Ditzy here needs your help choosing!

# 1

# 1

I hopped (appropriately for the Easter Season) onto the Royal Canin website, with plans to rustle up much needed kitten and puppy milk for the shelters.

# 2

# 2

Being easily distracted, I got ambushed by a COMPETITION they are running for the CUTEST KITTEN.  Yippee, finally a local competition I can enter.

# 3

# 3

The prize is 1 years worth of kitten food.  Imagine how much that would help the shelters!  So, I simply have to enter Pixels into this one.

# 5

# 4

Problem is, this ditzy blonde cannot make up her mind.  so I humbly hand the reigns over to my most trusted of sources – YOU!

# 5

# 5

Which pic do you think could win Cutest Kitten?

# 6

# 6

I’ve simply numbered them from 1 through 8 (seemed like the easiest option for a blonde to handle).

# 7

# 7

Please enter brilliant advice in the comments.

# 8

# 8

I trust your judgement and, if she wins, Pixels can donate her food to the shelters in need.



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97 responses to “Ditzy here needs your help choosing!

  1. I love them all, though photo no.4 catches something special.Good luck! Julia

  2. I love Number One and can we vote and if so where?

  3. We think #7 – check out those gorgeous long legs! – and #4 🙂 So which did you go for in the end?

  4. I just realized how beautiful her eyes are. I like #8 and #6, but I think #4 is my favorite. Oh . . . I don’t know . . . I’m a blonde, too, so I’m probably not much help!

  5. In order: No 4, 1,5. Four has the most appeal (to me) but on cuteness factor, No 8. However, the eyes caught too much light in n0 8 and I have not idea how technical the judges might be.

    Darling tortie kitten. She is a winner in y eyes in all the shots.

  6. Lynn Delage

    It is a close choice between 1 & 6 but I think 6 is a little bit cuter.

  7. I’m to late, but I already know: you’ve choosen two of the cutiest photo’s of Pixels. Good luck! She’s a winner already 🙂

  8. The pictures you picked were cute and I voted. 🙂

  9. Gaaa, they’re all adorable! But #4 shows her to her best in my opinion – it’s her as the focus, just her and her adorableness!!

  10. They’re all adorable…personally I particularly feel for #2 🙂

  11. Very cute, what a great competition! #4 and #6 are my picks 🙂

    • They are the ones I ended up picking. Seem everyone likes those. I’ve posted them now and the competition is hotting up. Pixels is doing really well and has managed to jump right up to 5th place already but there is still a huge gap between her and 1st. She needs at least another 500 votes. Gosh, what have I let myself in for 🙂

  12. ooooohhh…Pixel is very cuuuuttteeee!!
    I like #1 the best

  13. 🙂 Like you I too am a ditzy blonde & would be useless trying to figure out what photos are the best!!! I am glad loyal readers helped you out!!! Pixels is VERY photogenic isn’t she??? Sherri-Ellen

    • Loyal readers mostly said “all of them” 😀 which was not a help at all. It seems you don’t have to be blonde to be confused 🙂

      • Mum sayz #2, #4, #6 n #8 wif a guud chance fer #7….MOL she iz no help either iz she?? Pixelz takez BERY guud photoz so makez it hard to decide fer Hu’manz…..
        Me LUBS #6 n #8…see we Katz KNOW what we like!!!!!! MOL~ Nylablue

  14. I can’t decide between #1 and #5.

  15. Wow, no. 7 is such long, long legs…


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