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A Royal Pardon!

Lady Litchfield Love of Litchfield, Staffordshire, hereby extends to Jet the Fabulous, of Hey It’s Jet Here, a Royal Pardon for her misconduct with regards to the Mini-Blogroll Competition post.

Lady Litchfield Love

My Dear Jetty, although Litchi (Lady Litchfield) had managed to capture you on her Awesome Blogroll Competition Winners list, she had, due to extreme brain-wave decline, neglected to add you to the List Of Winners in her post.  Being of Royal decent, she finds herself unable to hang her head in shame, finding that her upbringing within the Stiff Upper Lip society, has bred this out of her.  However, if she were able to, she most certainly would.

As compensation for her blunder, she offers to you, a post dedicated to Your Royal Fabulousness.  She trusts that your forgiveness will be forthcoming, as she is particularly aware of the eye-crossing, mind-boggling efforts you went to in order to assist her in the Le Clown blogroll contest.

Jet The Fabulous, you are held in the highest regard by this dynasty and your magnificence is awe-inspiring.  Litchi and the Rescue Animals of the world unite in their admiration of you.

Your faithfully

Lady Litchfield Love

Litchi’s Royal Pardon


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