Well deserved and you earned it with hard slogging through comments on the “mayhem” blog. 🙂 No need to worry about sacrificing breathing, as that kitty was one I bottle-fed, fostered and then found a really good home for. Please, I beg of you, keep breathing 🙂

  5. Oh Dog! That’s way too much work for me! I am duly impressed.

  6. We want more pics for no reason like these ones!
    You’ve been added to my blogroll too =^.^=

  7. Baby Ashley is BEYOND adorable! We (that’s the royal WE because I have to include my Mom) are thrilled to be showing up on your comment contributor list – I plan to ALWAYS be on your comment contributor list because (drum roll please) I will ALWAYS be commenting on your blog!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and Mom)

  8. I think the widget for the blogroll isn’t a widget, it is WITCHED – despite of all my moms courses we couldn’t get more than 50 blogs on the roll and we have no idea, how we could do this (otherwise we can still be happy, for all this courses she even could get killed by a lightning)… Thanks for the role on your roll… hope to see/hear much more of Baby Asley :o)))

  9. We are astounded by your hard work – and your brain didn’t melt! We have no idea how we managed to get on the list but are very appreciative! One of these days we’ll get round to creating a bogroll but the more we hear about it the more we put it off 😉

    • Thanks but I promise you, the brain is now officially melted! The standard wordpress blogroll only allows for max 50 entries, which it randomly chooses. You have no say who is on there or not?! Tried looking up every help section I could think of but, that’s the end of it. It means that people who rarely visit or contribute can land up on the list whilst other active readers get left off? Where’s the sense in that? Anyway, managed to find a way around it – although mildly mind boggling 🙂

  10. You’ve been busy – feel exhausted just reading your list!

  11. I love your blog and what you stand for

  12. Congrats to all, and wow, Ashley’s eyes are just…wow. It’s all about more cat/kitten pics 🙂

  13. Thanks for including me, Susan. Yay! Nice to be in such good company…and LOVE the kitty! xoxoM

    • It’s our pleasure entirely! Love having you on the list. Apologies for late reply but been without electricity since yesterday. Back on track now though 🙂

      • No electricity. What happened? There as a tornado in Queens and Brooklyn (we live in Manhattan) and electricity was out there. My mother kept calling me to make sure we weren’t affected. We weren’t. And the weather has, thankfully, cooled off! 😉

      • Glad to hear the weather is starting to behave now. I must admit that I do feel lucky to live in a city with mild and beautiful weather and no hurricanes, tornadoes or any other of mother nature’s nasties. Our electricity, well, let’s see – that would be simply our delightful electricity supplier – oh the joys of Africa!

  14. Well done everyone we hope we make some of your blog lists 🙂

  15. Shew I am tired for you 🙂 That is a whole lot of work you put in to this post and thank you for the mention in comment contributors!

    Ashley is very adorable 🙂

  16. Awww! I am utterly and totally in love with baby Ashley! It was sooooo thoughtful of you, despite your frazzled brain cells to manage to function well enough to add them in ! The voices in your head will tell you how to make a cup of coffee btw…so long as you can unravel the instructions from the other bouts of utter maddness you may feel are afflicting your awesome self at any given moment!! 🙂 Good luck!!

    • You wolves are just hilarious 🙂 It appears that I have, indeed, afflicted myself with more “bouts of utter madness” as I know have to update the “comment contributors” list with all the new ones. To add to my wows, our beloved electricity department didn’t feel it necessary for us to have such modern conveniences yesterday or today, so now I’m having to play “catch-up” once again. Welcome to Sunny South Africa! 🙂

  17. Hey Litchi, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Congrats, congrats, we know many of the winners and they are fabulous! Miss Susan, we did help too, remember, Mom persevering until she figured out Le Clown’s maddening system?… so please put our paws in the note wishing the shelter well, ok?

    • Oh dear – my brain freeze obviously set in earlier than expected. How bad of me to miss you out. Then again, I think I did put you in but it restricts me to 20 – goodness, wordpress might just be the death of my brain cells. Fear not, we’ll get you on, by hook or by crook (probably crook) and make up for the insane error!! I’m sure, being the sweetest dog on the planet, that you’ll forgive me – pleeeaaase!! 🙂

    • Wait – just scrolled up to check – you are on the Awesome Blogroll list – I didn’t think I’d be silly enough to forget you, of all dogs! I can see you on my screen but, if you can’t see yourself, let me know and I’ll investigate.

      Uh oh, wait again – now I see the problem. You are, in fact, on the awesome blogroll list but, like a complete ningcumpoop (have no idea how to spell that) I didn’t put your name into the actual blog. This will be rectified or you may feel free to take me to court – I’m well versed in that now. Then again, considering your legal and detective skills – I take that back. Rather I just make sure you get your very, very special mention 🙂

  18. Have no idea how you managed to sort that out. The Producer and I take our hats off to you (well we would if we wore them). Amazing work and a great blogroll of greats 🙂

  19. Roly

    Click on the widget to open it then change the number to view to 80. Should work. 🙂

    • Hmmm- “should” and “do” are such entirely different words! 🙂 I had tried that but it would only allow me to change it to 50 max. Anyway, even if it did allow more, you can’t edit who’s listed or not and that doesn’t seem entirely fair. I want the blogs I particularly like to be on the list – not just anybody!

      To add to my issues, Eskom rather sweetly decided we didn’t need electricity yesterday or most of today – very kind of them. I understand that pizza’s by candlelight might be romantic but they hammered me right out of my favourite addiction – blogging! At the same time, you dear, sweet Capetonians decided to send us your miserable cold and wet weather (thanks!) so it was dark and cold. You’ve got the mountain and the sea, it’s only fair that you have to keep the nasty weather to make up for it 🙂

  20. Great job! Looks like a lot of work.

  21. Congratulations on everyone ont he list!! 😀

  22. Well done, Susan!! *clap-clap*
    Baby Ashley just melted my heart…awww, soooo cute! 😉

  23. How fun! Congrats to all the winners! Hopefully I can get on your awesome blogroll list someday! * Fingers crossed! *

    • Well, you are on the “comment contributors blogroll” and you definitely are awesome. I’ll have to think up a new competition to add to the “awesome competition winners blogroll” – just as soon as the electrical circuits in my brain mend themselves. 🙂

  24. Love that we made the list!!! Thank you! Loving the adorable blog face also!

  25. I struggle with the technical issues myself so I can say with all sincerity, I feel your pain! I did this weekend however figure out how to add the ‘share on your social network’ icons.

    I’m still working on follow me on twitter and facebook though. 🙂

    Way to go, take that technology!

    • Well done! I’m always impressed when anyone gets these things right! All quite mind boggling but I’ll assume that, in the long run, that burning smell coming from my brain is actually a good thing!? 🙂

      I’ve not done anything with twitter (ever) so have no idea with that but with facebook you actually have to link back from the facebook side (if I remember correctly). I think I got it right purely by mistake and hitting lots of buttons. Not messing with it now for fear I’ll never know what I did in the first place 🙂

  26. I’m pleased to be on your list – thank you!

  27. Was I in a contest? Thanks for the place on your list and congratulations for all the others on it. Baby Ashley is so cute, maybe you have more pics of her to show us, no reason why I ask 😉

  28. 🙂 Yes you were, without even knowing it. How cool is that! Winning something you didn’t even know you entered! You helped me out with the blogroll contest so you are officially deemed special.
    Ashley was only with me for a few weeks whilst I bottle fed her and helped her grow to an age she could get adopted. During that time, most of life was taken up with mixing formula, sterilizing bottles, feeding the babies and then starting the whole process off again. I must admit that I didn’t get many photos during that time. Real pity – miss having more now.

  29. I am a sucker for kittens, which they very soon learn and exploit …

  30. Oh I made a list. Thanks! 🙂 You are right about making a blogroll on WordPress. Something I am very far behind doing is updating my blogroll. It takes too much time and I just have not had it this summer. I hope to get to it now that hunt test season is about over.

    That first picture of the kitty is adorable. I did not realize that you had foster kitties that you bottle fed. My Nestle was a bottle fed kitty but I got her when she was about 1 1/2 years old.

    • Of course you made the list! 🙂 Yip, I’m forever getting in orphaned puppies and kittens that still need bottle feeding before they can be homed. Tons of work but love doing it. My last one in was a one week old puppy (eyes still closed and everything). She’s got a fabulous home now and I get to see her regularly, which is fantastic!

      The blogroll bit is harder than hand raising orphans, I swear! If I’d known what I was getting myself into, I might have left my site without one 😀

  31. oh ashley, you are such a cutie!

  32. Congratulations – lovely little kittie pics.

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