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The Sleep of Shame!

We are doing the walk of shame here, although, as you can see, in Sabre’s case, it’s really a sleep of shame.

Sabre Covers His Face In Shame!

Sabre Covers His Face In Shame!

The last couple of weeks have been beyond hectic and posts, reading, comments and replies have taken a nasty knock.

We do, however, wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   If we were any good at photo editing, you’d now be seeing a very appropriate picture.  However, being us, we’ll simply have to use the fabulous picture of Litchi, who our dear friends Mollie & Alfie made for us (thanks guys – you are always awesome).

Litchi's Awesome Christmas Outfit

Litchi’s Awesome Christmas Outfit

Now we are off for our annual Summer Holiday by the Sea.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere, may you enjoy a sparkling white Christmas whilst Lady Litchfield romps on the beach.

As I will only be on line via a  mobile phone, I fear that catching up with everyone is going to have to wait till the New Year.  We promise to be better behaved then!


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