Magnificent Moggy Mania

It’s Animal Shelter Appreciation week – a perfect time to start the “Rescue Reveal” feature (thanks I Love Dogs for the heads up).  Magnificent Mutt Mania has been posted  on Time To Train Your Dog.  So my site will, today, deal with cats.

I’m adopted, I’m beautiful and I can sleep peacefully now!

Yes I know, a specific Shelter has not been mentioned.  Our first installment highlights the benefits of acquiring a rescue cat.  And yes, I know the title is as misleading as my wayward brain.  Of course all rescue cats are NOT MOGGYs.  There are often pure breeds in as much need of a home as the little bundles of mixed up genes but, let’s be fair, I had to call it something.

Now, I could get all serious here, retyping everything I already posted at Time To Train Your Dog (which, I might tell you, is devoid of my usual nonsense and is unlikely to be visible as they probably haven’t even seen it yet) but we all know I lack the energy and will power.  If you are serious about adopting a cat, I hereby suggest that you pop over to a dog site (which makes utter sense) and simply convert each sentence with the word dog or puppy to cat or kitten.  That’s far easier!

For now, we’ll give you the points in brief form:

  1. Toddlers and Kittens = explosion.  Sharp teeth, claws and exuberant antics hurt like hell.
  2. Kitten = baby.  Baby = hard work.  Food for kitten usually = have to have a job = no time for kitten.  Maybe consider an older cat.
  3. You need to feel good about yourself.  Adopt a cat and you’ll know you’ve given the best possible gift to an animal in distress.  Your loving, forever home makes you the Hero – golly, that feels good!
  4. They’re usually litter-box trained – your house smells better – this is good!
  5. Oh alright then, you still want a kitten cause it’s cute and cuddly and a fur-ball of fun.  That’s OK – there are tons of kittens needing good homes.  Go get one of them.
  6. Brilliant – you decided against the kitten an opted to be the Biggest Hero of the day, rescuing an adult cat.  This is better than good.  You get to see what the personality is like, right up front – no sudden surprises when your kitten grows up to think it’s a tiger.
  7. Variety – oh, the spice of life.  Shelters = more options than you ever thought possible.  Variety is good, spice is good, choice is good, therefore, shelters are good!  Oh and don’t forget, goofballs are good and shelters are full of those.
  8. You can believe that your cat will be eternally grateful to you for having rescued it.  Of course, it’s a cat, so it probably won’t but, go on, kid yourself anyway.  To understand why your cat will not behave like a rescue dog, please hop over to One Spoiled Cat where you will find Rules For The Cat which is both classic and too true for comfort.
  9. If you choose a moggy, it may well be healthier, suffering from fewer breed specific ailments.  Then again, it might not but who said life came with any guarantees?
  10. This feature is for No-Kill Shelters which, if no-one adopts, will obviously be overrun.  So, give yourself a big pat on the back, knowing that you not only saved one cats life but also made space for others to be rescued.  My word, you are doing well on brownie points now.
  11. The brass tax – it costs less to adopt than to buy from a reputable breeder.  So, you’ve saved multiple animals, earned brownie points and it cost you less money.  Where’s the argument then?

Adopted, beautiful and will be sleeping peacefully any minute now!

Seriously – give adoption a thought.

Further Rescue Reveal posts will highlight specific No-Kill Shelters from around the globe.  If you wish to add a shelter or group that you know are doing a fabulous job, simply pop the info into a comment or email me at

If you want to see that I am actually capable of writing a serious post and, of course, if you are a doggy person, hop over to Time To Train Your Dog. 

Adopted, beautiful and too busy causing trouble to worry about sleep!

I look forward to hearing from this fabulous Global Community of ours.



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76 responses to “Magnificent Moggy Mania

  1. I second that adopt a rescue every time the rewards last a lifetime

  2. We are both rescues so we give adopt and your post a bid tumbs (paws) up be it cat, dog, horse etc etc. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I’d better not let my person read this. She might be tempted to go to the Humane Society and bring home another cat. Now if she brought a dog home I wouldn’t mind so much.

  4. Great post…! And, no argument from me….! 🙂

  5. oh the presious little itty itty witty wittys

  6. I love these adorable cats and kittens…I hope they will have the best homes ever!! Great idea for the Tips, too – everybody needs to know what they’re getting into when they rescue these precious babies…Happy Shelter Week!!

  7. Alfie’z a rescue, He went missing all day and night yesterday. Didn’t tell em on the blog coz they love him and would of been so worried. I was up all night. I never really liked cat’s, but he is my baby.He turned up 5 o’clock this morning. The relief, I was in tears all night. Had to tell you xx00xx

    • Oh my word – you are right, we’d all have been besides ourselves with worry and with no means to help. You poor thing. So glad Alfie came home (he was obviously in a “boys must be boys” mood). Guess he could care less that you spent the night up, worrying and in tears. I so understand what you went through and you must now be exhausted (well, probably in bed sleeping whilst I type this, which is where I should be right now). So glad it all turned out alright in the end. Sleep tight xx0xx

    • Oh sh–t! I thought it was Mollie! ALFIE!!!! my sweetie pie with freckled nose, purrlease give him special Savvy hugs!

  8. Fallen in love again! What more can I say….HooOOOoWWWWwwwwEEEEEooooooWWWWWW!!!

    • Aww – thanks my favourite wolves. Really appreciate it. Remember, if there are any shelters you guys know about that deserve a special post, drop me an email. This really is a global thing (well, maybe intergalactic – I might still be thinking on too small a level here).

  9. I wrote a long , long ,long comment. It didn’t go through. Will emails you in morning 🙂 Love the photo’s of the kitties 🙂 If I had the room I would foster a child and adopt lots of animals. I keep doing the lottery to make my dream come true 🙂 xx000xx

    • I have no idea what is happening. WordPress is putting all sorts of comments into either spam or pending. All very weird and gremlinly like. Just found your two comments having been sent to spam – SPAM – YOU – What are they thinking???
      PS – I’m trying the lottery fervently for exactly the same reasons. My word, aren’t we just a pair! 😀

  10. When I lived in Mountain View, CA, I met a wonderful lady by the name of Ellen Moore who heads a cat rescue organization in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a wonderful group. I did foster one of their most difficult cats; it took almost two years to make amends to the wrongs that must have been done to that cat before she came to stay with me, but eventually she mellowed out and a perfect home was found for her. Ellen was wonderful in her dedication to the cats she rescued. She taught me a lot about cats. Anything that you and the network can do for her group could not got a better organization. I highly recommend them.

    This is the information:
    Ellen Moore, President
    Today Nov. 10, 2012 I see this on their website:

    “Please note: We are a small all-volunteer organization with foster homes only, we do not have a shelter. We are located in the Mountain View area, so if you are not local please try local rescue groups by either putting your zip code into or check these listings:

    Safehaven resource list (scroll down for other areas)
    Town Cats resource list [ these are links in the website, v. ]

    We take most of our cats from high-kill shelters when they are about to be put to sleep. Our foster homes are full at this time. ”

    I have a blog page with a picture of the very beautiful and extremely intelligent cat that I fostered:
    The most beautiful domestic cat =
    Thank you ! Vera

    • This is fantastic information. Thank you so very much for all the work you have gone to. How wonderful, as well, that you fostered for them. The cat you fostered sounds a lot like my Jangles (top pic in the post). The sweetest, most lovable creature on the planet but it has also taken about 2 years to get over her previous abuse. Of course, with me, there’s no way she’s going anywhere – her forever home is with me. I just love her too much.
      PS – Got your follow up comments (actually got them first, straight away and had to look for this one which was, rather absurdly, pending???).
      Anyway, I’ll be sure to do a post for this organisation.

      • Thank you for Ellen and her crew! I was in love with Isabella, the flame point long haired beauty, I would have kept her, somehow she was the super-cat I had always wanted, but I was moving away; I had three cats and a Scottish terrier already so it wasn’t possible for her to go with me. The guy who took her gave her a bedroom of her own and soon she began to go sleep with him at night, which made him happy. The last I heard they were getting along famously. She had stopped being aggressively terrified of strangers and was a happy cat. People do not realize that cats and dogs can behave aggressively when they are scared to death, it is their only defense at times. I contributed to save Isabella’s life and to give her a future after Ellen had taken her just a few days before she was to be put down. It is a story that ends well! Thanks for listening. V.

  11. Arrrgh: CORRECTION: ” Anything that you and the network can do for her group could [ not got ] a better organization”. should read: …. could not go to a better….Bye, v.

  12. And here is the page about Isabella the cat if the other link does not work:

  13. My friend got a rescue dog from our local shelter 3 weeks ago, and is now passionately promoting the cause on her FB page! These animals need our help in any way we can give it.
    Thanks for the great post – the photos are all awesome!

    • What wonderful news and how exciting for your friend. I couldn’t be happier to hear that she is promoting adoption so passionately. If she has a specific No-Kill shelter she’d like to recommend, get her to drop me a line. I could do a story and a link to her FB page if she wished.

  14. I’m feeding and housing a cat (feral) in my yard. I’m highly allergic to cats, but I love them. To me, this guy is a cosmic gift. He wandered into my life and we can enjoy each other from a distance. He is no longer starving and now I’ve caught him playing a bit in the yard as he feels safer. Dog in the house, cat in the yard. Love them both. 🙂

    • That’s brilliant. So glad he’s starting to feel comfortable enough to play in your yard. That’s always a good sign. If at all possible, you might want to consider trapping him and getting him neutered. I know it sounds horrible but they can make an awful lot of babies. Don’t know how you feel about that?

      • I have looked into it and there is a local organization that I can turn to for help with that. I think I will let things go as they are for now, and after the holidays I will contact the trap and neuter group.
        What is concerning is that 2 other cats have shown up to enjoy the food, along with three kittens. These other 2 cats look well fed and their fur is beautiful. I believe they must be “owned” but yet let out to breed???????? Talk about irresponsible!!!!

  15. Anything you or anyone can do to make the issue of TNR, rescue cat or dog, a global need…brilliant!

  16. The calico is gorgeous, but the tabby with the white paws steals my heart. And I just learned that “moggy” isn’t all cats, just mixed breed. I’ll be careful if I ever use it outside the US!

    • I don’t know what it is with Sabre (the tabby). He was one of my bottle feeders that I had with a couple of others. One was particularly pretty and everyone thought I’d keep her but Sabre’s personality is just incredible. To this day, he always makes me laugh and smile whenever I see him. Some characters appear too big for their own bodies and he’s one of them. He’s a definite heart stealer.
      In the US, do people refer to all cats as Moggys?

  17. catfromhell

    Adoption is the bestest thing yous can do. Cats or dogs, old or young.

  18. What a wonderful post! Adoption is the way to go, folks! And I’ve never heard of the term “moggy” before…so cute!

  19. great post.
    always good to see the possibilities of rescuing animals 🙂

  20. Fabulous post LLCD! There are so many reasons to adopt a rescue or shelter animal……Every cat I’ve had has been a shelter cat except for one and he was an abandoned cat who recognized a cat lady when he saw one and became mine! That list of Cat Rules that was on Sam’s blog was truly “spot on”…..but certainly a pertinent reminder for anyone who thinks they can handle a cat…..WE know it’s the cat that handles US! LOL

    Hugs, Pam

    • Thanks, that’s so sweet. I’m so glad to hear all your cats have been rescues. It doesn’t matter if they’ve come from a shelter or have been abandoned and found you, either way, you’ve saved their lives. Good for you.
      I’m definitely going to need to get that Cat Rules printed and framed. No one should ever be allowed to think they are the boss of a cat 😀

  21. Both the cats are rescued. I can’t imagine doing anything but rescuing! Have a great day!

  22. We’d usually choose humour over seriousness to get a message over – yours is super 🙂 It really is a bit of a no brainer though, isn’t it?!

    • Well for me, it’s certainly a no brainer! The corresponding post on the other site was done in a far more serious manner so I had to let loose and go with humour on mine (I’d have gone mad if I tried to stay serious for too long). 😀

  23. We have always adopted from shelters. 6 times. We are thinking hard about # 7 now.. 🙂 A house is not a home without a cat!

    • Yippee – you wonderful people you! So glad you’ve saved so many lives and are now considering saving another. 7 – that’s a very good number, I think you should go for it. Imagine the fun posting all the photos of a newbie 🙂

  24. What a great post! I also just got done writing about why it’s good to adopt pets. It’s yet to be published though.

  25. hello long life cats and dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay wen it is time to git a noo kitty heer i think mama and dada wil be gitting an adult kitty frum the reskyew!!! i hope this time they mayk shoor it is not an eevil kitty like my layt sister trouble the kitty if they git a grownup kitty they shud be abel to tel that rite??? thanks ok bye

    • Hi Dennis! A new kitty, wouldn’t that be exciting! Yes, you are right, if they get an adult kitty, they can see what type of personality it has but, with you being a dog and all, I’d recommend that they ask the shelter if they have any cats that might have grown up with and like dogs. You had an evil kitty sister – that sounds scary. Did she chase you rather than the other way around?

  26. Those 2 last ones, absolutely lovely (and we are all dog people in our family) – what eyes!!! Is that colour real? Will make time tonight to read your blog properly. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much, especially from a doggy family. I’m equally a dog and cat person (well, a kind of all animals person, as long as they don’t have more than 4 legs 🙂 ). I truly appreciate your visit and yes, the colours are all “real” – no photo editing or anything.

  27. Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Sabre, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Love the substitution idea… and the “list”. As you may recall, we have adopted (ok Mom adopted/rescued) the boys (Puffy and Fluffy *OTRB*) as well as Mugs *OTRB* as adults. All that you mentioned is true blue. She adopted Porshe *OTRB* as a kitten, because it was her first ever pet. What you said is true blue there, too.

    Thanks for letting us know what a Moggy is… now our pals blog title makes even more sense! Are K9s called Moggies too?

    • Hi my gorgeous Jetty, yes, you of all the animals out there, would know how wonderful adoption is. Your Mom is fantastic to have taken in so many. Moggy is definitely a cat term and you’re right, it does make the “my three moggies” title make a lot more sense, doesn’t it 🙂
      Dogs would be mutts or a variety of other such names but I like Moggy for cats – it sounds much cuter, don’t you think?

  28. Aww, I really love the first calico kitty!! Adopting a pet is always a good thing and no shortage of animals either. Great news you share. Thanks!

    • Thank you. The Calico is simply stunning. Her belly is completely white but you can’t see it in this pic. I have far too few photographs of her. Really need to get some more so people can see just how gorgeous she is. She’s also unbelievably loving but frightened of so many things – had a really hard start to life – poor thing (well, not anymore, cause now she’s smothered with love).

  29. Love the post and those kitties are just too beautiful!!!

  30. What a great post…I love, love, love Shadow. What a gorgeous kitty.

  31. Loved, loved, loved your points in brief! I should print them out and give them to people at the clinic looking to adopt. Everyone always wants the cute kitten but they will one day grow up. The older cats need love too!

    • Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Oh yes, kittens are just the cutest things on the planet but that only lasts a few little months. You are most welcome to print them out. Maybe you should do that and add our blog addresses to it. Who knows, we might pick up a few more readers to share. If you want to just print it with no references, though, that’s also just fine. The main thing is to get people to at least think about adopting.

  32. Have always gotten rescue cats have never thought to purchase one. Rescued a kitten and he was a terror for years, but grew into a beautiful, loving boy nothing fazed. Mentioned Jade on my blog the senior cat, oand of course Minx my little black minx ( that’s why the name, lol. Minx was a biter and chewed a lot still at two but is now sweet, very loving and amazingly never gets in trouble. Great post 🙂

  33. I adopted an adult cat. Better still, I got my cat-disliking hubby to think it was all his idea. 😉

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