What’s a DOG?!

Right Pixels, it’s time to meet The Dog

NO !!!

NO !!!

Really Pixels, don’t pull tongues, it’s not lady like.  Just come on out and meet her.

I said NO !!!

I said NO !!!

Oh Pixels, it’s just Litchi – she’s a sweetie.

But I'm feeling a bit shy

But I’m feeling a bit shy

Go on, do it for Mommy

Alright then, where is she?

Alright then, where is she?

OK, I'm coming out now

OK, I’m coming out now

Hello Litchi

Hello Litchi

So, that's a DOG

So, that’s a DOG

Can I give you a kiss, then?

Can I give you a kiss, then?

Ah, my Litchi Love, you are such a good girl!

Alright, that was fun but can I please go back to sleep now?

Alright, that was fun but can I please go back to sleep now?

Excuse the blurs but phone cameras are not great at movement shots.  As for the rest, I must say I’m quite pleased with my phone!







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154 responses to “What’s a DOG?!

  1. Oh wow! Didn’t that go well! Litchi is a real lady and that last shot of Pixels is to die for 😀

  2. Kha

    So sweet! I’m happy to hear they love each other!

  3. Aw, love how the pics tell the story.

  4. That was lovely and the kiss, Litchi is such a good girl 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. and a friendship has begun! I thought it was only appropriate that I would comment, it’s Dakota’s brother, Cody!

  6. Oh my goodness.. what a beautiful girl!

  7. I think the phone did an outstanding job… loved the sequence…

  8. AW what cuties!! And Litchi is so good!

  9. How absolutely adorable……Litchi is such a GOOD girl to be so sweet to “Pixie” (!!!)……Pixels is officially accepted!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. What a wonderful dog Litchi is to just lay there and let Pixels “explore” her. And what a cute cute kitty! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her coloring before. 🙂 Awesome!

    • Isn’t the kitty just a gorgeous looking thing? )
      I cannot tell you how proud I am of Litchi. She used to be absolutely terrified of cats and behaved awfully around them. Just look how good she is now. My little angel 🙂

  11. How cute!!! Litchi is such a good dog and Pixels seems happy to have finally come out to say hi 🙂

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  12. Love the fact you captured the moment on camera. Here’s hoping all goes on well.

  13. Well done Pixels and Litchi. Pawsome meet and greet. Onwards and upwards. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Oh geez they are BOTH so dang cute! That last picture of Pixels is a heart stealer. I think she is smiling!

  15. That was sooooooo cute. Litchi is such a good dog.

  16. How cute! Looks like a very good first meeting!

  17. Love! This one will be ruling the house in no time.

  18. How lucky you all were to find each other

  19. That’s just great. Wish I could se the first “meet&great”…and Litchi…you are an ANGEL!

  20. Pixels! What an awesome name!!! It fits your beautiful coloring perfectly. I’m glad you like dogs.

  21. Litchi was so good – the photo of them together is sweet!

  22. veraersilia

    I love that last shot of Pixel… thank you.

  23. OMG…those were fabulous pictures, love her she is cute as a bug. Glad her and Litchi meeting went well.

  24. OMD!! Who couldn’t LOVE that face?! And Litchi…what a doll !! I thinks they’re gonna get along FABulously! Paws crossed for Jangles…

  25. Good job, Litchi! You were very brave. Cats scare me. I usually only see them in my neighborhood. Sometimes they hide under cars when I come by. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to kill me.

    Love and licks,

    • Aw Cupcake, don’t worry, Litchi used to be absolutely terrified of cats and behaved just awfully around them. I am such a proud Mom that she has come so far. Litchi says to tell you that they are not trying to kill you 😀 and are actually quite good playmates.

  26. catfromhell

    Now that was a great meeting!

  27. Talking of Litchi – we need to organise their Valentine pic – are you any good at this stuff? How should we handle it? I approve all comments so if you want to send me your e-mail address as a comment, I won’t publish it!!

    • Will hop over there shortly to give you my email. Thanks. The gorgeous piggies at Hutch a good life have very sweetly agreed to dress them up for us (unfortunately, I’m no good at this stuff – largely because I don’t have any photo editing software 😀 )
      Chat soon.

  28. She is precious…and Litchi was very nice not to attack! The two of them are adorable. My dogs would go after a kitten if they saw one:( I can’t say they would be as nice as Litchi!

  29. Awwww! I am in love! What awesome beautiful photos of Pixel (great name too!) she is the most adorable loveable and cuddlesome kitt I’ve seen in a long time 🙂 More please! Lots and lots more!! 🙂 Wolfie hugs 🙂

  30. These are fabulous pictures and The Red Man says he thinks he might like Pixels, too – he admires her manners with The Dog. 🙂

  31. Litchi is such a wonderful doggie to just lay there and let Pixels give her a kiss…So sweet…They are going to be great friends!!!!

  32. What good girls. They’re both adorable! xoM

  33. Run A Muck Ranch

    Very cute. How long before Pixels makes it clear who is REALLY in charge? 🙂

  34. What a great series of photos and perfect captions too. 🙂

  35. Such a cute series, Susan. They are both adorable. 🙂

  36. long way to the bottom Miss Susan and Litchi and Pixie is so very sweet…and every one of those photos is priceless!

  37. Leo

    Animals seem to make the best photo`s for comments, it just needs the imagination which you have an abundance.

  38. Ohhh Saruman is sooo cute, I really like her.
    Send it to me please, I’ll shave her cuz I don’t like hair on my clothes, but I’ll take good care of her, I’ll buy her coats to compensate the lack of hair.

  39. Awww, good job Pixels! And Litchi too!!

  40. That was just a big pile of pure sweetness. Pixel is adorable!

  41. Litchi is so good , she lays perfectly still for Pixels to smell and investigate. I was amazed 🙂

  42. What lovely pictures, I do hope it was treats all round!

  43. ADORABLENESSSSS!!! what wonderful images….

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