Dog-Tired from Cat Hunt

Before I even begin, I need to send out a most massive Thank You to all my wonderful Blog Friends for having shared, reblogged, prayed and generally sent good wishes and positive thoughts our way.  I cannot even begin to show my gratitude appropriately.

Jangles - Still Missing

Jangles – Still Missing

Unfortunately, I still have no good news regarding Jangles.  I am following every lead.  I am out every night, until the early hours of the morning, calling and searching.  Exhaustion is setting in and I now find myself rather ill.  Who knows, maybe I would have got this infection whether Jangles was here or not but I doubt that the stress has helped any.

I cannot believe that I’m posting such a downer.  I spend my time trying to find the positive side of Animal Welfare and rescue but “Limbo” is a hard place to be.  I search everywhere but I have no idea if I am close to her or not.

So, in a continued attempt to find my beautiful cat Jangles, here are the photos again.

I'm still missing and I long for my comfortable bed

I’m still missing and I long for my comfortable bed

We know she is somewhere in South Africa (I know cats can travel but I’d be most surprised if she got out of the country).  I also assume she is still in Johannesburg, based on the above premise.  Most likely still somewhere in the Northern Suburbs and hopefully somewhere between Bryanston (where she escaped from her run at the cattery) and Craighall, if she is trying to make her way home.

Oh to be this happy again

Oh to be this happy again

Any leads will be followed in my desperate attempt to find her.  She is a nervous cat, having had a really hard life before joining us and she really deserves her creature comforts now.  Please, please, please help in any way you can think of.

My love and good wishes to you all.



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188 responses to “Dog-Tired from Cat Hunt

  1. I’m so sorry – I hope Jangles comes home soon.
    I want to make you smile. Come over and check out my blog today. I gotta a little something something for you. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Hey Litchi, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Our hearts ache for your family, Miss Susan. We don’t even know what to say except to send you light and love and endless Jetty kisses and JJ hugs.

  3. Don’t give up hope!

    Cats are so smart and savvy, and you know that she is out there looking for you too… soon you will find each other again! We had a dog missing for 6 months one time (Peaches) and then one day when we were least expecting it there he was! I also had a cat that went missing for months when i was a little girl, she escaped the day we moved to a new town… and there was nothing familiar for her to find her way back home to… yet somehow she did!! Animals are amazing, and wise, and resilient… she will come back to you.

    Sending lots of prayers and love

    • What a brilliant, hope inspiring comment. Thank you. I am so pleased that you managed to find Peaches and your cat. That is simply wonderful and all your prayers and love are bound to have Jangles home safely with us soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. I didn’t re-blog, but I did post this to my friend’s wall on FB. She is from South Africa so I assume she must have some friends still there.

  5. I tweeted again…I am so sorry…outdoors is danger danger for such a pretty and timid kitty, paw crossed for her Savannah

  6. I popped by in the hope of good news. I’ll share the link again.

    • Sadly, not yet but, with all the positive thoughts, energy, prayers and links going out there, I am still very hopeful that I will be able to give good news soon. Cannot wait! Thanks for popping in and for all your concern. I am so appreciative that I am speechless.

  7. Your link is in The Shayna Daily – – scroll right down to the end.

  8. We put this on all our FB and Twitters again. I was so excited when I saw Jangles’ picture; I thought she’d been found! But then I saw the caption and I am very sorry and sad that she is still lost. I will keep saying special prayers for her every night!

    • So wish it had a been a “happy ending” post but, sadly, not yet. However, all your prayers and post on FB and Twitter will certainly help get her home safely. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude. You have been so wonderful and I truly do appreciate it.

  9. Kas

    Hoping she turns up soon!!!

  10. Sent you an email. I’m so very sorry and I will pass on the info. via Twitter, etc. xo

  11. so much love and hope your way… i can only imagine your anxiety, having all rescues myself. poor thing, and poor you. know that she may be cared for, as well – not always the worst. much, much love to you all.

  12. Take care of yourself!! I know how exhausted and sad you are. I’m hoping and praying that Jangles will be found. Sending you hugs and good thoughts!

    • Am trying to take care of myself but the frustration of that is not being able to be out there looking for her. I truly do appreciate your hugs and good thoughts. The positive energy is bound to reach Jangles and get her home safely. I truly do appreciate it. Thank you.

  13. I am so sorry about Jangles. *hugs* I hope you find her and get her home safely. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. =^..^=

    I wanted to share that you’ve been nominated for a blog award to get it.. =^..^= (it’s all the way at the bottom of the page)

    • Thank you so much. Everyone is being just fantastic about this. I cannot believe that, even in the midst of the sadness, I get to feel so incredibly blessed.
      I popped over but didn’t see our name. Thanks for the thought anyway – I truly do appreciate it.

  14. Sending hugs from USA…hope Jangles comes home today! xo

  15. Thank you so much for reading our blog and following us. We are so sorry to hear about Jangles. Our Mom knows how hard it can be when we fur people are missing. We really hope and pray that you can find Jangles soon and that she will continue to love and be loved.

    • And thank you for popping in here. I love making new friends – just wonderful. Thanks for your comments regarding Jangles. There is so much positive energy and prayers going around that I have no doubt I will find her soon. Looking forward to doing a celebratory post on that one!

  16. Kia

    Oh no! I hope you find Jangles soon 😦

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. I pray that you will get her back.

  18. Me n Mum finkz Janglez iz in someone’z home!! We just checked da date you posted she waz missin n Mum sayz diz usually meanz da kitteh iz somewhere safe (she IZ a pawsitive thinker!!)
    We iz still hopin fer Janglez to come home soon…..
    BTW me wonderz do you have a name me can call you?? LLC&D iz not bery purrsonal!!
    Yer furend, Nylablue.

    • Thanks Nylablue. My name is Susan (or any variation thereof 🙂 )
      I hope Jangles has found somewhere safe. Problem is that she is so afraid of other people that it is more likely she has gone feral. I hope I am wrong. I love that your Mom is a positive thinker

      • EEoww Susan…what a pretty name!! Me Mum said we must find out who we iz speakin to from LLC&D n me agreed!
        If you fink Jangles haz gone feral do you know where dere are coloniez in yer area n in da city??? You cuud put posterz eif her pickture up n ask other Hu’manz to look out fer her!!! Maybe den she will be seen 😉
        In den you can round her up n bring her home!!!!
        Mum haz bin pawsitive thinker since me met her! Eben when me waz almost dead frum illness a few timez she neber gave up on me!!!!
        Don’t know how she doez it, but me iz so glad she is me Mum!!!!
        Lub Nylablue….oh n her Mum Sherri-Ellen..
        (now you bin intoduced, yow!)

      • Posters are up everywhere and I think I know the great population of the city now, from having spoken to everyone 🙂 If nothing else, I’m getting to meet a whole bunch of people I would never otherwise have spoken to. That’s a good thing, don’t you think. Well done to your Mom for all the work and positive thinking she put in for you.

    • Hi Susan: I figured you’d have posters up & been to the city & combed it thoroughly….nylablue was trying to help!!!
      One of her fears *as well as mine) is for her to be lost!!!!
      I still have a feeling Jangles is with someone….I know you said she would go feral again but I sense her being in a home with a boy child??
      Don’t know; could be gas, hahaha…I just know she is safe!!!!
      Still hoping she comes home to you tho because I know how much you love her & miss her.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

      • I like the idea of her being with a boy child. Hopefully she’s really happy and they are getting on famously. I hope you are right and that it’s not gas 😀
        The hardest part is not knowing but you have given me a most wonderful image to concentrate on. Thank you.

      • Hi again Susan: I know how difficult it is to be w/out a beloved cat that gets out….
        I still have this image of Jangles with a little boy who adores her…..
        I just wish someone would call or drop by & let you know Jangles is safe….

      • Thanks Sherri-Ellen, I am holding this thought of Jangles, happy and safe with a boy child, close to my heart.

      • WE must hold onto god thoughts Susan. I feel in my heart Jangle is still very much alive…
        There are many stories all over the world where cats return or are returned after months & years….
        For now I guess you must continue on with the critters of LLC&D & let Pixeie Pixels help you on your journey…..
        When you least expect it Jangles will return!!!
        ((HUGS)) & Love from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue in snowy Canada.

      • I believe so too and I also feel that she is alive and safe. I really do appreciate your prayers, support and care. It means the world to me. Hope you are not too cold in the snow. I just love snow but, then again, I guess it’s because we don’t get any and I don’t have to do any cleanups afterwards 🙂

      • Snow is lovely in theory 😉
        I love Winter becuase I’ve been raised with 4 Seasons….
        Nylablue would love it to be Summer all year long!!! I’d never leave the patio, hahaha!!!

  19. I hope she has found safety, with a family who’s just loving her up until you can be re-united. Take care & get better soon.

  20. Wonderful face on that adorable little kitty! Love and good wishes back to you, friend. Paulette

    • Thanks, she is gorgeous. Now I just have to get her home safely.

      • Just tweeted and reblogged. Know you must be so heartsick but don’t feel it’s a downer to post this as many times as you want to get the word out there. Every animal loving friend understands what you must be going through. If you can think of anything I can do to help please let me know. I’m in California but do have friends in South Africa that may see and repost on their blogs. Paulette

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the most wonderful thing you could possibly have done. One never knows who might read it from where. The internet is such a remarkable tool at times such as these. I truly do appreciate this.

  21. Reblogged this on The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and commented:
    Missing Kitty: her momma is ill from worry & loss. Please have a look and help by sharing. And, let’s pray this family gets reunited.

  22. reblogged on Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain’s Wife.

  23. I so hope that you find Jangles. I’ve been in that situation more times than I’d like to think. Our long-time Riki Tiki went missing for almost 1 month at the beginning of December long ago & as I was doing a final check for him on Christmas Eve, there he was on the back porch ! He looked fed & fine so someone either mistook him for a stray & had taken him in, or I think someone had maybe locked him in a shed or garage by mistake when hiding Christmas gifts and when they went to get the gifts out, he escaped.

  24. It is often that I pray for an animal. And I don’t always get the answer I hoped for, but I always get an answer. I can feel the sorrow that expresses itself in emotions I can’t find words for. Looking at Jangles, I see my little girl, Jada. They look alike. I don’t know if they get let out or she accidently got out. I can’t or won’t let mine out due to the deep pain you are now feeling. I’d not sleep nor could I find peace. I pray that you with all the prayers going out for Jangles and you, that you get an answer.
    I am so sorry. I have known of cats who came home as much as a year later. A little road weary, and thin, but home just the same.
    My heart feels your sorrow.

    • Oh my word, you are just so incredibly sweet. Thank you. I truly appreciate your comments, concern and prayers. They mean the world and I’m sure I will get an answer. As you say, it might not be the answer I want but I would desperately like to know where she is. It’s the not knowing that is the hardest part of all. I truly cannot say thank you enough for your support.

  25. I don’t have the words to convey the emotions we have in our heart(s)…all we know how to do is keep praying and wishing the very best…all the way from Indiana to you…you have our love and fervent prayers…be encouraged!

    Jake the Wonder Dog
    Callie the Sleek Dog
    OC the World’s Smallest Cat
    Zip the Snuggling Kitty
    Andy the I Meant It Nicely Kitty
    Susie the Mom
    Stephen the Dad

    • Thank you so very, very much. Your prayers mean the world to me. What a wonderful home you appear to have, filled with animals and love. I see your site is private so I cannot find out more but I am extremely grateful for your prayers and kind thoughts.

  26. Godspeed to you and your Jangles. >^^< Pets are so dear.

  27. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Bless little Jangles. What happened with this? Has he returned?

    Poor beautiful, vulnerable animals.

    • Sadly, still no sign of her. I miss her terribly and can only hope that she has found a loving home. I don’t believe I could have put up more signs, called in help from more people or talked to more strangers. My word, these animals can really break our hearts.

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