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Vote for Pixels and Save Lives!

Finally, a COMPETITION, here in South Africa, that I can actually enter and WIN.  But I need your help.

Based on your votes, I have entered 2 photographs of Pixels for CUTEST KITTEN.

Standard issue Cute

Standard issue Cute

Funnier version of Cute

Funnier version of Cute



Cute she may be but she’s up against entries that already have over 800 votes.  She’s starting this race late and needs to charge forth at speed.

You can vote for both photos but, only once each.  Then again, if any of you have multiple email addresses, you could manage a few more (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that).

The links for each photo are: Photo Number 4 and Photo Number 6

These links take you directly to Pixels’ Pics (can’t have you being distracted by all the other cute kittens).

Anybody managing to rustle up some extra votes through friends or family will be helping to SAVE KITTENS LIVES!  If Pixels wins, she has agreed to donate her food to needy Shelters who are currently overrun with kittens.

If the above links can’t be sent to others, then they can go onto the website at http://www.royalcanin.co.za and hop onto the competition page that way.

The kittens of South Africa say “Thank You”


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