What’s a DOG?!

Right Pixels, it’s time to meet The Dog

NO !!!

NO !!!

Really Pixels, don’t pull tongues, it’s not lady like.  Just come on out and meet her.

I said NO !!!

I said NO !!!

Oh Pixels, it’s just Litchi – she’s a sweetie.

But I'm feeling a bit shy

But I’m feeling a bit shy

Go on, do it for Mommy

Alright then, where is she?

Alright then, where is she?

OK, I'm coming out now

OK, I’m coming out now

Hello Litchi

Hello Litchi

So, that's a DOG

So, that’s a DOG

Can I give you a kiss, then?

Can I give you a kiss, then?

Ah, my Litchi Love, you are such a good girl!

Alright, that was fun but can I please go back to sleep now?

Alright, that was fun but can I please go back to sleep now?

Excuse the blurs but phone cameras are not great at movement shots.  As for the rest, I must say I’m quite pleased with my phone!







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154 responses to “What’s a DOG?!

  1. Oh, lovely.I love they way they meet without force.:)

  2. Hey Lady Litchi, Jet here.

    What a cutie patootie Pixel is! You did our species proud meeting her so calmly… I predict family harmony for sure.

    BTW, thanks to you and Mom for all your kind words of support during Mom’s time you know where. We’re all so grateful to be together, we’re watching her like a hawk!

  3. What a truly lovely sequence! Heartwarming.

  4. pixels is the cutest and how adorable this meeting of friends…i enjoyed your moment with them. 🙂

  5. So adorable! Great pics! I love the tongue shot. 🙂

  6. I’m not sure either one of my dogs would allow such a thing. Good for Litchi!!

  7. Reblogged this on The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and commented:
    Wonderful photos that certainly answer What’s a Dog. Love this one.

  8. Wonderful! I’ll be thinking of this all day. ❤ Paulette

  9. st sahm

    I’m going to read this to my kids when they get home from school!

  10. Awww.. so, so cute. The last photo of Pixel looks like a painting. Very beautiful. Litchi is such a sweet lady and she looks so much like my dog 🙂

  11. Adorable. Very Adorable

  12. So cute! When my two kitties were about that small a friend of mine brought a dog over for a visit – just a little dog even – Belle disappeared instantly, and Sara thought about running away and thought about coming to what this whole “dog” thing was all about – couldn’t really make up her mind so she just sat nearby, and observed, ready to flee if needed. That was kind of cute too.

    • Definitely cute. Sara sounds like a brave little kitty

      • She can be – usually the first of the two to try something new, and then her sister will steal the idea and completely own it forcing Sara to find new ways to *ahem* get into trouble *ahem* be entertained.

      • 😀 Sounds like you have a lot of mayhem going on in your place, especially if Sara is constantly having to find new ways 🙂

      • LOTS! And we consider Sara the good one. Sure, she may find new ways to get into trouble, but she never goes back and does any of the old ways once she has relinquished them to Belle. Belle, on the otherhand, does them all… when she is bored, when she wants attention, when she doesn’t want attention, when she just wants to play, when she thinks I’ve slept enough… She makes up for it though, check out my “I sat down to write” post from yesterday…

  13. cocoaupnorth

    So beautiful. You’ve captured the sequence so well.

  14. THE MOST ADORABLE thing I’ve seen in so long. My dogs have all been so patient and sweet when they’re introduced to cats and kitties. The understanding in your dog’s eyes are too much!

  15. This is so gorgeous! I love it!!

    So THIS is a dog 🙂

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