Irresponsible Mothers and Child Pregnancies

Yes, I am an irresponsible mother.  We’ve suffered the first child pregnancy in the family’s history and it’s a shocker! 

Has anyone else suffered the sheer, colossal embarrassment of one’s child, having supposedly been surrounded by a warm and loving family who provided clear and sound moral guidance, suddenly falling pregnant at an absurdly young age?  I’m quite sure I cannot be the only one who believes that the home environment should have negated such a disaster.  I am equally sure that all parents, whose children have brought such disgrace upon the family, suffer the same whiplash thought of attempting to keep the embarrassing situation hidden.

The thought most certainly crossed my mind.  “Tell no-one!” I said to myself.  “What will they think of me?” I wondered.  Best not be lambasted for my poor parenting skills, especially out in public, on the internet.  But, I fear, as my own mother so poignantly pointed out, I’m far too much of a chatter-box to keep such things secret and, as such, I hereby lay bare the nasty truth of it all, awaiting the tyranny of my sorely neglected readers.

Pixels, the baby child of the family, fell pregnant!  There it is, in all its horror.  I said it.  My beautiful, sweet child allowed a street kid, nonetheless, into her home and did the unspeakable.  A subject on which I shall refrain from elaborating because it is, well, unspeakable.  Surfice it to say that, although I may appear to be a truly irresponsible mother, I had booked for her to be spayed but found, to my dismay, that the appointment needed to be altered to a pregnancy test.

Of course, as is the case with all prematurely “grandmothered” mothers, seeing the perfect, most adorable offspring, has changed shock into adoration and love.  As such I find myself inexplicably forced to subject everyone to photographs of my stunning grandchildren and their utterly fantastic mom who, even at such a tender young age, has proven to be the most perfect and responsible mother I think I have ever seen.  I am so incredibly proud of her and cannot fault a single thing she has done, through child birth to her skills through the first 3 days of the babies lives on the planet.

Welcome to the world, my lovelies!

A Cuddle of Kittens

A Cuddle of Kittens

Bath Time

Bath Time

1 day old - sleeping in my hand

1 day old – sleeping in my hand

Just got to love those faces!

Just got to love those faces!


The lightest of the gingers

The lightest of the gingers


3 days old - ultimate cuteness

3 days old – ultimate cuteness



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115 responses to “Irresponsible Mothers and Child Pregnancies

  1. I fostered a pregnant cat several years ago and cried the entire time she delivered her 6 beautiful kittens. I told her that she would never have to go through (delivery) again and thanked her for being such a wonderful momma. 🙂 Your new grand-kittens are beautiful. Just wait until they are all 7 weeks old….you’ll be ready to get them all spayed/neutered and adopted out!

  2. You are definitely the proud grand-pawrent! Adorable Pixels and her adorable kittens have touched your heart. Adorable post! 🙂

  3. jennypugh

    Congratulations! They are all gorgeous 🙂

  4. I’m a bit tardy with my congratulations nevertheless they are super adorable!

  5. You have to forgive her! The kittens are so adorable!

  6. Oh Pixels…. better you had a relationship with a pillow like me. But I wish you and all your cute babies all the luck of the world. I think Oprah should invite you for an interview with the cutest teen-mom ever.

  7. Thank You for the follow. Love kitties myself.

  8. Accident and embarrassed or not: they are hella cute! I’m sure Pixel is the best mother ever!

  9. squeee!! They are such cuties 🙂

  10. simply wonderful and impressive… I love all animals, but I’m a catlover, à la vie, à la mort! 🙂 Thanx for dropping by my latest post, my very best and sunny wishes from Toulouse, France… Good luck & cheers! Mélanie

  11. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    You SO had me! I was already formulating my response in my head, that I have stressed to Daniel to use condoms because once a child is conceived, he’s responsible. But it’s about gorgeous freakin’ cats!!! 🙂 Just beautiful. Love the photos. Hope they EACH get a good home.

  12. These are just such beautiful pictures – I haven’t seen kittens that young before. Thanks so much.

  13. Such tiny treasures. Lovelies indeed – must take after mom!

  14. I’m really late in saying congratulations! They are beautiful. I can’t believe little Pixels is a mommy! When are you going to post more pictures?

  15. Such a lovely young mother taking to her new role so well. Lucky babes to have the good fortune to be welcomed in the world and to have their future bright (and safe) before them. Totally cute.

  16. Gorgeous kittens!!! As for unwanted pregnancies….. nope, none so far… but a couple of close calls when Skylight got through the defenses.. hehehe

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