Pixels! Or is it?

Help!  I need a name

Help! I need a name

It’s Sunday, late afternoon (fine, you’re right, it’s not Sunday.  It’s quite obviously Tuesday but give me a break here, we’re pretending we are still on Sunday). 

I’m about to leave the house to go on my Jangles search expedition when the call comes in.  There’s a 6-week old kitten at the vet, having been hit by a car (she’s alright but scared and needs a home).  Would I take it?

Do these guys know I’m a sucker or what!?

Oh she'll fall for me - yes indeed!

Oh she’ll fall for me – yes indeed!

Yes, I am a pathetic sap but my priority is Jangles.  I will not give her a home but I will foster her and find her a home (falling for that?  No?  Didn’t think so).  BC (Basket Case hubby) reacts as usual.  The eyes roll in exasperation.  The sigh is heavy.  We’re too busy.  We’ve got too many animals.  We have to find Jangles.  Finally, I get the expected “oh, alright, we can go past and see her.  Then we’ll decide”.

Nothing ever changes.  We get there, he picks her up, says her name is Saragon (what???) and we are keeping her.  Nice to have consistency in life.

So, is it Pixels or not?

So, is it Pixels or not?

We are not, necessarily, falling for his pleas to keep her.  It all depends on her interactions with the other members of this zoo.  She is, however, cute as a button and worming her way into my heart at a steady speed – who’d have thought?

So, here’s where you guys come in.  Saragon – it sounds like Sarah-Gone.  How can you name a cat as “gone”?  Apparently Saragon is some fantastical dragon.  I care not!  So, with a few bats of the eyelashes and other womanly wiles, he resigns and says she will then be Pixels.  OK – that’s definitely cuter and, being a Tortoise Shell, probably quite appropriate.

Say What?

Say What?

What do you guys think?  Does she remain Pixels or do you have any fantastic, clever, cute and adorable names to add to the list? 

My search for Jangles continues and all leads remain as valuable as ever.  Come home sweet Jangles.  Pixels or not, she only stays if you say it’s OK and I need you here to decide that.

Come home baby girl - please!

Come home baby girl – please!


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134 responses to “Pixels! Or is it?

  1. We like Pixels! Still keeping fingers and paws crossed in hopes that Jangels comes home:)

    • Pixels is a definite keeper – both the name and the cutie-pie kitten. What a character she is!
      Thanks for the finger and paw crossing. I am sure we’ll find her and we are not giving up. Was dreaming of her a lot last night (whilst the kitten played on my head, which appears to be it’s nightly routine now)

  2. She is as cute as a button! Hope you are soon reunited with Jangles.

    • Thank you on both counts. She is a real little cutie with one of the biggest personalities you could imagine. I’m totally smitten and am sure Jangles will grow to absolutely adore her. I am sure we will be reunited soon.

  3. Pixels! The choice is made. She is the sweetest looking kitten. I hope you find Jangles soon though, to complete your menagerie. What wonderful people you must be! 🙂

  4. What a sweetheart and I LOVE the name. With a face like that, who couldn’t fall in love?

  5. Wow. Just found this blog today through a mutual friend and I love it!!! I will be back and I welcome all feedback on my blog:


  6. Hi there! Whee are officially back and it appears whee have missed meeting a delightful little addition to your family! Whee are sure this kitty has landed on all four paws in your home and look forward to getting to know Pixels better.

    Have a great day

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Hope things are going much better your side now. Thanks for finding time to pop in here. We know how precious your time is. Pixels is a little cutie pie of note. I said I’d take her in and find her a good home and I did exactly as promised – she now has a good home here 😀

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