Silly Sit Saturday

Adopt your next furry friend and you too could be subjected to idiotic antics

Laugh not at my unique sitting position

If you’re anything like my Mother, then laughter at my unique sitting style is currently ensuing.

Surely this is how all cats sit

I have no idea why.  I think this is a perfectly normal way to sit.  I’ve seen the humans do it before!


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118 responses to “Silly Sit Saturday

  1. You could sing like that! That would be cool!!!

  2. I was wondering about that too. Definitely looks comfortable.

  3. That is funny and cute. Your so beautiful!

  4. This pose is hilarious! We sleep on our backs with our feet up in the air!

  5. That’s great – thanks for my making my saturday :o)

  6. Aww.. sweetie however you sit is fine with me. If its comfortable go for it.

  7. What great photos 🙂

  8. I think it is a very dainty ladylike pose for a kitten that I thought of as quite a little tomgirl! Pixels you are a character!!

  9. Lovely captures… the cat looks comfy…

  10. Roxy the Traveling Dog

    That is super cute!! What a silly kitten.

  11. I have seen the humans do that too. I haven’t mastered it nearly as well as you, though. I fall over like I’m drunk.

    Love and licks,

  12. What a pose. Pawsome.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Oh that is so funny 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. That is HILARIOUS!!!! Meow!!!!

  15. Now there’s a kitty with personality! Thanks for the chuckle.

  16. veraersilia

    A most beautiful tortie cat! she is endearing – I love “tortie” cats! this one seems to be on the silver side, or the slight blue color you added really makes the photos special….

    • No colour added. Just took the photos on my cell phone and published. She was sitting near my computer whilst I was working and decided this was a great very comfy position. This little one has me in stitches everyday but it’s hard to capture most of it on camera.

      • veraersilia

        Yes there are some cats that have a special personality. My daughter here in Idaho (I live in her house but in my apartment), got a new kitten this year and this little guy, 3 mos.old, all on his own, soon began to bring toys to her throwing them at her so she would pick them up and throw them for him to retrieve, like a dog. The he began to bring her “significant” things: a fortune cookie slip that said : “you are working too hard, relax and take time for yourself” – and it was right!
        her toothbrush one time; once he first brought her a pen an then an envelope, so we wondered what he wanted her to write and to whom…. It was him that picked THEM when they went to the cat shelter; the second time they went there he came right up to the cage bars and called them. He is now one year old, a long legged dark grey tiger, DSH, smart as whip, with a long round tail that reminds me of the snow leopard’s tail. Cats are such fun & marvel !!! (so are dogs…).

      • What an incredibly intelligent and fun cat. Just wonderful.

  17. Cats are the best! Funny creatures. Silly ones. I love these photos, they make me smile xx

  18. Hee hee! It looks so funny seeing a cat sit like that. 😀

  19. Adore that nose! The pose is just perfect for the little minx that she is 😉

  20. OMD!! BOL! BOL!! Oh, you have me and my Ma rollin’ on the floor here!
    I sit ‘sloppy’ too! Ma thinks I should be embarrassed, butts I say sit the way it’s comfy! Sloppy is comfy! BOL

  21. She looks quite comfy to me! The only time Mom has caught me in this position was whiIe I was “mid-bath” licking my tummy and she called my name and got me with Mr. Flashy before I realizd what was going on!! Humans are sneaky!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • That was a sneaky way to catch you. Rather rude, if you ask me 🙂 This, however, was how Pixels decided she was most comfortable and had sat there for a while before I grabbed my cell phone to take some pictures. This little one has me in stitches everyday 🙂

  22. Since this is KITTY related I told my brother, (Dakota) that I would comment! This is CODY!! I don’t think that is idiotic! I think that is adorable!

  23. That is a silly sit! She doesn’t even know what a cute little comedienne she is. 🙂

  24. I love when cats do that pose! 😉 What beautiful markings and colors. Lovely cat!

  25. Oh my. I love it…so much. My Desoto has some funny sits, but not as great as this one.

  26. That looks like a comfortable pose to me!

  27. Mouses!! Now that is a great way to sit…and I bet it is most comfy too

  28. You do look a bit like Michelle Pfeiffer lounging on the piano in The Fabulous Baker Boys!

  29. That Pixels is one funny little kitty cat!

  30. You are too funny, Pixels! Next you’ll be wanting to sit at the table to eat.

  31. Seems normal to me too. Humans just laugh at the strangest things, don’t they?

  32. It’s a lovely way to sit 😉

  33. Run A Muck Ranch

    A charm school lady – just like my Emmi 🙂

  34. amberafrica


  35. Hahahahaha! I love the pictures 🙂

  36. Adorable! She’s so beautiful! =^.^=

  37. Quite an unusual posture for a cat, isn’t it? Greatly intelligent expression though. It seems to be saying, ” Why am I famous?”


  38. She really can’t figure out what your problem is, human.

  39. Did you say silly? Really? OK, it is your turn, Mom! Try to sit like I do – for minutes, elegantly and, of course, comfortably! 🙂

  40. Such an elegant cat, but aren’t they all? 😆

  41. How adorable!! This is the first time I have ever seen a cat sit like this!! Pixels, you are one amazing kitty!

  42. HoooOOOOoOOowWWWWWWWwwwwLLLLLLLLooooooooooLLLL!! Oh dear! But of course this is a perfectly normal way to sit! lol … exactly what I would expect from you! Lol 🙂

  43. I love these photos.She looks so comfy and cute. 🙂

  44. So much cuteness in one place!

  45. Long Life I think you’ll find she was posing to see how long before you got the camera out 🙂

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