South Africa is at War!

Oh alright, not the whole of South Africa but the Cats of South Africa are at war!   Fine, obviously not all the cats are at war.  That would be absurd and frighteningly noisy

OK, two kittens, in South Africa, are at war!

This is our final plea!  A desperate last stand!  The lives of kittens in Animal Shelters depends on this!

Not so ladylike but definitely comfy

Not so ladylike but definitely comfy

Pixels is still in the competition for Cutest Kitten.  She’s cracked 1st place a couple of times but the other kitten then rallies up over 100 votes in a matter of minutes.

Pixels will donate her prize to the Animal Shelters most in need of kitten food.

Ask not what the kittens can do for you but what YOU can do for the kittens!

Apparently, sleeping upside down is very comfy

Apparently, sleeping upside down is the way to go

The competition ends on the 19th.  We need YOUR votes.

I know most of you have already voted, shared and reblogged but, if you know of any other warriors who could come to our rescue and swell the ranks for this final battle, the orphaned, neglected and homeless kittens of South Africa would be eternally grateful.

Every adult and child, armed with an email address, can force the enemy into retreat.

Can you do headstands whilst you sleep?

Can you do headstands whilst you sleep?

To join the war, click on the link below, enter your email address, rate the photograph as 5 Stars and Send!

Click here to Help Pixels win the War!

2 seconds of your time and 1 years supply of kitten food for the abandoned little love bugs.


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79 responses to “South Africa is at War!

  1. Awww! I just wanna hug her! I am all voted out but sending positive energy!

  2. they r cute. have u also forwarded some of these to a fbk page? im all da way in cyprus.

    • Well hello to you all the way in Cyprus. How wonderful. There’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit but have not yet had the chance to do so. I did post on fb but am not very active there so only have a few friends who could add to the hundreds of votes I need before midnight tomorrow.

  3. Susan I have just put it out on my Face bark, I will post it again later.. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. I’ve fb’d it again. Keeping my paws crossed for pixel!

  5. I can’t vote, I keep getting an error!

    • It seems as though, if you have used your pc to vote with one email address, then it keeps the “cookies” and knows if you try with another address. Apparently, if you use a different web browser, or clear the history, you can do so. I think the kitten in 1st place is creating email addresses and voting like this. Doesn’t make sense that she can find 100 votes in 15 minutes, each time Pixels gets ahead.

  6. Pixels has real star status now, BOL! I’ll share the link on Twitter again.

  7. I found another computer and another three email addresses!

  8. okay, i am following ur fbk page.

  9. catfromhell

    Wes been voting!

  10. Voting & sharing & hoping for Pixels to win!!!!! xoxo

  11. Go pixels the Cuomo dogs voted!

  12. We will share this STAR again on FB… 🙂

  13. i will give a shout out again to my friends. cute cute pictures…love the star

  14. Reblogged this on Sand Spring Chesapeakes and commented:
    shout out to my friends…can you repost and get your friends to vote. pixels is so close to being first to win some cat food for the shelter. thanks

  15. We tried to vote but it kept coming up with error. Not sure why that was. Will try later on my other pc as this is a mac. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly


    Ya know we are cheering for you!!!

  17. Love the photos, voted again, good luck!!

    • Thank you so much! It is so heartwarming, the way everyone supports everyone else in this blogosphere of ours. I truly am touched (not in the being “mental” way, although that’s possible as well but in the feeling blessed kind of way 🙂 )

  18. She is a lovebug alright! I did vote for her… even tried two time, did not work….

  19. Adorable picture – we voted again! Good luck!!

  20. Go PIXELS!!!! I have my money on you gurl!!! (okays, maybe NOT my money, I gots to save some for my kibbles and chewies…butts any extra, and I’ll put it on YOU!!)

  21. Marco

    She’s so cute and I love what you did with the star – heehee. let’s go vote…click…before she rips my throat out…

  22. Reblogged this on Serenity in the City and commented:
    Dear Fellow Animals Lovers, let’s help little Pixels in South Africa help needy kitties. Every vote helps! xoxoM

  23. Hahaha you are a better mom than me, I didn’t cover Papoe’s private area on his latest photos and ask ladies to look the other way 😉

    Anyway…good luck pixel. we are going to vote again now 🙂

  24. voted for that cute lil fella. >^^< And I'll share to FB. 🙂

  25. I will vote for you Pxels… I hope you will win!!!!

  26. Came this way because I saw your comment on Madame Weebles’ blog. I’ve voted twice because I have two email addresses.

    • Thank you from the bottom of Pixels little heart! She’s running terribly far behind now. Was in 1st place and has dropped to 4th as everyone makes their last push. The competition finishes in 2 hrs so we really, really appreciate your votes. Thank you so much

  27. Pingback: Last stretch!!! | Doggy's Style

  28. Whoa! Almost missed this – glad Bongo mentioned it and saw your comment! Paws crossed

  29. I’m sorry I attempted to vote again but was rejected already used hubby email. Good Luck ! I wish I could have done more to help.

  30. Voted with 5 stars! What a great looking cat. I love cats – I’m caring for 12 rescues and one gate crasher 🙂 Good luck, I hope Pixels will win the war in
    South Africa.

  31. I wish I knew how to get this out more than I already have – I WANT Pixels to win!!

  32. Just saw this post now and loved it. Wish I could have voted but guess it is closed :((


  33. Such a cutie, love the work you are doing Many thanks for dropping in to comment also.. ‘Cats Rule’ 🙂

  34. Chancy and Mumsy

    Pixels you are just adorable sweet girl. We voted for you and we sure hope you won. Your chosen sleeping position is cute and funny! Hugs and nose kisses

  35. I hope Pixels can get more votes…

    I have nominated you for an award 🙂

  36. Just tweeted 2X and hope it bring you some well deserved votes. Great post today, well done, especially the cover-up graphics, lol. 😉

  37. Hey, Pixels, wanna be Family? You have been nominated… you little star 🙂

  38. oops, i may have missed the deadline…

  39. Haven’t heard from you all for a while, hope your okay and just busy.
    Take care 🙂

    • Thanks so much for caring. It truly means that world to us. Been having a terribly hard time this side. Wish I could say that my absence has been due to being busy but, in truth, I’m always busy. This time, it’s much harder things to cope with. Really appreciate your friendship and caring.

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