Cough Up For The Cats – It’s National Cats Day!

Here in South Africa, we don’t tend to have the multitude of “National Whatever” days.  I swear, overseas they seem to have one for everything.  I’m sure we’ll see one for “National I Don’t Feel Like Blogging Today” day.  However, this is a specifically fantastic one that I was notified about by the wonderful blog The Presents of Presence.  Today, the 29th of October, is NATIONAL CAT DAY!  Now that’s worth paying attention to!

We LOVE each other! This is how we sleep!

So, let’s make it an Official South African NATIONAL ADOPT A CAT DAY.  If you can’t adopt a cat, maybe you can help a cat in need.

Why not hop over to the Cat-A-Holics website and see what a fantastic place they have.  They are always in need of food, blankets, donations or anything else you can think of.  You can contact me at susan at dcrprocess dot co dot za if you have anything you would like to donate to them.  I will ensure they receive it, with big smiles and lots of virtual hugs from a multitude of fabulous felines!

This post is Officially approved by:


Shadow the Charlatan .  I’m fully grown – how cute am I?

Jittery Jangles. My True Beauty – looking like an oil painting here.


Sabre – the Ruler (still a kitten here)

We are all adopted and we are all Superb Souls!


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82 responses to “Cough Up For The Cats – It’s National Cats Day!

  1. Every day is National Cat Day in our house! Our kitties are the masters and we’re the pets 🙂

  2. P.S. — Your kitties are gorgeous!

  3. Although The Red Man is not fond of CATS, he finds these are exceptions to his rules and thinks they are too adorable! He is celebrating National Cats Day in South Africa by refraining from barking at any cats he sees outside in South Carolina today!! As for tomorrow…we’ll see…:)

    • Thank you Red Man. Thats a perfect way to celebrate today 🙂 Litchi says she always despised cats until this lot entered her life. Now she adores them but still hates all others! She will be joining you tomorrow with the baking : D

  4. I think we should have ” I can’t be bothered day for anything ” lol I didn’t know you had all those cute kitties, where you been hiding them. I would of sent them some treats too. I’ve popped them on the Santa list 🙂 xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  5. We wish all the kitties everywhere a happy national cat day. Have a really lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. What a terrific trio of beauties! One day a year is never enough but our cats know the real score 😀

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggie and leaving a comment! I like the kitties!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Do you know my AWFUL Mom totally FORGOT that it is “National Cat Day!?” Ohhhh she is gonna pay!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy National Cat Day! What a cuties!

  10. May all the cats in the world find great homes. Happy National Cat day! Lee and Phod

  11. Just curious – how many cats do they have in the shelter?

    • The numbers vary depending on the season but will, unfortunately increase as Christmas comes around – very unfortunate. They usually have about 100 – 150 cats at any given time. A lot of them a permanent members (too old, feral, sick etc to be re-homed) but they do a fabulous job re-homing any that they possibly can. Thanks so much for asking.

  12. Well, taking off on Cody’s comment, My Mom NEVER EVEN KNEW IT WAS NATIONAL CAT DAY! So it could have been that anywhere else in the world and she would still have missed it…and yes, at least in the USA, we have a National Day/Month/Week/Hour/Minute/Nanosecond for just about everything…

  13. I hope they all will find a forever home. I think it must be Cat’s day every day… *Binky’s whispering* well, at least I have 😀

  14. Well, we missed this blog yesterday due to Hurricane Sandy (!!) but we hope everyone there enjoyed National Cats Day – my Mom says EVERY day is cats day in my house (YAY MOM!). Thanks for the links too – more spots to visit and see what’s going on…….meanwhile, kitty hugs to all your creatures AND to you!


    • Oh tons and tons of kitty hugs to you Sammy. I’m worrying about you with Sandy being all mean and nasty over there. Why don’t you pop over here for a visit. We never get anything horrible like that. No tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. I’ve got a feeling little Shadow would definitely fall in love with you 😀

  15. Our cats think every day is cats’ day!

  16. What lovelies!!! Continued Happy Kitty Day to all the wonderful babies out there… ♥

  17. Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Shadow, Hey Sabre, Hey Jangles, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Litchi, we did not know you share your forever home with so many adorable felines! We love your suggestion to alter the name a little to focus on adoption!! You rock!

    • Aww thanks Gentleman Jetty,
      Litchi rather adores these felines which is amazing, as she was always terrified of cats. It was Sabre who got her over that. Can’t say she likes any other cats, though. Chases them immediately 😀
      With this lot, they play, or try to play (neither understands the others body language. The cats just don’t get the play bow) 🙂

  18. Your kitties are so cute! I love cats…they are sooooo special and really great to have as indoor pets. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Thank you. They pretty much know they’re cute. It’s definitely cat day everyday here.
      I know in the States people tend to keep their cats indoors but here, in South Africa, we all tend to let them out. Ours have a great time as our garden leads onto sports fields with a river running down the side. I only insist that they are inside at night (keep them safe from any ferals in the area).

      • It is so easy to assume we all do the same things but I see not…oh, I bet your cats have the time of their lives running all the day and knowing they have a safe place at night.

        I have 2 cats that stay outside and 1 that stays inside. The inside cat was orphaned at a very early age…almost did not make it, but today she is healthy and safe inside. 🙂

      • So glad you orphaned kitty found such a good home with you. Of my three cats, it’s mostly Sabre (the boy, obviously 🙂 ) who spends most of the day prowling outside. The two girls go out but actually, mostly, want to be close. Boys will be boys 😀

  19. I hate cats, but Ma loves them lots and would take in 1 or 2 more. We live with 4 now!!! Ma said to write that these cats and kittens are lovely. And we do hope they all find forever home. I just don’t wanna share mine with anymore.

  20. I love kitties every day of my life 🙂

  21. We do have a special day, week, or month for just about everything. My favorites are the ones about animals. October was Adopt a Shelter Dog month while November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. November 4th – 10th is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Of course, I think every day should be a day about pets. I love the pictures of your cats. Sabre is especially cute in that photo.

    • Thank you so much for the heads up on the “Adopt a Senior Pet” month – that’s a brilliant one and I’ll definitely do a post on it. Of course the “National Animal Shelter Appreciation week” is very, very close to my heart, so there’s another post I’ll need to send out. Very sweet of you to let me know. I’ll do a link back to your site when I do these posts. Now, just to diarise them so I don’t forget (bit blonde this side, so very easy to forget 😀 )

  22. Those kitties are beautiful!

  23. Your officials are mighty looking felines…
    What a fantastic occasion…! However, I don’t think we should tell the kitties it’s only 1 day of celebration… Oh, what the heck; they wouldn’t believe that anyway….
    More power to kitties every day of the year…! Yeah..!!!

  24. pompuss

    Many thanks for the headsup about World Cat Day. I’ll make sure my humans know about it and try to convince them it’s a weekly event.

  25. Cute kitties, I just love Sabre, he reminds me of my old cat Charles and looks just as playful and mischievous. Belated Happy National Cat Day!

  26. WordsFallFromMyEyes


    I so love cats, & I love people who so care about them 🙂 Great photos.

    • Thank you so very much. You really are too sweet. I must admit that I’m somewhat biased and, therefore, think my kitties are simply the best. 😀
      I’m right there with you – adore cats and adore anyone who loves and helps them.

  27. Most of those “national” days are really silly and typically not observed because there are too many to keep track of them all. 😉 But, your National Cat Day is a treat! Loving all your kitties! ~Lynda

  28. Kurome

    There’s a cat day? I wonder why there isn’t a turtle day 😦

    Anyway…happy cat day to all the cats

    • Good golly, is there no National Turtle Day. I’m sure there must be. Otherwise, we’ll just create our own. When would you like it to be? Just give me a date and I’ll send an official post out for the Turtles – they certainly deserve one 😀

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