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What’s a DOG?!

Right Pixels, it’s time to meet The Dog

NO !!!

NO !!!

Really Pixels, don’t pull tongues, it’s not lady like.  Just come on out and meet her.

I said NO !!!

I said NO !!!

Oh Pixels, it’s just Litchi – she’s a sweetie.

But I'm feeling a bit shy

But I’m feeling a bit shy

Go on, do it for Mommy

Alright then, where is she?

Alright then, where is she?

OK, I'm coming out now

OK, I’m coming out now

Hello Litchi

Hello Litchi

So, that's a DOG

So, that’s a DOG

Can I give you a kiss, then?

Can I give you a kiss, then?

Ah, my Litchi Love, you are such a good girl!

Alright, that was fun but can I please go back to sleep now?

Alright, that was fun but can I please go back to sleep now?

Excuse the blurs but phone cameras are not great at movement shots.  As for the rest, I must say I’m quite pleased with my phone!







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Pixels! Or is it?

Help!  I need a name

Help! I need a name

It’s Sunday, late afternoon (fine, you’re right, it’s not Sunday.  It’s quite obviously Tuesday but give me a break here, we’re pretending we are still on Sunday). 

I’m about to leave the house to go on my Jangles search expedition when the call comes in.  There’s a 6-week old kitten at the vet, having been hit by a car (she’s alright but scared and needs a home).  Would I take it?

Do these guys know I’m a sucker or what!?

Oh she'll fall for me - yes indeed!

Oh she’ll fall for me – yes indeed!

Yes, I am a pathetic sap but my priority is Jangles.  I will not give her a home but I will foster her and find her a home (falling for that?  No?  Didn’t think so).  BC (Basket Case hubby) reacts as usual.  The eyes roll in exasperation.  The sigh is heavy.  We’re too busy.  We’ve got too many animals.  We have to find Jangles.  Finally, I get the expected “oh, alright, we can go past and see her.  Then we’ll decide”.

Nothing ever changes.  We get there, he picks her up, says her name is Saragon (what???) and we are keeping her.  Nice to have consistency in life.

So, is it Pixels or not?

So, is it Pixels or not?

We are not, necessarily, falling for his pleas to keep her.  It all depends on her interactions with the other members of this zoo.  She is, however, cute as a button and worming her way into my heart at a steady speed – who’d have thought?

So, here’s where you guys come in.  Saragon – it sounds like Sarah-Gone.  How can you name a cat as “gone”?  Apparently Saragon is some fantastical dragon.  I care not!  So, with a few bats of the eyelashes and other womanly wiles, he resigns and says she will then be Pixels.  OK – that’s definitely cuter and, being a Tortoise Shell, probably quite appropriate.

Say What?

Say What?

What do you guys think?  Does she remain Pixels or do you have any fantastic, clever, cute and adorable names to add to the list? 

My search for Jangles continues and all leads remain as valuable as ever.  Come home sweet Jangles.  Pixels or not, she only stays if you say it’s OK and I need you here to decide that.

Come home baby girl - please!

Come home baby girl – please!


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Recue Reveal – Homeward Bound

So, you’ve been convinced to adopt (remember our Magnificent Moggy and Mutt Mania posts?).  Tell me you do and that I managed to convince you to rush off and rescue an animal in need.  Good!  So, now you’re looking for just the right places to find just the right dog.  Yes, today is about dogs – sorry cats, I love you all dearly but you’ll get your chance.

Cute enough to convince you to adopt - surely!

Cute enough to convince you to adopt – surely!

Right then, dogs it is and Golden Retrievers sound fabulous.  So, if you’re in America, you need to get your derrière over to Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary.  Yes, I know America is a big place but, even if you’re not in Northern California, it’s still worth the drive (of course, it’s not my derrière taking the punishment).  This volunteer organisation rescues and heals displaced, abandoned and homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden / Labrador mixes, no matter their age or health.

OK, just to keep the cats happy, there is a cat in this photo

OK, just to keep the cats happy, there is a cat in this photo

Some of you may already know Homeward Bound through Ogee’s blog Gardens for Goldens.  The author of this blog joined them in November 2011.  With a small army of volunteer gardeners, the restoration of the Memorial Garden, a place designed to serve as a tribute to rescued Goldens was revitalized into a place of peace and remembrance.  Hop over to Gardens for Goldens to see what a fabulous job has been done.

How could anyone resist a Golden?

How could anyone resist a Golden? They can’t even resist themselves!

Please note that all pictures on this post have been maliciously stolen off the above blog site.  I couldn’t leave you without cute, gorgeous, aw moment photos to get the adoption juices flowing.

Don’t forget to hop onto the Homeward Bound website to see how you can help.  Even if you can’t adopt, they have many ways you can make a difference.  They rescue, provide medical care and find loving homes for over 700 dogs each year!  That’s some awesome figures there!

Signing off - it's time to sleep

Signing off – it’s time to sleep

Last request, please also pop over to Savannah’s site, where their “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking” interview is a story from Nylablue, who migrated to wordpress this year and has lost oodles of followers in the process.  It would be wonderful if you could give them your support.


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Rescue Reveal – Animal Ambulance

Happy Little Bubbles!

At a visit to a local Flea Market  the other day, I was lucky enough to meet up with some of the utterly fabulous people from Animal Ambulance.  At their stall, they had with them one of their long term resident dogs – Bubbles.

BUBBLES – so soft, so sweet, so gentle. Oh, the temptation to rush back and get her!

Oh my, what a cutie-pie Bubbles is.  I would have taken her that minute if I had space for another animal.  She has been there for about a year now, still awaiting a suitable “forever” home.  She is just the sweetest, gentlest character you could possibly imagine and I fell instantly in love with her.  I’m such a complete softy!

BUBBLES – the cutie pie!

I shall be doing a visit to Animal Ambulance as soon as possible and simply cannot wait for the opportunity.  They are based in Pretoria, South Africa and rescue abused and sick animals.  They are a Pro-Life organisation and treat all the animals as part of their family.  Animals are not left outside or in cages/kennels.  The animals get to experience a true “home” feeling, roaming the property and sleeping indoors (well, maybe not the donkeys but certainly the cats and dogs).

BUBBLES – the sweetest, friendliest little face!

Animal Ambulance is a 24 hour emergency centre for the abused, sick and, whenever possible, those animals on death row at other shelters.  The people I met are warm and friendly and clearly adore animals.  Their very first response to me was “come through and visit us, you’ll love it and immediately know what we are all about”.  Any organisation that keen to have you visit is clearly doing a great job.

Look at my tail go. I just want loves and cuddles.

As with all Pro-Life Shelters, the more animals they can adopt out, the more they can take in and help.  Anybody looking for a real little cuddle-bunny should seriously consider Bubbles, or visit Animal Ambulance to choose from hundreds more.


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Unbeatable for Battersea

A massive THANK YOU to all my wonderful readers who voted for my entry into Doggy’s Greatest Blog Contest of All Time.  It may not have been the best entry but it was certainly for a good cause and playing the guilt card, plus adding in a smidgen of bribery and corruption has certainly done the trick.

The “soon to be homeless” Doggy. Maybe that wig will help as a disguise whilst begging on the streets?

Doggy is one generous dood, who decided to donate £20 vouchers, out of his own hard earned cash, to two winners.  These vouchers are redeemable at Mollie’s Dog Treats, where there are scrumptious and wonderful items to be had (pop on over and get your Christmas shopping done).

Look at the gorgeous Christmas Outfit Mollie & Alfie made for Litchi. How sweet are they????

Battersea Animal Shelter is one which Mollie & Alfie suggested for our Rescue Reveal.  Being close to them, I have decided that Litchis £20 voucher could be better spent on these rescue animals.  If you live anywhere vaguely nearby (basically, anywhere in the UK), why not consider them if you wish to adopt your next furry friend.

Another of Battersea’s stunning cats

Now I know that £20 is not going to feed all the animals at Battersea Animal Shelter but each gorgeous critter that does manage to get a treat, will be having a great day.  No single person can help all the animals in need but each one of us can do a little bit to help a few.  It all mounts up and ends up counting for a lot.

And yet another adorable, adoptable dog from Battersea


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Magnificent Moggy Mania

It’s Animal Shelter Appreciation week – a perfect time to start the “Rescue Reveal” feature (thanks I Love Dogs for the heads up).  Magnificent Mutt Mania has been posted  on Time To Train Your Dog.  So my site will, today, deal with cats.

I’m adopted, I’m beautiful and I can sleep peacefully now!

Yes I know, a specific Shelter has not been mentioned.  Our first installment highlights the benefits of acquiring a rescue cat.  And yes, I know the title is as misleading as my wayward brain.  Of course all rescue cats are NOT MOGGYs.  There are often pure breeds in as much need of a home as the little bundles of mixed up genes but, let’s be fair, I had to call it something.

Now, I could get all serious here, retyping everything I already posted at Time To Train Your Dog (which, I might tell you, is devoid of my usual nonsense and is unlikely to be visible as they probably haven’t even seen it yet) but we all know I lack the energy and will power.  If you are serious about adopting a cat, I hereby suggest that you pop over to a dog site (which makes utter sense) and simply convert each sentence with the word dog or puppy to cat or kitten.  That’s far easier!

For now, we’ll give you the points in brief form:

  1. Toddlers and Kittens = explosion.  Sharp teeth, claws and exuberant antics hurt like hell.
  2. Kitten = baby.  Baby = hard work.  Food for kitten usually = have to have a job = no time for kitten.  Maybe consider an older cat.
  3. You need to feel good about yourself.  Adopt a cat and you’ll know you’ve given the best possible gift to an animal in distress.  Your loving, forever home makes you the Hero – golly, that feels good!
  4. They’re usually litter-box trained – your house smells better – this is good!
  5. Oh alright then, you still want a kitten cause it’s cute and cuddly and a fur-ball of fun.  That’s OK – there are tons of kittens needing good homes.  Go get one of them.
  6. Brilliant – you decided against the kitten an opted to be the Biggest Hero of the day, rescuing an adult cat.  This is better than good.  You get to see what the personality is like, right up front – no sudden surprises when your kitten grows up to think it’s a tiger.
  7. Variety – oh, the spice of life.  Shelters = more options than you ever thought possible.  Variety is good, spice is good, choice is good, therefore, shelters are good!  Oh and don’t forget, goofballs are good and shelters are full of those.
  8. You can believe that your cat will be eternally grateful to you for having rescued it.  Of course, it’s a cat, so it probably won’t but, go on, kid yourself anyway.  To understand why your cat will not behave like a rescue dog, please hop over to One Spoiled Cat where you will find Rules For The Cat which is both classic and too true for comfort.
  9. If you choose a moggy, it may well be healthier, suffering from fewer breed specific ailments.  Then again, it might not but who said life came with any guarantees?
  10. This feature is for No-Kill Shelters which, if no-one adopts, will obviously be overrun.  So, give yourself a big pat on the back, knowing that you not only saved one cats life but also made space for others to be rescued.  My word, you are doing well on brownie points now.
  11. The brass tax – it costs less to adopt than to buy from a reputable breeder.  So, you’ve saved multiple animals, earned brownie points and it cost you less money.  Where’s the argument then?

Adopted, beautiful and will be sleeping peacefully any minute now!

Seriously – give adoption a thought.

Further Rescue Reveal posts will highlight specific No-Kill Shelters from around the globe.  If you wish to add a shelter or group that you know are doing a fabulous job, simply pop the info into a comment or email me at

If you want to see that I am actually capable of writing a serious post and, of course, if you are a doggy person, hop over to Time To Train Your Dog. 

Adopted, beautiful and too busy causing trouble to worry about sleep!

I look forward to hearing from this fabulous Global Community of ours.


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Rescue Reveal

My bulky and, therefore, not particularly agile brain, has been thinking too small.  It’s time to broaden the horizons.

For any of the dog loving readers who happen upon this post, there is an incredible site called Time To Train Your Dog that is definitely worth visiting.  The training techniques offered are all based on positive reinforcement, providing the best possible relationship and bond between your dog and yourself.

Litchi is a rescue – she approves of this post!

As we all pretty much know by now, I’m something of a Rescue Freak.  Time To Train Your Dog kindly suggested that I do guest posts and I jumped at the chance.  Any and all publicity for the rescue shelters is greatly appreciated.

Alright then – this is where you guys come in.  Didn’t think you were going to get off lightly on this one, did you?  Shelters within South Africa can and will be Revealed on my site.  However, much to my utter amazement, numerous of my readers are based in an astonishing number of different countries.

Sabre – “I’m a rescue and I approve!”

Highlighting the rescue organizations in only one country, no longer makes as much sense as my pea-brain had originally thought.  Now, much as I would love to be travelling the world, visiting all the fabulous shelters, I find that BMH (Barking Mad Husband) is not a VRH (Very Rich Husband), so I shall need your assistance with this.  No, no, I don’t need money (unless, of course, you wish to send it, at which point I’ll gladly accept), what I need, is for you to send me the details of Animal Rescue Shelters in your area, that you believe could benefit from a bit of publicity.

There are only one or two teeny-weenzie little rules with this.  The shelter needs to be Pro-Life / No-Kill.  This was my mission when I set out on this journey – to help those who will help the animals for the rest of their lives (not the peoples’ lives, silly, the animals’ lives).  The second, is that they are well run and, thereby, give the animals a life, not simply keep them alive.

Shadow “me too, me too – I’m a rescue and I approve!”

So, off you go then.  Stop waiting around reading my nonsense.  Go find the most deserving Shelter in your area and send me the information.  If it’s a dog rescue shelter, it will be featured on Time To Train Your Dog.  If it’s cat, rat, bird, guinea pig, other pig, etc. it will be featured on my site.

Come on guys – let’s do a Global Rescue Reveal

PS – pictures to go with the story of the shelter would obviously be great.  Either send me the stuff, or get the shelter to do so, or give me info where I can reach them.

Email me at


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Sharing is Caring

To all my wonderful readers,

Every now and then a post comes through that simply touches your heart.  You are left with no option but to help in whatever way you can.  Living in South Africa, means that I can be of no assistance to these dogs in urgent need and I, therefore, appeal to you all, if you live anywhere in the USA, to hop over to Temporary Home Permanent Love and read the latest post “Sharing is Caring”.

This is Freckles – referred to as a goofball of love!

I tried to do a re-blog, pressed the button and……nothing!  I like to think I’m not completely techno challenged but WordPress seems to think I am (must be their fault – certainly can’t be mine!)

Anyway, back to the point.  These dogs are in a shelter in Crawfordville, FL (no idea where that is but hoping some of you out there do).

Temporary Home Permanent Love have said that they are more than happy to help with transport, no matter how far.

We thank all of you, in advance, for any help that can be mustered.



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Lucky Lizzie

Hubby goes to get petrol.  Why would this be a blog post?!  Of course hubby, being of the abnormal, probably of alien decent type, spots lady and, for no apparent reason, asks her if she is alright.  This seemingly random act shows how everything happens for a reason. 

Random Garage Lady (RGL) is far from “alright”, although she had no idea that she was showing any outward signs of distress and Barking Mad Hubby (BMH) has no idea why he asked in the first place.

RGL’s love of her life, her dog Lizzie, had been diagnosed with Distemper and the vet had told her to “put the dog down”.  She was, naturally (in my books anyway), utterly distraught.  BMH gave her my number.

Lucky Lizzie

Now, I get called out for behavioural problems with animals but it is a surprise to be called to assist an owner who believes they requires behavioural help!  Good for her!    I must admit, I was apprehensive regarding the situation into which I was heading.  Distemper is terrible and, with the diagnosis received, I was expecting the worst of sights on arrival.

What a pleasure it was, then, to arrive to a houseful of wonderful, happy pets, not one of whom seemed to be looking desperately ill.  Lizzie, once pointed out, did have a few odd quirks in her movements but nothing substantial.  There were certainly no behavioural issues to deal with.  RGL needed a sympathetic ear and some minor assistance with staying positive around Lizzie.  She probably also simply needed to hear someone tell her that Lizzie did not look like she had reached “the end“.

RGL needed someone who would understand the pain at the thought of losing Lizzie.  Something that non-animal-nuts people just don’t “get”.   I, for my part, was amazed that any vet would have suggested “putting down” a dog that was looking remarkably happy.  Her walk was slightly “squiff” and there were a few areas of discomfort when touched but euthanasia seemed unbelievably radical.

RGL had already decided that second opinions from specialists were required.  What a relief!  The results of the second opinion were:

  •  Lizzie does not have Distemper.  Rather, the “positive” blood results were due to a distemper vaccination.
  • The Neurological problems were caused by polycythaemia – an overproduction of red blood cells leading to a thickening of the blood
  • It is likely that Lizzie has epilepsy which, although not good news, it is certainly treatable.
  • Lizzie has been put onto a treatment regime which appears to be working and RGL informs me that she is “back to her old self”.

Well done Mr. First Vet!  You nearly “put down” a thoroughly adored pet, for no good reason!  If expletives formed a part of my standard posts, they would be flying around like winged gremlins right now!

Languishing Lizzie

Yes, things do happen for a reason.  1st – BMH speaking to a woman who claims she never speaks to strangers.  2nd –  the story behind Lizzie’s arrival in her fabulous forever home.  RGL sent me the story behind Lizzie and it’s a heartwarming read:

“In 2005 the bottom fell out of my world with the loss of my beloved fox terrier, Chloe.  I never imagined I would love another dog again the way I loved her.  We were living in Colenso in KZN at the time.  A few months after her death, while in Ladysmith, I found myself on the Newcastle Road, which oddly I never really used much.  I was inexplicably drawn to the Animal Anti Cruelty League and it was as if I was automatically going through the motions of parking my car and going in to the grounds.  Well, let me tell you, I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when I met Lizzie (then called Spotty) it hit me like a freight train.  I sat down on the grass and she came to sit right up against me and that was it.  I had to have this sweet little girl. 

 Lizzie’s story did not have a good start.  When I got her she was in terrible condition, and this is something considering the AACL had improved her condition since they found her.  She was malnourished and her coat was coarse.  I thought she was mute because she didn’t even bark, or trust people – a broken little dog indeed.  I came to realise that Lizzie was truly my soul mate, and the task of her rehabilitation is one of love and patience.  Today Lizzie is a completely different dog – just ask the cats!  She is the most affectionate and feisty little dog, relishing the company of her people, even taking much interest in the strangers who visit our home.  She’s not broken anymore.  Her story proves that with the investment of time and effort we can mostly undo the damage done to these precious animals.”

 Now, if that doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, then pretty much nothing will.  This is one Lucky Little Lizzie, living in a loving forever home.

PS – I think I might have a new calling, as a Grief Councellor.  It appears to be coming at me from numerous angles.  Who’d have thought?!



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Cough Up For The Cats – It’s National Cats Day!

Here in South Africa, we don’t tend to have the multitude of “National Whatever” days.  I swear, overseas they seem to have one for everything.  I’m sure we’ll see one for “National I Don’t Feel Like Blogging Today” day.  However, this is a specifically fantastic one that I was notified about by the wonderful blog The Presents of Presence.  Today, the 29th of October, is NATIONAL CAT DAY!  Now that’s worth paying attention to!

We LOVE each other! This is how we sleep!

So, let’s make it an Official South African NATIONAL ADOPT A CAT DAY.  If you can’t adopt a cat, maybe you can help a cat in need.

Why not hop over to the Cat-A-Holics website and see what a fantastic place they have.  They are always in need of food, blankets, donations or anything else you can think of.  You can contact me at susan at dcrprocess dot co dot za if you have anything you would like to donate to them.  I will ensure they receive it, with big smiles and lots of virtual hugs from a multitude of fabulous felines!

This post is Officially approved by:


Shadow the Charlatan .  I’m fully grown – how cute am I?

Jittery Jangles. My True Beauty – looking like an oil painting here.


Sabre – the Ruler (still a kitten here)

We are all adopted and we are all Superb Souls!


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