Legless! Or maybe, one too many?

One of my blog pals, the Colonialist to be exact, noted that Pixels appears to have an extra front leg.

Can you spot my 3rd leg?

Can you spot my 3rd leg?

Bet you can’t do that for Mischief Monday!!

PS – It’s just my chest colouring, I promise.


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119 responses to “Legless! Or maybe, one too many?

  1. Lovely, Must add it took me a second take to analyze it.

  2. A very curious photo – can you reproduce it? Or just a one-off catch?

  3. Ha, we see it. Good one, Pixels!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  4. Pixels is so cute! I bet she’s making you do everything she wants you to do 😉

  5. Ha ha it does look like three legs. Wow! Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Certainly does look like an extra leg, trust Col to spot it 🙂

  7. How neat! It does look like you have three front legs. :0)

  8. NOTHING would surprise me about Pixels!! 🙂

  9. That’s a bit of a creepy coat coloring!

  10. If anyone would have spotted it, it would most certainly have been Col. You didn’t get a rhyme about it? 🙂

  11. She’s using her tail as a blanky. What a clever girl! 😉 xoxoM

  12. Hee-hee, that is sooo cute. That Pixel is adorable.

  13. catfromhell

    Funny shot! Pixel-yous gorgeous with 0-1-2 or 3 legs!

  14. Pixels is just a special kitty!

  15. *mow* now I´m a bit envious … going to have a look on my fur but am afraid it´s just white and fluffy 😉 Pixel is soooo lovely! xxx´s

  16. Oh she’s sooooooooooooooo cute but that is a very weird optical illusion with the extra leg….!

    Pam and Sam

  17. It looks really like an additional leg …maybe its a foldable leg like the landing gear of an airplane?

  18. Maybe you should rename her Zaphod Beeblebrox 🙂

    (A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference, for those who don’t get it 😉 Zaphod has three arms.)

  19. Made me do a double take for sure – I thought some photoshop trickery was happening for a second.

    • Wish I knew how to use photoshop, or any editing software for that matter however, having a kitten like Pixels, means I don’t have to bother. She manages to come up with all sorts of interesting stuff all on her own.

  20. ‘I’m Jake the Peg, deedle eedle eedle um, With my extra leg, deedle eedle eedle um. Wherever I go through rain and …’ (Rolf Harris)
    But as it happens, I’m a cat,
    In case you had some doubts of that,
    It’s simply pixels on my frame,
    Which go together with my name …

  21. I love that, your third leg. Better than having a third leg, is that you probably have a big loving heart.

  22. OMD! It does look like a leg!

  23. Too many legs could get confusing. Lucky it’s just fur coloring!!

    Love and licks and 1-2-3-4 – Just checking…,

  24. Oooh! Pixels!! So cute 😉 But really…3 front legs is being a bit greedy don’t you think!!! Deary deary me! 🙂

  25. I had to look and look and look and kept seeing a third paw and of course I had to come here because our Max only has 3 paws, born missing one (but don’t tell anyone cause he has no idea).

  26. hmmm, very difficult to spot this…better get the magnifier. lol!

  27. wow, so cool, thanks for sharing.

  28. Haha it does look like another leg. She is so darn cute.

  29. Ooooh that is tricksy of you Pixel!
    Wally & Sammy

  30. This is too cute…for words!!!! May we catnap?

  31. Hee hee it’s true!

  32. Leo

    Maybe you should rename Pixels to Tripod.:-) I have several cats that come to visit and they sleep in the most peculiar positions and places. I will miss this entertainment next month when I move, but there are always other things to photograph and places to see.

  33. It does look like she might have an extra limb. 🙂

  34. Just think of all the grooming you could do with an extra paw!

  35. Omigosh, it really does look like exactly what you say…. SO great! 🙂

  36. Awww. Adorable markings. My Sprocket only has three legs but usually it looks like he has four.

  37. Lol, she’s a cuty !!

    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link

  38. I wanted to let you know you won two awards.. 🙂 http://peacelovenwhiskers.com/about/awards/ it’s the top and second from the top. Enjoy!

  39. Chancy the Gardener

    Lol, it really does look like she has an extra leg. What a super precious face. Hugs and nose kisses

  40. aaaawwww…Pixel is really cute. you do look like you have 3 front legs 😉

    is that your chest fat?

  41. whatremainsnow

    This is so interesting. I had to look for a long while NOT to see the third leg. Thank you for stopping by my blog from Roxy’s Artsy Fartsy Tuesday.

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