Valentines Valuable Votes

Yes, we’re doing it again.  We need your votes in order to win in Mollie & Alfie’s fabulous Valentines Ball competition

Not to make you feel guilty or anything but your votes are not for us, they are for the poor, abandoned, abused and neglected pets of the world. 

Pixels at only 8 weeks old, already has Scout and Teddy (count that - 2 handsome dates!) for the ball

Pixels at only 8 weeks old, already has Scout and Teddy (count that – 2 handsome dates!) for the ball

Pixels: Been on this planet for a mere 8 weeks.  Lost her Mom at 6 weeks.  Been run over by a car.  Taken to the vet and X-Rayed.  Picked up by complete strangers (that’d be me).  Put in a home with strange cats and a dog.  Somehow, managed to organize 2, yes 2 handsome dates for Valentines Ball.  Apparently Scout and Teddy think she is hotness percatified!

Shadow with the most fun date on the PLANET, Cocco the mini pig (and a bum tickling cupcake)

Shadow with the most fun date on the PLANET, Cocco the mini pig (and a bum tickling cupcake)

Shadow: Lost her Mom at 4 weeks of age.  Got taken home by stranger (yes, me again).  Grew up to be simply stunningly beautiful.  Nabbed herself a seriously hot date with Coccolino the Mini Pig.  He’s so sweet he even made Shadow a cupcake for the date, which for reasons unbeknown to us, he appears to be using to brush Shadow’s hot little butt?!?

Litchi and the utterly to die for, handsome pup Raffles (so young and yet so dapper)

Litchi and the utterly to die for, handsome pup Raffles (so young and yet so dapper)

Litchi: Roamed the streets being neglected and badly treated for her first 6 months on earth.  Trusted no-one.  Got taken home by strange individual (gosh, could that be me again?).  Went from supposedly “people aggressive” to working with children, helping to teach them Dog Body Language.  Hit the jackpot and got a date with Raffles, the mighty handsome Standard Poodle Pup.  They make the perfect Black & White couple and Litchi, knowing that this would be Raffles first Ball attendance, ensured she’d make him feel comfortable by wearing a quite stunning wig to match Raffles’ curly fur.

What you need to do:

  1. Hop over to Mollie & Alfie’s before 3am (British Time).
  2. DO NOT get distracted by looking at any of the other awesome entries!!!
  3. To avoid letting yourself, your conscience and your country down, ignore the entire post and scroll immediately to the comments (you may go back and look after capturing your entirely biased vote).
  4. Vote for Sweetest Couple and Hottest Couple (obviously, we’re wanting one of these three in each)
  5. Vote by putting comment eg # 1 Pixels Scout and Teddy, # 2 Raffles and Litchi, # 3 Cocco and Shadow (or whatever order you would like – see, not all that biased as you are allowed to choose between these three).

The rescue animals of the world thank you!

Our incredible photographs and attire were generously done by:

Shadow and Cocco – Festooned by the incredible Mom, owned by the fabulous guinea pigs of Hutch A Good Life

Litchi and Raffles – Amazingly attired by Raffles’ Help from The Princess Tails

Pixels, Scout and Teddy – Adorned by Scout and Teddy’s slave over at Dogs n Pawz

My eternal thanks to the handsome dates and their slaves/help/producers.


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52 responses to “Valentines Valuable Votes

  1. Talk about shameless self-promotion ROFLOL!!! These are all excellent competitors, but my sweet Misaki and are are clearly the sweetest couple at the Ball 😉 (PS Wish I’d thought of this )

  2. On my way to vote. (Lucky cuties to have been taken in by you) 🙂

  3. Blatant self promotion (you’re learning from Leo and Doggy!) will normally get you everywhere but you got to us TOO LATE 😦 Sorry dear Pixels, Shadow and Litchi – doesn’t mean we don’t think all three of you aren’t drop dead gorgeous! Your dates for the Ball are hot too 😀

  4. LOL this brings back memories Susan 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. hahahaha
    This is too precious, however, I’ve voted, the 3 kittens are too sexy to resist.
    I can’t believe you are already sending Saruman on dates, isn’t she too little for that? I’ll call social services.

    • You’re just jealous cause she’s not going with you. I doubt it’s an age related issue 🙂 I know you are still wanting to see what she looks like shaved but she really couldn’t go to the ball naked!
      I hope you are proud that your student has learnt the begging rules.

  6. We knew it would be difficult but we already cheated and voted by the lottery method, ie pick a number. Sorry about that. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  7. Great post! Teddy and Scout are ready for the Ball!

  8. Sadly I did #2 before reading your warning. now I can’t make a decision – what a dilemma… Raffles and Litchi look great together ;o)

  9. catfromhell

    Yous guys looks PAWSOME! Me would LOVES to tells yous whom me is voting for, but that’s a secret!

  10. Those are awesome pictures, I have to head over and check everything out.

  11. Absolutely shameless…! 😉
    Good luck… 🙂

  12. Not looking at the other entries is good advice. Everyone looks so beautiful (silly, ridiculous, hilarious, strange, funny, and freaky) that it’s almost impossible to choose! Good begging plan. Good luck.

  13. SO many cuties. One of them has to win, right!?

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  14. I voted as ordered. Hope they take votes from Richmond, VA!!!!

  15. Your crew is really having a ball at the ball ! Loved the outfits and the red carpet cruise was certainly pixelriffic!!!!

    Pam and Sam

  16. *BOL* You have NO shame!!! Mom thinks you are hysterically funny.
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Oh man, so many awesome entries, I can’t handle the pressure! I need more votes!!

  18. OK, OK, now can I get my arm back to try and unwind it, please? 🙂

  19. It’s just so subtle… what was it you wanted us to do? vote for… BOL!

  20. Chancy and Mumsy

    We wish you all lots of luck at the Ball. We did not vote because Mumsy wanted to vote for everybody and that is not allowed. Love this post!! Too cute! Hugs and nose kisses

  21. Leo

    I never realised that guinea pigs looked so much like big pigs. The only thing is the have softer fur. 🙂 Glad you had a good response. I would think it`s donations not votes that are needed, like our local ” Paws “.

    • Ah, I think I created a bit of confusion there. Cocco is a Mini Pig, not a Guinea Pig. This whole thing was really just for the general fun of it and I just figured that, if I happened to win anything, I’d have it donated to the shelter of the “givers” choice. I’ve done that before with another competition and every little bit helps.

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