Lucky Lizzie

Hubby goes to get petrol.  Why would this be a blog post?!  Of course hubby, being of the abnormal, probably of alien decent type, spots lady and, for no apparent reason, asks her if she is alright.  This seemingly random act shows how everything happens for a reason. 

Random Garage Lady (RGL) is far from “alright”, although she had no idea that she was showing any outward signs of distress and Barking Mad Hubby (BMH) has no idea why he asked in the first place.

RGL’s love of her life, her dog Lizzie, had been diagnosed with Distemper and the vet had told her to “put the dog down”.  She was, naturally (in my books anyway), utterly distraught.  BMH gave her my number.

Lucky Lizzie

Now, I get called out for behavioural problems with animals but it is a surprise to be called to assist an owner who believes they requires behavioural help!  Good for her!    I must admit, I was apprehensive regarding the situation into which I was heading.  Distemper is terrible and, with the diagnosis received, I was expecting the worst of sights on arrival.

What a pleasure it was, then, to arrive to a houseful of wonderful, happy pets, not one of whom seemed to be looking desperately ill.  Lizzie, once pointed out, did have a few odd quirks in her movements but nothing substantial.  There were certainly no behavioural issues to deal with.  RGL needed a sympathetic ear and some minor assistance with staying positive around Lizzie.  She probably also simply needed to hear someone tell her that Lizzie did not look like she had reached “the end“.

RGL needed someone who would understand the pain at the thought of losing Lizzie.  Something that non-animal-nuts people just don’t “get”.   I, for my part, was amazed that any vet would have suggested “putting down” a dog that was looking remarkably happy.  Her walk was slightly “squiff” and there were a few areas of discomfort when touched but euthanasia seemed unbelievably radical.

RGL had already decided that second opinions from specialists were required.  What a relief!  The results of the second opinion were:

  •  Lizzie does not have Distemper.  Rather, the “positive” blood results were due to a distemper vaccination.
  • The Neurological problems were caused by polycythaemia – an overproduction of red blood cells leading to a thickening of the blood
  • It is likely that Lizzie has epilepsy which, although not good news, it is certainly treatable.
  • Lizzie has been put onto a treatment regime which appears to be working and RGL informs me that she is “back to her old self”.

Well done Mr. First Vet!  You nearly “put down” a thoroughly adored pet, for no good reason!  If expletives formed a part of my standard posts, they would be flying around like winged gremlins right now!

Languishing Lizzie

Yes, things do happen for a reason.  1st – BMH speaking to a woman who claims she never speaks to strangers.  2nd –  the story behind Lizzie’s arrival in her fabulous forever home.  RGL sent me the story behind Lizzie and it’s a heartwarming read:

“In 2005 the bottom fell out of my world with the loss of my beloved fox terrier, Chloe.  I never imagined I would love another dog again the way I loved her.  We were living in Colenso in KZN at the time.  A few months after her death, while in Ladysmith, I found myself on the Newcastle Road, which oddly I never really used much.  I was inexplicably drawn to the Animal Anti Cruelty League and it was as if I was automatically going through the motions of parking my car and going in to the grounds.  Well, let me tell you, I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when I met Lizzie (then called Spotty) it hit me like a freight train.  I sat down on the grass and she came to sit right up against me and that was it.  I had to have this sweet little girl. 

 Lizzie’s story did not have a good start.  When I got her she was in terrible condition, and this is something considering the AACL had improved her condition since they found her.  She was malnourished and her coat was coarse.  I thought she was mute because she didn’t even bark, or trust people – a broken little dog indeed.  I came to realise that Lizzie was truly my soul mate, and the task of her rehabilitation is one of love and patience.  Today Lizzie is a completely different dog – just ask the cats!  She is the most affectionate and feisty little dog, relishing the company of her people, even taking much interest in the strangers who visit our home.  She’s not broken anymore.  Her story proves that with the investment of time and effort we can mostly undo the damage done to these precious animals.”

 Now, if that doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, then pretty much nothing will.  This is one Lucky Little Lizzie, living in a loving forever home.

PS – I think I might have a new calling, as a Grief Councellor.  It appears to be coming at me from numerous angles.  Who’d have thought?!



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104 responses to “Lucky Lizzie

  1. Such a beautiful story – it has warmed the cockles of my heart. I firmly believe things happen for a reason, and your story proves it. I am so glad your husband spoke to RGL and you were able to help her and that she got another, much better, opinion so her happy life with Lucky Lizzie can go on.

  2. What a considerate guy your BMH is! And poor Random Garage Lady, she must have been feeling so dreadful at that time.

    So glad that this story had a happier outcome though, and such a sweet story behind it! Long life to Lizzie. 🙂

    Like you, I’d have a few choice words for that first vet though.

  3. Your husband was in the right place at the right time no doubt.
    A happy ending after all, you should be a Grief Counselor indeed.

  4. What a wonderful story – you are such a good person – surely your husband would agree!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Right place right time on both counts having Lizzie and saving her. Well done you and hubby and thank you for a lovely heart warming post. I was a rescue and met my peeps as they opened the front door and walk right up to meet. 10 seconds either way and we not have met. Somethings are meant to be, Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. So glad to hear Lizzie came into your life, and that she’s on the road to recovery. What a cutie!!!

  7. Happy to hear Lizzie didn’t got euthanized and that she’s getting better. She’s so cute. 🙂

  8. That’s frightening about the 1st vet!

  9. OMD! Thank doG for your hubbie!! Everything worked out as it was suppose to.
    I would like the address of that First Vet….I’m gonna poop in his shoes. BIG Airedale poops!


  10. pompuss

    Even I think this is a wonderful story. I hope the cats could find it in themselves to be generous enough to help in Lizzie’s rehabilitation. There’s too much cruelty towards animals and cats and dogs should try to like each other more.

    • Fear not, there’s a cat in the family of dogs with Lizzie that seems to like her just fine. They all get on fabulously. Here in our zoo there are 3 cats and a dog. They adore each other and try to play together – although neither understands the others body language. Is quite hysterical to watch 😀

  11. What a great story with a wonderful ending!

  12. Wow … what a great story. But that Vet!!!! I think that person needs a change in job.

  13. Lovely tale! Definitely always worth getting a 2nd opinion in these sort of circumstances…8 months ago my friend’s cat was hit by a car leaving her with no apparant use in her hind legs,When they took her to the emergency vet they promptly said she’d never walk again had internal damage (no x-rays) and should be put down. Against the odds she was still there the next day when they went back to have a few choice words re the way they’d been treated – as if they had abused the cat. After releasing their cat back to them the vets then called the RSPCA to the owners house!!! The owners took the cat to 2nd vet who found no internal damage other than bad bruising, and 8 months later she’s as good as new and playing and climbing like a 6 month old kitten again 🙂 It took a lot of love and care before she was able to walk again but she’s doing great now. Just the odd day when it’s cold and wet she gets stiff in her hind legs but apart from that, a happy contented cat who never goes near the main road anymore!! some vet’s seem to have a kill policy.

    • At least Lizzie and your friends cat had happy endings to what could have been real nightmares. I just don’t get some of these vets. Such a great story with your friends cat and so glad that it can play like a kitten again – just beautiful.

  14. Your story of how you found Lizzie and made her your own, warmed the cockles of my heart! You were made for each other.
    A random act of kindness from your husband started a chain of events that ended with such a positive outcome! We just never know where a kind word will take us . . .
    Perhaps you should be a grief counsellor!

    • It’s amazing how life works – just pulling you in certain directions where your help is needed (even if it is only a few kind words and an understanding ear).
      The grief counselor bit happened again yesterday, entirely by chance. Very weird but, if I can help, then I’ll most certainly do so.

  15. you know how much we like rescue stories!! What a great experience for all involved…excluding, of course, Vet #1 who needs to have a hit list with his/her name on it…no, no…not to ‘kill’ said vet…but to cause them to lose many patients!

  16. Thanks for sharing. Lee and Phod

  17. just like in humans, pets also need second opinions from other vets.. i love the story of lizzie..there are a lot of cats/dogs that need forever homes.. each one of them has their own stories.. my newly adopted kitty Tiger was abandoned as a kitten.. people from CARA clinic had to bottlefeed him so he and his siblings would survive.. others had survived the torture and cruelty of humans, made me cry when i heard about them when i was looking for a kitty to adopt.. anyway, i’m happy also that i am giving Tiger a forever home, he really deserves it.. btw, love the post, the story is so heartwarming..

  18. veraersilia

    Kudos to you!! Vera

  19. Thank goodness, and thanks to you, everything came out okay!

  20. Great story and save! I’m with Ruby. Big Airedale poops for vet #1!

  21. I don’t believe in coincidences either, and I’m glad your husband went against the grain and spoke up to help this woman and Lizzie.

    • I’m right there with you Rumpy. Lizzie’s outcome would have still been happy, even if hubby hadn’t spoken to her owner, as she was already going to get the second opinion but, when you are going through such a hard time, it’s so important to have a sympathetic ear. I was just pleased I could be there for her when she needed it.

  22. I am so happy you were able to help and that your Hubby was in the right place that day! I do believe that things happen for a reason and that we are suppose to find some people we meet because it was truly meant to be!

    • Right there with you! Sometimes, as with Lizzie’s owner, I was only needed for a day. Sometimes, you cross peoples paths for longer. Either way, if you are able to help, you’ve made a difference in the world. Thanks for your comments – I really appreciate them.

  23. Thank you so much for stopping by our blog.
    I’m sorry it took me so long to visit your blog we’ve been quite busy this past few days.

    What a wonderfull story !! It’s amazing how some vets can be so insensitive and always ready to put down a perfectly healthy dog.
    Lizzie is very lucky to have a responsible owner who seek for second opinion before any decision.

    Cuddles to little lucky Lizzie.

    Echo & Link’s human

    • Thanks Echo & Link’s human – I really appreciate you popping by this side. Lizzie really is one of the lucky ones, with a truly responsible and caring owner. Wish all the animals could have forever homes like she has.

  24. Whee want you to give your hubby and big piggy cuddle and whiffle from us! How amazing and lucky?! It’s great that you were able to talk to the poor lady. What a great story.

    Give us the warm fuzzies! Actually . . . that might be our stomachs rumbling . . . yep that’s our stomachs. Mummy is late with the veggies today!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • 😀 you funny little piggies you – warm fuzzies, turning out to be hungry tummies.
      I’ll pass your big piggy cuddles and whiffles on to hubby (he might be a little bit surprised by my antics but I’ll try to explain) 😀

  25. Thanks fo a very nice story and I’m glad for Lizzie and her furever home :o)

  26. The BRH ad is still running 🙂 lol xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  27. What a lovely story! A heartwarming one for sure….dear Lizzie just needed someone who cared enough to REALLY find out what her problem was instead of saying “kill her” (a pox on that first vet!!)…………bless her heart, bless your heart, and bless your hubby’s heart – and certainly bless Lizzie’s Mum’s heart for rescuing her in the first place and then for trusting a stranger with the story thereby saving Lizzie’ life – again.

    Pam (and Sam)

  28. Had a bit of weep when I read this! Beautiful post and I truly believe that fate dictated your paths would cross.

    • Thanks so much. It really is a wonderful story that Lizzie found such a great home, with someone who would do anything to make sure she get the best – of everything! Yes, fate definitely dictated that our paths would cross. It’s been happening to me a lot of late and I’m really pleased that I could be the sympathetic ear that she needed at that moment.

  29. Omgosh! it’s a good thing your husband was around! can you imagine?! Beautiful post ♥.

    • Isn’t it amazing how life just points you in certain directions. Very pleased that hubby found this wonderful woman and that Lizzie has such a fabulous home, with someone who truly cares for her well being.Thanks so much for your comments

  30. I liked that story very much. And I am glad RGL didn’t settle for the first thing she heard. Spending a lot of years going to school doesn’t mean a person won’t make any more mistakes…but luckily this mistake got sorted out before it was too late!

  31. Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Sabre, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Oh, you would make a great counselor of all kinds, Miss Susan. If you need a recommendation, I, Gentleman Jet, offer to pen one for you.

    We agree, BMH intersection with RGL was no coincidence. Please give BMH Jetty kisses and JJ hugs for us. He set in motion a life-saving story. Just like in human medicine, 2nd opinions are a MUST if you feel uncomfortable.

    Thank heaven Lizzie sparked RGL and now has the best furever family to care for and love her as she deserves. As RGL already knows, Lizzie will return the favor ten fold. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing an inspiring, moving tale.

    • Ah thank you so much Jetty, your comments mean so much to us. I must admit that sometimes it’s a good thing to have a barking mad hubby. RGL desperately needed a sympathetic ear and I am so pleased that BMH found her so that I could be there when she needed it most. Lizzie certainly has found a fabulous forever home!

      The Grief Counselor bit is really weird – it’s happened numerous times over the past couple of weeks. I just land up in situations where someone is really needing whatever it is that I can offer. I’m beginning to think that I was put through the disasters I had to suffer, simply to be able to help out others now. It is certainly something I am more than happy to do, whenever someone is in need.

  32. How very horrible and that first Vet should be….oh, I can’t say that. I am so glad the outcome was good!

  33. Great story with a very happy ending. 🙂

  34. Happy days are here again! Oh man, what a rotten vet, thank goodness she looked for help elsewhere.

  35. I think Mr First Vet needs to be put down, don’t you? He is obviously past it – if he was ever with it in the first place.
    Lizzie’s guardian angel certainly worked overtime to get your husband and you on the case! It was a good move! Wuffing into his ear, ‘Woof, woof – now be a good little mannie and speak to the lady.’

    • I did reply to this but the reply didn’t seem to attach itself to your comment. I officially now assume that its not about having a techno challenged mind but maybe techno challenged fingers. 😀
      Anyway, Lizzie definitely seems to have a woofing good guardian angel and BMH certainly seemed to understand the woofs. 🙂

  36. Mr Vet # 1 is certainly being sent all sorts of “interesting” thoughts – definitely staying well away from him! 😀
    Those woofs in the ear definitely did the trick. Amazing how life can do that.

  37. Wow! so glad your hubby and you saved the day. Just shows, even with pets a second opnion is always in order.
    *big hugs for you and hubby*

  38. What a wonderful story I am so glad you were there to listen and that Lizzie has such a wonderful home. I am always devestated to lose a pet and can’t imagine being told to put one down that is still happy and healthy. My two vets (for lots of years) know I need proof before giving up. Thank you for such a happy story 🙂

  39. I’m glad there was a happy ending. I imagine they’ll be changing their vet.

  40. Wow! Thank goodness that Lizzie’s life was saved. What a piece of good fortune. Fate stepped in just in time. I love happy endings. 🙂

  41. well done you! My dog (one of them) looks just like Lizzie, only bigger. I’m so glad that owner called you as a second opinion!

    • Thank you. A bigger version of Lizzie – must be a beautiful dog. Lizzie’s Mom was already going to get a second opinion but she desperately required someone who would understand what she was going through and assist her in doing the best for Lizzie whilst she waited.

  42. Well done! Oh my on the wrong diagnosis.

  43. I’m so happy for Lizzie and I’m so glad that some people doesn’t listen to the vet, but follow their own heart. And you, Susan, you certainly have a mission 😉

  44. We are happy for Lizzy. She looks like a sweet girl.
    Bella and DiDi

  45. Lucky Lizzie indeed! What a lovely story, well done to you both 🙂

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