Rescue Reveal – Kitty & Puppy Haven

The wonderful children at St David’s Marist School organised a box of food and some blankets for donation.  Bless them!  I took this lot to Kitty & Puppy Haven, a Pro-Life Animal Shelter.  

Looking for a new Lap Warmer?

What a wonderful bunch but good golly, what a difficult time they are going through.

Kitty and Puppy Haven help approximately 3000 animals annually.  Not only do they rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs and cats but they also run a desperately needed Community Veterinary Clinic for the disadvantaged community close to them.  However, bureaucracy has a way of making “doing good” rather taxing. 

Is there a hole in your life

“After 6 years of applications regarding the re-zoning on their property, they were … provided with permission to run the community clinic.  However, recently the court advised that the agreement was null and void due to technicalities.”

They were given a month to either euthanize the 200 animals they had in their care, or find alternative premises.  I am pleased to say that they managed the later, although not without substantial costs and logistical nightmares.

A "Friend with Benefits" - how funny and cute is this?

A “Friend with Benefits” – how funny is this?

“The impact of this ruling affects far more than just the animals at the sanctuary.  All Alex residents who make use of the community clinic will no longer have access to the services of the Kitty and Pupy Haven vet….Over the past 12 years approximately 11000 animals have been helped by Kitty and Puppy Haven”.

Community Veterinary Clinic

I take my hat off to Samantha Berger, founder of the centre, for remaining positive and optimistic during this trying time.

You can hop over to their Website  or visit the Facebook site.

Above quotes and pictures are from Kitty & Puppy Haven’s website.

I took these the day I visited:

I may be just a pup but I have a very responsible job, watching over the office staff

I may be just a pup but I have a very responsible job, watching over the office staff

Oh yes, this is the life!

Oh yes, this is the life!

PS – please note that, despite the red tape, Long Life has finally been officially registered as a Non Profit Company.  The goal is to help shelters precisely like this one.  If you feel so inclined, please re-visit the updated How Can I Help and Donations pages.  Every tiny bit helps!


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93 responses to “Rescue Reveal – Kitty & Puppy Haven

  1. Glad to see a solution was found.

    • A solution found, yes but it does mean a couple of months downtime, during which they are going to be desperate for food and funds. They’re a tough bunch though and will certainly not give up on their animals, all of whom are considered as part of their family.

  2. Congratulations on your admission. The Kitty and Puppy Haven must be a marvellous place.. good puppy, you take care of your staff and take a break from time to time… now I have to look for a new lap warmer 😀

  3. Roxy the Traveling Dog

    Oh good for them. Too bad they had to go through such hard times, hopefully everything will be just great from here on out.

  4. I’m so pleased they managed to rehome those lovely animals, what a real shame for that community. So much red tape…

    • The red tape can be a real killer but they have found new premises. It just means they’ll have a couple of months of down time, during which they’ll be in extra need of food and funding. They’ll not give up on them, though. They regard each animal as part of their family.

  5. Oh he isn’t “just” a pup – he is the cutest pup (is it a Ridgeback?) Many thanks to kittypuppyhaven – they are great!

  6. We are so glad you are a registered nonprofit and know you will make a world of difference. So good to see shelters and pro-life animal communities helping out.

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

    • Thanks Katie and Cocco. We are so excited. It’s taken ages (which I actually agree it should, when it’s for charity. It’s so important that the funds and food reach the right places). Hopefully this is the beginning of a dream I’ve had for ages, to take the fundraising pressure off the people who’s time is so necessary with the animals. Yippee – a new life ahead!

  7. What darling photos…..and what an incredible job the Haven does- despite the bureaucracy and red tape and obstacles they are continuing their work. Bless you and them and anyone involved in saving the precious homeless, helpless animals of the world.

    Pam (and Sam)

    • They really do manage to do an incredible job. They’ll be suffering a few months down time now, which means they’ll be desperate for food but they’ll make it through. They won’t let a bit of bureaucracy stop them!

  8. What a brilliant job they do and a big booooo to all the red tape and difficulties the authorities throw in the way of such great people. Bravo to all at K&P Haven. High 5! Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Thanks Molly. They are a great crowd and are far stronger than anything the “red tape” could throw at them. It just means a couple of months down time, though, during which they are going to be desperate for food. They’ll make it through, though – they’re a tough bunch

  9. So pleased they sorted all those kitties out, we are all behind with blogs and emails, our computer blew up yesterday but will mails you xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. I sometimes feel the governments are truly against the people who try to help. Bless them for what they do! Thanks for writing about them.

    • I agree, it does sometimes feel like the government is doing it’s best to make it hard to do good but they will overcome this. Their love for the animals is far great than anything the Gov can throw at them. Just means that they will be down for a couple of months and, therefore, desperate for food. They make it though.

  11. I’m so happy they found a solution but it makes me sad that folks who are obviously doing such good work can’t get a break

  12. Omigoodness – keeping paws crossed for future success for the kittens and puppies. As well as for your newly minted non-profit!

  13. Congrats on your new status. Red tape makes me nutz….

  14. Congrats on both fronts – their success and your nonprofit status. You have both already made a world of difference. Thank you!

    • Aw, thanks. Really appreciated. It’s an exciting time and hopefully all goes really well. It’s been my dream for so long now, to concentrate on helping so the wonderful people running the shelters can concentrate on the animals.

  15. Gee, and I thought red tape in the states was bad! *whew*

    • I can understand the red tape when it comes to the creation of a Non Profit, as the controls need to be far greater, ensuring money reaches the correct places but to deny an organization that has been running successfully for years and doing so much for the community around them just amazes me. They are a tough bunch, though and will not let this bring them down. There biggest problem is that it means a couple of months down time, during which they will be desperate for food and supplies.

  16. That is so sad the government has to throw a wrench in to good thing.

    Congrats on your new status!!

    • Thanks so much. It took forever and the red tape is crazy, although I do understand when it’s a non profit. I actually agree that the controls need to be more stringent to make sure that assistance goes where it’s needed.

  17. Yeah, I echo Rumpydog…Wow, I hopes everythings works out permantly for them! And, that pups is soooo cute!!

    • Thanks Ruby. Looks like everything will work out for them. They’re a tough bunch and won’t let this stop them from doing good. The pups is proof that the animals in their care do, in fact, have a life. Pretty good one as you can see.

  18. Red tape ruins so many good ideas and initiatives such as this, I will keep my fingers crossed that it all works out for them.

    • It looks like it definitely will. It does mean downtime for them, whilst they handle the move, etc so times will be quite tough until they are up and running properly but the animals will all be fine. They just desperately need food whilst their adoption rates plummet due to moves. Thanks for all the good thoughts. Much appreciated.

  19. Leo

    Although i have always brought my children up to respect animals it is saddening to see that they now end up as live toys. It is also sad to see how many animals end up in shelters and sometimes have to be put down.They had an advert in the Uk a few years ago that said” puppies are not just for Christmas` as so many animals were abandoned in the New Year.

    • So very, very true. They are forever and not just a present. Great thought has to go into taking on a pet. I remember having a terrible argument with someone who wanted to adopt a cat for their partner. The person simply could not understand why I was insistent that the person responsible for the animal had to come in and agree.

  20. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    “a new lap warmer” – that’s so cute! (and true!!)

  21. How sad that they were forced to leave. I’m glad the animals will still be saved. BTW, that pup is a perfect cutie! 🙂

  22. Congratulations,,,hope you are well on the way to sorting out the ‘red tape’!. Julia

  23. Hope everything works out for them. It is just terrible when people are trying to do such great things and then this happens.

  24. Congratulations! What a massive undertaking becoming a not-for-profit is so kudos to you for sticking it out!

  25. God I wish I had the time, money, and space to adopt. My Smooshy is all I can handle right now. One day when I have more space, though, I’m going to get involved with rescue work. I was inspired by Julie KIam’s book about rescuing Boston Terriers.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  26. So glad they found a new location. Thanks to all the shelters out there and all that they do. Cute pictures!

    • Such wonderful people that run all these shelters. The new location looks wonderful, although it does mean that they will not be able to operate for a couple of months now, which does make things very difficult for them. Wishing them all the best.

  27. Thank you for sharing what could have been a very sad story.
    The photos you took were lovely.
    And I’m so happy you are now a registered non-profit organization! Yay! 🙂

  28. So glad they were able to save them! Hopefully things continue to go well.
    If I was a millionaire, I would have a mansion full of rescue animals.
    And omg, that puppy is SOOO CUTE, I want him!!

  29. Wünsche schöne glückliche Ostertage lieber Gruß. Gislinde

    • Um, thank you – I think 😀 Lieber – I’m assuming is love and I’m thinking maybe there’s a wonderful in there? Sorry, basically no idea 🙂 PS – loved the Celtic music on your site but couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment. Thank you so much for popping by here.

  30. Congratulations that you’re now officially registered! 😀
    i think you’re doing a good job!

  31. They sound like a wonderful shelter, I feel so thankful each time i read a post about a loving place like this that helps so many animals in need. Congratulations on your non-profit registration, that is a huge deal!! I know you are going to do so much good with that too 🙂

    • Yes, they are a wonderful shelter, do fantastic work and truly love all the animals. It is so heartwarming to see.
      Thanks for the congrats on the non-profit. I hope I am able to attain my vision. Here’s to a whole new chapter in life!

  32. all the best to you, Susan. congratulations and woo-hoo! ♥

  33. god bureaucracy can be stupid!

    • Bureaucracy most certainly can and it spends an awful amount of time preventing good people from doing good things. At least they have managed to find a solution which did not require simply ridding the planet of the animals in their care due to “technicalities”.

  34. I’m back. I couldn’t stop thinking of this post. Went and liked their fb page and yours and linked your page up to two facebook groups that I’m connected with (as a writer) but the woman who runs it is a big dog lover and lives in South Africa. The power of love and communication can do wonders. I sure do hope this helps. It sure can’t hurt. I’m deeply moved by all this group, you, and other kind hearted animal loving friends do to help end needless suffering of our wonderful fury friends. Paulette Mahurin (my fb photo on your like column here is the one with all the dogs surrounding me – 🙂 )

    • What an incredibly kind and wonderful thing to have done. Thank you so very, very much. I believe this is precisely the type of thing required – communication. It is the best way you could possibly have helped and I am truly grateful. Thank you Paulette. I will be hopping over to fb shortly to have a look. Looking forward to seeing all your dogs surrounding you. I am glad that you have that.

  35. I thought only the U.S. treated shelters like this. I’m glad they found a new home but sorry their clinic won’t be able to help the community.

    • I guess it’s a world wide problem. It is so sad that people trying to do so much good are handed additional, unnecessary problems. Shelters such as these will never euthanize a healthy animal. If they cannot find a suitable home, they keep, love and look after them for the rest of their natural lives. At least they have managed to find a solution to move them but, as you say, it is now going to make it incredibly difficult for them to continue the wonderful clinic for the underprivileged in that area.

  36. Bet the clinic will be very sorely missed by all the local residents. Do hope they’ll be able to sort a new one out soon. A relief that the Kitty & Puppy Haven has a new (legal) home but what a lot of fuss/bother/heartache 😦

  37. That must have been so worrying for them and what a shame for the community. I hope everything gets sorted soon.

    • Well, they’ve found new premises, which is wonderful. It does, however, mean a couple of months downtime for them, during moving and setting up. Between moving and downtime, it ends up costing them a fortune – something these shelters can ill afford. Got to love bureaucracy

  38. good thing such organization exist in your country…we don’t have it here 😦

    love the last pic 😉

  39. First, Congratulations on being registered as a Non Profit!!!! It really makes me so sad to read when wonderful people try to do so many great things to help out the animals and they have to deal with stupid technicalities. Thank you for this wonderful post and letting us all know. xo

    • Yes, sometimes one does wonder. Here are people, going out of their way to do nothing but good but they get messed around completely. Not to worry, though, they are fighters and will make it work. They’ll certainly not be giving up on the animals, that’s for sure.

  40. Hurrah on yer status!!! Well dun LLC&D’z…you ROCK!! Lub Nylablue n Mum.

    • Finally! Good golly, they sure make it a lengthy and drawn out process. Thanks for the congrats – really appreciate it. Hope you are alright Nylablue, as the last I saw you were on your way to the (shhhhhh) vet.

      • Mum sayz you iz in 2nd place today Pixelz!!! Concatulashunz…we iz hopin fer ya to make 1st place!!! Eben if ya stay in 2nd you IZ #1 in our bookz!!!!!!
        Me DID go to Vet az me iz sick…Mum will do a blog about me n her az we both were bery sick….we DID do a Wordless Wednesday today 🙂
        Hope you will pip pver n check out our pix!! Lub Nylablue n Mum

  41. These poor beautiful, vulnerable beings. I’m so glad re the solution, but truly, I love you for the work you do.

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