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Rescue Reveal – Animal Ambulance

Happy Little Bubbles!

At a visit to a local Flea Market  the other day, I was lucky enough to meet up with some of the utterly fabulous people from Animal Ambulance.  At their stall, they had with them one of their long term resident dogs – Bubbles.

BUBBLES – so soft, so sweet, so gentle. Oh, the temptation to rush back and get her!

Oh my, what a cutie-pie Bubbles is.  I would have taken her that minute if I had space for another animal.  She has been there for about a year now, still awaiting a suitable “forever” home.  She is just the sweetest, gentlest character you could possibly imagine and I fell instantly in love with her.  I’m such a complete softy!

BUBBLES – the cutie pie!

I shall be doing a visit to Animal Ambulance as soon as possible and simply cannot wait for the opportunity.  They are based in Pretoria, South Africa and rescue abused and sick animals.  They are a Pro-Life organisation and treat all the animals as part of their family.  Animals are not left outside or in cages/kennels.  The animals get to experience a true “home” feeling, roaming the property and sleeping indoors (well, maybe not the donkeys but certainly the cats and dogs).

BUBBLES – the sweetest, friendliest little face!

Animal Ambulance is a 24 hour emergency centre for the abused, sick and, whenever possible, those animals on death row at other shelters.  The people I met are warm and friendly and clearly adore animals.  Their very first response to me was “come through and visit us, you’ll love it and immediately know what we are all about”.  Any organisation that keen to have you visit is clearly doing a great job.

Look at my tail go. I just want loves and cuddles.

As with all Pro-Life Shelters, the more animals they can adopt out, the more they can take in and help.  Anybody looking for a real little cuddle-bunny should seriously consider Bubbles, or visit Animal Ambulance to choose from hundreds more.


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