Pixels is getting a Stress Headache

Oh the stress of it all!

You, my wonderful friends, have done an incredible job and, although Pixels entered the competition race ludicrously late, she’s managed to climb up to 3rd position!

I think I'm getting a Stress Headache!

I think I’m getting a Stress Headache!

Problem is, she needs at least 226 more votes to get to 1st.

I know most of you have already voted but, if anyone has additional email addresses, or people they know who might vote, or any other ideas to drum up votes, Pixels would be eternally grateful and the kittens in the shelters (all awaiting the prize food to be donated to them) would love you forever!

The link to vote on her picture is:

Pixels Photo – currently in 3rd but needs to get to 1st

You hop on there, put in your email address, rate the photo as 5 stars (please) and Send.  Job done!  Kittens happy!  Your good deed for the day – accomplished! 



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97 responses to “Pixels is getting a Stress Headache

  1. Yay Pixels!!! 3rd place is really great, especially since you got a late start. We will help out as much as we can to get you to first. 🙂

  2. Scraped up a few more addresses but find that you have to change browser too as they track your voting with cookies 😦 Where there’s a will there’s a way 😀

  3. shares it on the facebook page, hope it helps!

  4. I’m having people at work doing the voting.

  5. veraersilia

    I voted both pictures. Good luck. V.

  6. I’ve asked all I know to vote for the photo…

    • Thank you so very, very much. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am. With your help, she is climbing slowly but steadily. I’m afraid I’m something of a competitive type, so I’m getting terribly excited this end. Adrenalin racing, heart pounding, having fun!

  7. Good deed done by The Red Man!

  8. We voted from ours and Moms, tried again but they won’t let us.. Paws crossed xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Mean them, insisting that each email can only vote once. Thanks so much for your support. Because of you, she’s climbing the ranks. We’ve got everything crossed this side (hope none of us need the loo or anything 🙂 )

  9. voted with one email addy but site won’t let me vote with another …good luck Pixels!

  10. Somehow, I never voted before. So I voted today. Good luck!

  11. I voted again on both pictures and will share this one too on FB again. I hope she wins. I’m getting all exited myself 😀

  12. We just tried to vote again but got an error – captcha (?) message?! We know Pixels can do it!

  13. Good luck! I voted and had a few at work vote 🙂

  14. Reblogged this on The Princess Tails and commented:
    This is a plea from my pals at Long Life Cats and Dogs. The prize will go to support the adopted cats and dogs so please spend a moment and give your vote to Pixels and this most worthy cause. Thank you, love from Zena, the Socially Aware Princess 🙂

  15. I’ve already voted, but I have reblogged it in the hope that a few more votes will come your way 🙂 Paws crossed.

    • Oh you are such an incredible STAR! Thank you so very, very much. With your help, although she’s still in 3rd, she’s creeping up on 2nd quite nicely. I truly appreciate it and you are so deserving of the title Princess

  16. Me had Mum vote yesterday n den me reminded her she had a back up email so she voted again tonite 😉 We iz hopin sweet Pixie Pixelz winz fer shure!!!! Pawz crossed here in Canada….
    Lub Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xo

  17. I keep trying it vote and I keep getting an error notice, I have tried a couple different emails but no go, any suggestions, but I will for sure share again 🙂

    • It seems that they are being rather clever and know if the same computer is being used with different email addresses. Others that have tried say it’s to do with cookies and clearing the browser. I’m lost 🙂
      Thanks for all the attempts and sharing. Truly appreciated.

    • If you change your browser, then you can use different e-mail addresses from the same computer without problems. If you have more e-mails than browsers (Chrome, Opera, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari), or don’t want to download a new browser, then you can clear your browser history. In Chrome, for example, go to the top right side of the menu bar; there is a button with three horizontal lines. Seek for “History” in the drop down menu. You will see a grey box named “Clear history” or similar. Here, you can delete also the cookies by choosing the appropriate time interval (previous day, hour, week etc.).

  18. job done…one extra vote for Pixels! Julia

  19. Go go go pixels, I will repost again you need to win!

  20. I’ve voted, but I’ll tweet again and keep my paws crossed.

  21. Reblogged this on Sand Spring Chesapeakes and commented:
    Pixels needs more votes!

  22. I voted! I have figured out that you can use different emails if you go through a different link each time! I’m trying out all my email addresses! Go Pixels!!!!!

    • Thanks guys, your help is very much appreciated. She managed to, briefly, get into 1st position but then lost it again. I have no idea where this other kitten is rallying up votes but it’s war in there at the moment 😀

  23. I tried to soften her headache with some further votes from all available e-mail addresses of me and with the help of friends.

    • You are such a STAR! Thank you. It’s all helping, although the kitten in 1st place is now rustling up more and staying just out of our reach. The adrenalin is pumping this side and we’re determined to win 🙂

    • And it’s helping! She’s inching closer all the time. The kitty in 1st position obviously got a bit of a fright and has started rallying up more votes, so every time Pixels gets close, they pull away some more but we’re still determined and, with help like yours, we still stand a chance. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  24. Cute picture. We voted already. 🙂

    • Thank you. I know you voted already but I keep having to put this out because the kitty in 1st position obviously got something of a fright seeing Pixels climbing so fast and has started rallying up votes all over the place. Tut, tut. Keeps staying just out of my reach and we really want to win this one for the shelter kittens

  25. We voted again–twice today. thank dogness we have a few email addresses!!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. With your help, she’s quite nicely positioned in 2nd place but 1st place is rustling up votes like crazy and staying just out of our reach. Every vote you’ve managed to get in has helped immensely.

  26. I have tried to use my other 4 email addresses and I keep getting an error message “capcha” something or other. I will have to try from my husbands laptop and my iPad…Savannah and Mom Linda are working on this…paw pats, Savvy

    • You are such a sweetheart. With your help. Pixels has managed to get firmly into 2nd position but the kitty in 1st position is rallying up votes like mad, so keeps staying just out of our reach. We are needing every vote we can get. Oh my, the adrenalin is pumping this side 🙂

  27. Wow! 3rd so far! I will share this post on my fb groups for more votes.

    • She actually managed to get into 1st place, briefly, last night but, by this morning, the other kitty had rummaged up a whole lot more votes. I have no idea where they are getting them but each time Pixels gets close, they suddenly jump up again. I’m trying to rustle up more votes to catch up again but I can’t do it in the 5 minutes span they seem to be able to organise. Thanks for all your help. Truly appreciated.

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  30. Sonel

    Voted! She is adorable. 🙂

  31. go, GO, GOOOO, Pixels!! 🙂

  32. Run A Muck Ranch

    Wow! Never even saw the Vote For Pixels entry show up in my reader!?! Voted and shared! (Is it one vote per e-mail or one vote per day?) Good luck!

    • Thanks so much for the votes. It’s really going to help. There’s full on war over 1st and 2nd place at the moment and we keep juggling between them. Unfortunately, it’s one vote per email and then you can’t vote again. We are so grateful for the votes and the sharing. All the hungry little kittens thank you from the bottom of their tiny little hearts 🙂

      • Run A Muck Ranch

        It threw me off that you had 2 pics up. I voted, all 3 e-mails, the blog, personal and business for both 🙂

  33. My vote’s in. Pixels has to be the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen!
    Go Pixels!

  34. Good luck with the voting. Pixels deserves to win. 🙂

    • Thank you but at the moment, each time she sneaks her way in front, the other kitten she’s at war with manages to rustle up more votes from somewhere else. She was briefly in 1st this morning but is already back down to second. It’s war in there 😀

  35. Poor pixel 😦
    We have voted. And will vote again with different email…well there are three of us 😉

    Good luck Pix xx

  36. don’t you worry little Pixels…here is some small help…http://wp.me/p1RzUf-2hs

    • How do I even begin to thank you. Such a great post. Such an immense help. I am simply blown away by the generosity and kindness shown here. You definitely bring sunshine to my day.

      • you’re welcome Susan…it’s just a small way to say thank you for your generosity that you bring here. i hope it helped bring a few more votes for you, Pixels! ♥

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  38. I just voted for Miss Pixels. She is an awesome animal advocate! Takes after her mommy! 😉

  39. I double-voted for pixels.

  40. Consider it done. You go Pixels!

  41. FYI: Just tried to vote. The site won’t let me because the capta code isn’t coming up. ???!!!

  42. I voted, I do hope she rallies!!

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