The War we Lost but Gained

True, the title makes little sense and yes, we did lose the war.

What do you mean, I LOST?  I'll make my eyes go squiff and hang my ear in shame!

What do you mean, I LOST? I’ll make my eyes go squiff and hang my ear in shame!

This is sad with regards to assisting the shelters with food but, fear not, we’ll find other ways to help them.  What is more important is what we gained.

Really!! That many peopled helped?  Amazing!

Really!! That many peopled helped? Amazing!

The number of people who selflessly jumped in and helped, voting, emailing, reblogging and sharing on twitter and facebook was quite dazzling.  In truth, we feel more like winners due to everyone’s generosity than we ever could getting a prize.  Your friendship and dedication warms the cockles of our hearts (strange term but seems entirely appropriate here).

Well, you'd better get started with Thanking them all!

Well, you’d better get started with Thanking them all!

With such a vast quantity of people, having gone way beyond the call of duty, it would be unfair to list everyone in one post.  So we’ll start, today, by thanking 3 of these gallant and charitable hero’s and continue the list, through the week, in an attempt to show our gratitude.

Today’s insufficient thanks goes to:

Sand Spring Chesapeakes, who reblogged for us not once, not twice but THREE times.

Doggy’s Style, always there to when you need him.  Always willing to help and go the extra mile.  He reblogged TWICE for us.  You remain, always, my competition mentor extraordinaire.

Animal Couriers, the best pet relocation experts of all time who, somehow, in the midst of dealing with innumerable animals in their care, find time to reblog and help others.

Please go and visit each of these wonderful sites and give them your support as my only way to begin thanking them for their help.

Tune in for our next post for links to further incredible and delectable sites who’s generosity knows no bounds. 


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117 responses to “The War we Lost but Gained

  1. It is amazing how everyone in the blogosphere is so wonderful at helping to get the word out!! Yes you DID win, not the food but the love of so many!

  2. So sorry you lost ~ I voted for you ~ you’ll always be the winner in our eyes ~ big hugs to you! ♥

  3. Oh such a shame 😦 but we love you xxx

  4. Sorry you didn’t win, but great that everyone pitched in to help. You can always count on Doggy when a competition is involved!

  5. We’re so sorry you didn’t win but all of us who voted for you consider you to be a HUGE winner for all that you do over and above Pixels’ contest. We love you to bits and we hope you’re proud of how many people did appreciate your effort (and wanted Pixels the Adorable to be recognized as THE CUTEST!!).

    Hugs all ’round for your effort……Sammy and his Mom

  6. Very disappointed that the Pixel monster didn’t win 😦 Keep your eyes scoured for future competitions (and Pixels says ‘before they start!’) and we’ll all be behind you. Here’s to winning the next one 😀

  7. I love little pixel’s sweet face. Sorry you lost, but glad you won.

  8. That sucks we didn’t win, next time we will 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Next time, maybe Mom can get organised to get into the competition a little earlier than 2 months late 🙂 Thanks for all your help. You’ll be getting your own post, fear not. I didn’t want to list everyone in one post, otherwise each of you won’t get the recognition you deserve.

  9. Pixels will always be first in our hearts!

  10. I’m sorry you lost – she was my favourite (having voted I checked out the competiton!) Tell her we still love her

  11. She is still a very beautiful kitty.

  12. If Pixels will join another competition, I’ll vote for her again.

  13. Such a shame, Saruman should seek revenge, just saying.
    Next one will be ours, do not worry!
    I’d like to add that you probably posed naked too late, next time do it earlier on the competition.

    • 😀 You always make me laugh. Yes, of course, you are right. The naked pics should have been up right from the beginning. Well, we live and learn and will do better the next time around. Saruman sends her thanks and is glad you enjoyed her nude photos

  14. Too bad you lost, but you are still cute!

  15. We are so so sorry about the contest. Pixels is always a winner to us and we know the shelter pets are lucky to have you.

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  16. oh pixels i am so sorry your cuteness loss. i know how much your mom wanted to win to help the shelter. your mom is right to the loss there is a silver lining. you will always be a winner in my heart and if you ever need help in the future i got yr little kitty back. much love

  17. Oh how bad, I’ve voted on many ways for you and it wasn’t enough…but for me you are THE WINNER :o)

  18. We sorry you didn’t win but the nice thing is everybody rallied round so yes you did win. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  19. Sorry you lost the battle, but all that other stuff is awesome.

  20. Better luck next time, Pixels. As long as you feel the love, you’re winner. 🙂

  21. AW Pixel…don’t be sad! You did your best and that is just as impawtent as winning!
    Wally & Sammy

  22. oh pixel, you’ll always be a winner 🙂

  23. Thought the push at the end might send you guys over the top, but I guess not. Oh well, you guys did an awesome job either way!

    • Thank you so much for your help. I had also thought that final push might have done it but the others managed to get thousands of votes on the last day. I have no idea how. No worries, though, as Pixels felt so much warmth and love and support that she believes she’s the winner anyway.

  24. Oh, you should not let Pixel to be sad – cheerlessness makes him squint! 🙂 🙂

  25. You had to have gotten at least second, right? So close!

    • Unfortunately not. She was bouncing between 2nd & 1st place right till the last day and then, suddenly, 2 other kittens came tearing in from behind and I just couldn’t rustle up enough votes to rally back. Thanks for your support, we really do appreciate it.

  26. Me and Jada and Sammy all cast votes for our favorite friends. It is like Yin Yang. With each lost comes a gain. Sometimes the fruits don’t come until later.
    Purr fectly grateful

  27. Pixels, for us you’re a winner now and always 🙂

  28. Sorry Pixels…I was rooting for you…But it’s wonderful how many people were there for you

  29. Oh so sorry you lost! Amazing how a community of people come together 🙂

  30. Ah, well, we’ll try again! 😉 xoxoM

  31. You ran a great race. What counts is that you were in the race. 🙂

  32. Oh, I’m sorry Pixels. You are still Number One in my heart!
    We will win next time gurl!!!

  33. Still the cutest kitty ever to us!

  34. We were so wanting you to win 😦 You are still the cutest kitty ever in our eyes!

  35. veraersilia

    What an absolute kitten!! She should have won. She won my heart already way back when I first saw her picture…

  36. So sorry you didn’t win – you deserved it Pixels – you were robbed!!!!
    Maybe we can find another way to get food to the rescue dogs and cats?

    • Pixels was definitely robbed. We’re thinking of starting a war. She’s not too upset, though, as the love and support way outdid the prize. We’ll think of another way to get food for the shelters. I have put a PayPal option on the Donations page, although I have no idea if I did it correctly. I’ll have to wait for someone to try it and let me know. If you do know of anyone who would be prepared to donate, it would be wonderful if you passed the news on. Every cent counts.

  37. How can I help? May I send a gift card to be used at one of the local pet stores? Please let me know it won’t be much because I’m on disability but I want to help Pixels! Thank You

    • That is so incredibly nice of you. Our bank account details are under the “Donations” menu on the blog but I fear it might cost you in order to send money. I will look into the option for gift cards. That’s a fabulous idea that others might find easier to use as well. Maybe if I find one of the international pet food manufacturers, we could come up with a way of doing this. I’ll get back to you. Once again, thank you and please believe me, every tiny bit helps.

  38. It was a great try for a great cause. Pixels is still a number one cutie in my book. Just look at that little face!

  39. FleaByte

    Rock on! The response is PAWSOME!

  40. Run A Muck Ranch

    I was voting 3 times a day – it did allow 1 vote per e-mail per day – and you were in the lead before life got complicated the last near week. A Conspiracy I say! A Conspiracy!! Demand a recount! Cutest kitten Pixels was a paw in!

  41. Leo

    Good old blue eyes, always makes a good Pixel. 🙂

  42. Oh i’m so happy to discover your blog! As i am a devoted animals lover and activist myself 🙂 This blog of cats pictures and posts is a paradise to me (love dogs as well, but am a really crazy cats lady) 😉
    Want to thank you for the noble work and care for our furry friends! Many blessings and i’ll be visiting often! 🙂

  43. I’m so sorry you lost. But I know you will find other ways to help!

  44. Aw, poo! I’m sorry… But look at all the response, how wonderful! She’s still the cutest little patootie.

  45. Aw…I wish you win…but at least we know you have so many friends 🙂

    • We feel more like winners because of this fantastic blogging community than we ever could with winning a prize. Thanks for your help. Really appreciated.

      • Where are you Aunt Susan???
        We were worried because you haven’t had new post yet

      • Thank you so much for caring. I cannot tell you how much that means. Auntie Susie is, unfortunately, going through a very rough patch at the moment. I am the kind of person who will stay positive through almost anything but I have now developed a new found respect for those who can do so through hunger. I have a very sick husband (that is not likely to change) but we have recently found ourselves going through days with no food, which I have found has a nasty effect on one’s mood. I’ll dig myself out somehow but have been finding it somewhat difficult to do the fun posts and keep up with reading others. I’ll be back. Just have to pull myself up by the boot strings and get going again. Life always changes

      • Oh…Susan, I am so sorry to hear that…I really am, but I am really glad you still answered us. We have lost some good friends (mostly friends to my turtle’s blog) over the years who hadn’t replied both our comments and emails. We are still worried about them but we still don’t have news from them 😦

        I am wondering about the hunger thing and about your husband but i know many people don’t like to talk about things in their life especially on public like this…but do email me anytime if you want to share. I got through my lost (my Mom and Kame in a close time) by sharing with friends.

        Be strong Susan!

  46. We tried! Maybe next time. Even supermodels have got to start somewhere.

  47. I’m sorry you didn’t win this time. But you’re right, our corner of the blogging world is a rather nice place!

  48. It does warm ones heart when everyone tries to help. Pixels is still my favourite kitty.

  49. hello pixels its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think yoo shud demand a reekownt!!! just mayk that fayse at them they cannot say no!!! ok bye

  50. you did a fab job anyway, Pixels and Susan…and always another rainbow waiting at the horizon…☼sunHUGS!!

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