When I put out my call for help with Jangles (my missing cat), I was simply astounded by the help and reaction of my wonderful fellow bloggers. How could I then not help others going through the same ordeal. Dixie has been missing since December 2, 2012 from Reidsville, Georgia. I know I have readers all over the world and I pray that someone, somewhere, may have news for Dixie’s parents.

Collies Of The Meadow

Recent news had  a collie found in Georgia but when trying to contact the phone # it was not the right one and the email address did not answer which makes us wonder.   So, once again we are still looking for Dixie.  Each time I post we get leads but each time they have ended up a dead end.  But, we keep looking and trying.  I know someone just recently found a dog they had lost ten years earlier.  So, we can’t give up hope yet, however, I am saddened we havent found her yet.

For all those who have looked and helped a huge thank you but dont give up yet.. she may still be out there….

Several leads have occurred but nothing is known about Dixie as of yet.  It is time for a huge appeal to the only power I know that knows exactly where she is…

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  1. What a beautiful dog, but sad.

    • Very sad but everyone was so incredible in terms of helping me to get the news of Jangles out that I simply could not sit back and do nothing about this. I’m sure I have some readers in the area and one never knows how this news might spread.

  2. Sadly, a dog as beautiful as that was probably picked up and possibly kept or sold. Why don’t people who find them take them to a vet and search for a micro chip or something? It is hard to lose a collie that large!

  3. Gee….Dixie’s been missing long enough that we would imagine she has a new home by now somewhere – at least we hope so. Maybe she will find her way back though. Animals can be quite persistent!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. I really hope for good news. I often think of your Jangles and of what you must be feeling. I truly hope this results in good news.

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  5. Every little bit counts and if everyone did their part, more pets would find their way home. Posters around town, and go online and find your local place to post for “missing pets”. I just noticed that our local APL where we rescued our two dogs, has a link on their site for missing pets in our area. That is good to know since I did not know of this link before. Spread the word everywhere! I know if one of our dogs got out, I would want to die because I love them so much. I hope Dixie can make it home!

    • It sounds as though these people have been doing everything in their power to try to find her. I, for my part, will do the little bit that I can. News spreads around the internet so fast that it’s always worth a try.

  6. The Red Man posted on Slow’s fb page since Georgia is in South Carolina’s neck of the woods. Hope Dixie makes it home.

  7. I hope someone knows something. Its so awful when a pet goes missing:-(

  8. Do hope they are lucky in finding out what happened. We’ve posted on facebook. You never know…

  9. Mom and I say prayers for Dixie every day. Also, she sent the story to a friend to send to her relatives who live in GA. we hope Dixie comes home soon.

  10. Such sadness when much loved pets go missing…I hope one day they will all be reunited with their owners… Wolfie hugs 🙂

  11. Oh I hope Dixie is found soon.

  12. Lets hope they are united again xxx

  13. That’s terrible. I hope he’ll be found. Share this on FB. He’s beautiful. I’ll hop over to his site now.. 😦

  14. I hope they will find Dixie soon! We shared their post in case it might help.

  15. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Again and again and again: animals are so at the mercy of us. My best wishes for this little darling.

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