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Mary needs a new home

To any of my UK readers, please help handsome Basil to find beautiful Mary a new forever home.

PS – don’t forget to vote for Pixels. Just click on the link below, enter your email address, rate the photograph as 5 stars and Send. Easy as that!

Pixels is attempting to win the Cutest Kitten competition so that she can donate the prize (1 years worth of kitten food) to needy shelters. Each time she gets to 1st place, the other kitty goes and rounds up more votes. It’s a war, I tell you and we’re fighting for the lives of the shelter kittens (no pressure then, just a bunch of starving kittens if she doesn’t win. Not that I want you to feel guilty or anything. Gosh, that would be terrible!)

Basil's Blog

Anipals, followers, friends I need your help.

This is the very lovely Mary that was discovered by the side of the road by our MD’s wife. Aged only 4 – 5 months old she was heavily pregnant and had clearly not been fed in a very long time. Being a company full of animal lovers we went to the rescue and are now happy to report that Mary is well on the road to recovery at Bishopton Vets and enjoying her Harringtons Cat food dinner which we have supplied. Read the full of story of Mary’s rescue here

As with Monty the vets are brilliant, and have taken care at her at their own expense and are now looking after her until she can get a place at our local rescue (which currently has a 4 month waiting list) or ideally find her forever home.

Therefore I plea with you…

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Rescue Reveal – Kitty & Puppy Haven

The wonderful children at St David’s Marist School organised a box of food and some blankets for donation.  Bless them!  I took this lot to Kitty & Puppy Haven, a Pro-Life Animal Shelter.  

Looking for a new Lap Warmer?

What a wonderful bunch but good golly, what a difficult time they are going through.

Kitty and Puppy Haven help approximately 3000 animals annually.  Not only do they rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs and cats but they also run a desperately needed Community Veterinary Clinic for the disadvantaged community close to them.  However, bureaucracy has a way of making “doing good” rather taxing. 

Is there a hole in your life

“After 6 years of applications regarding the re-zoning on their property, they were … provided with permission to run the community clinic.  However, recently the court advised that the agreement was null and void due to technicalities.”

They were given a month to either euthanize the 200 animals they had in their care, or find alternative premises.  I am pleased to say that they managed the later, although not without substantial costs and logistical nightmares.

A "Friend with Benefits" - how funny and cute is this?

A “Friend with Benefits” – how funny is this?

“The impact of this ruling affects far more than just the animals at the sanctuary.  All Alex residents who make use of the community clinic will no longer have access to the services of the Kitty and Pupy Haven vet….Over the past 12 years approximately 11000 animals have been helped by Kitty and Puppy Haven”.

Community Veterinary Clinic

I take my hat off to Samantha Berger, founder of the centre, for remaining positive and optimistic during this trying time.

You can hop over to their Website  or visit the Facebook site.

Above quotes and pictures are from Kitty & Puppy Haven’s website.

I took these the day I visited:

I may be just a pup but I have a very responsible job, watching over the office staff

I may be just a pup but I have a very responsible job, watching over the office staff

Oh yes, this is the life!

Oh yes, this is the life!

PS – please note that, despite the red tape, Long Life has finally been officially registered as a Non Profit Company.  The goal is to help shelters precisely like this one.  If you feel so inclined, please re-visit the updated How Can I Help and Donations pages.  Every tiny bit helps!


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When I put out my call for help with Jangles (my missing cat), I was simply astounded by the help and reaction of my wonderful fellow bloggers. How could I then not help others going through the same ordeal. Dixie has been missing since December 2, 2012 from Reidsville, Georgia. I know I have readers all over the world and I pray that someone, somewhere, may have news for Dixie’s parents.

Collies Of The Meadow

Recent news had  a collie found in Georgia but when trying to contact the phone # it was not the right one and the email address did not answer which makes us wonder.   So, once again we are still looking for Dixie.  Each time I post we get leads but each time they have ended up a dead end.  But, we keep looking and trying.  I know someone just recently found a dog they had lost ten years earlier.  So, we can’t give up hope yet, however, I am saddened we havent found her yet.

For all those who have looked and helped a huge thank you but dont give up yet.. she may still be out there….

Several leads have occurred but nothing is known about Dixie as of yet.  It is time for a huge appeal to the only power I know that knows exactly where she is…

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A worthy Reblog for a worthy cause.


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As everything I do is to encourage people to adopt or support shelter animals, there really couldn’t have been a better reblog option than this. You must, must, must see it! You truly will be amazed

Learning from Dogs

With thanks to Martin Lack for forwarding this item.

As reported on the BBC,

5 December 2012

A charity in New Zealand is teaching rescued dogs how to drive a car.

The canine driving school is aimed at proving how intelligent the animals can be.

Monty the giant schnauzer is among the novice drivers who have learned to control the brakes, gears and steering wheel.

Bill Hayton reports.

Prepare to be amazed!

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We would dearly like to do a post today – especially a Mischief one.  However, as you can see, Litchi is in no state to do anything!

After Party Hangover (2 days later, I might add!)

Zero Zeal!

Apparently, my internet connection feels the same way.  It has taken approximately 10 attempts, thus far, to post this.  My apologies, therefore, to all whose posts I have not manage to read.  Don’t blame me – blame the party!  It seems to have affected all telecommunications throughout Litchi’s colony, South Africa.

To all South African’s battling with networks – Litchi would say “sorry”, if she were awake!


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When is a Hostage Situation a Dinner Date?

Well, the saga continues.  Doggy and his army of Orcs and Elephants, joined his Sniper Dogs at Mollie’s place and, with such a fearsome crowd behind him, easily captured her.

Doggy – with full blown army!

He says he has not taken her hostage and supplied the following photograph as proof that she is being treated humanely dogely.  However, having muttered something about her “not being able to leave the castle”, I fear that “free will” is most certainly being compromised.

Mollie, in Sir Doggy’s castle, doing her Cleopatra / Molliepatra impersonation

In an attempt to make us believe that she is not, in fact, a hostage, Doggy tells us that he is taken her out for dinner!  So, the question is:

“Is a Dinner Date a Hostage Situation?” 

Reporters from Hutch Hurround the World News are surrounding the “castle” but, as none of us have been able to gain access, it is proving to be a somewhat daunting task to ascertain the exact nature of Doggy’s intentionsYou know how Boy Dogs can be!

To assist us, Lady Litchfield has requested the services of Jetty the Gentleman.  Litchi had originally approached Jetty for “Hostage Negotiation”, however, as we can ascertain neither Doggy’s, nor Mollie’s intentions, we are weary to jump to conclusions.  Jetty the Gentleman is well versed in such situations, having received his Investigator Certification from the Scooby Doo Academy.

These qualifications, together with the fact that Jet is a most fabulous example of a Rescue Dog, make him the perfect go-to-guy at this point.

Stay tuned for updates, as and when we receive them.


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Oh, alright then, it’s really a Paw it Forward – approved by:

SHADOW – The mischievous ballerina

And SABRE – Mr Big Ears (he’s the boss of everyone here, so I had to get his approval)

I’m joining Adventures of a Dog Mom in a great idea, a pay it forward giveaway!

The first three people to comment on this post will receive a gift, a little something from me.

Here’s the fine print:

  • Within a year, I’ll create something unique to share with the first three people to comment on this post.
  • But, in order to receive your prezzie you have to play along.  So spread the love on your own blog, promising to send a little special something to the first three people who comment on your post.
  • You get 72 hours to re-post, or I’ll have to move on to the next person.  Don’t be a slacker!

Join the fun and comment below!  Remember, if you’re not willing to pay it forward to others, don’t participate.

Isn’t it fun to get prezzies in the mail instead of bills?  Emily you share the best ideas!


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How to make LOTS OF BUCKS – Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

WARNING: The photographs in this post are awful.  I refuse, adamantly, to take any responsibility for this.  Babies have their very own agenda and timing.  No telling when they’ll decide to grace our earth with their presence.  At the time of their arrival, the only thing handy was a prehistoric relic of a phone and we were desperately trying to keep our distance, so as not to disturb Mum or baby.


However, there was a distinct interest shown in seeing these buck as small as humanly (sorry, buckedly) possible, so I’ve included the initial “make the professionals cringe” material, in the hope that you get some of the experience.

WARNING TWO: The audio contains slight swearing.  Once again, I deny all responsibility (I’m getting good at this).  Men, apparently, have no natural paternal instinct and, being the tough-guy Starbuck thought himself, he was somewhat over-excitable and kept knocking over the poor, wobbly-legged thing.

UPDATE TO ABOVE WARNING: No warning required.  I find I have no idea how to attach the video.


Alright then, as all the clever people that read my previous post now know, we are doing a time-warp.  If you failed to, fear not, I am not calling you stupid, but it might make a whole lot more sense if you popped back there for the update.


Both girls had a baby each but not, as I may mislead you to believe, at the same time.  However, I need to turn the “time-warp” into a “sound barrier speed-warp” for fear that I’ll spend the next 365 days posting about buck and neglecting the current animals.


The babies were healthy and happy and played together like real little cousins, learning how to head-butt and pronk like real little stars.



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Litchi’s Story Continued

My mother has always called me “special”.  I’m sure you’ll all know the cutie pie voice only a mother can muster, as she says, full of pride “hello, my special child”.  I know she means this in the nicest possible way but, in my life’s quest to drive her insane (I firmly believe this to be the mission handed to each child born to this world) I have chosen to take this as her belief that I am the one member of her off-spring who most requires “special needs” attention.  The “insanity quest”, I must say, is going spectacularly well and I have a great sense of accomplishment in this regard.

Deviating slightly from my current musings, my scaredy cat, for reasons known only to her, decided to venture downstairs, in the full knowledge of Litchi’s presence there.  The dog went mad, the cat is now stuck up a tree and my desire to tell cute and adorable stories about Litchi have temporarily waned.  Both my other cats have learnt to simply ignore the dogs’ antics and she, in turn, has decided that she rather loves them (even if that involves being stalked from behind furniture and mercilessly pounced on the back for a quick doggie ride by my tabby).  Jangles, the thoroughly beautiful calico/tortoise shell scaredy cat has, however, never been able to grasp this concept and remains, forever it would seem, terrified of Litchi.  For her part, Litchi has always been terrified of cats.  I have watch, numerous times, my dog being chased down my parents’ garden by Max, the neighbours’ cat.  The blur of a black, somewhat tough looking, Staffie cross, running at full tilt with a cat in hot pursuit, remains one of my more sole destroying, embarrassing memories.  I swear, if the dog knew how to climb a tree, she would have been sitting up there, quivering in terror and the site of a cat.  How mortifying.  There goes all concepts of a tough, out-of-Africa, Jock of the Bushveld, type dog!  I have tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to Jangles, that one quick swipe across the nose would have the dog running for cover at each sighting of her.  But, alas, I fear I have failed and so continues the life-long bonding between cat and tree.

Alright then, after my slight digression whilst my place turned into a combination between a zoo and a train station, the cat is back down from the tree, the dog has calmed down to a more likely version of man’s best friend and I can explain why I started this blog with stories of driving my mother mad.  I was simply giving some background as to why, in my previous post, I referred to Litchi as my “special” child.  I use this terminology, most frequently in front of my long suffering Mum, to cement the concept in her mind.  The truth, however, is that Litchi really does have some special needs and, like any parent with a child who’s start to life was not as easy as others, I feel overwhelming pride for each small achievement that she makes.  And now, to avoid the temptation to make this blog too long to read, I’ll leave the Litchi updates for the next blog.  Stay tuned for more!

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