Rags to Riches! Rummaging to Royalty!

Litchi was a street urchin.  She had no name.  She rummaged for her food, pounding the streets, hunting down mere morsels to the point that her nails were worn down to the quick.  She got shoved away, clearly scolded (if not worse) for going to the toilet anywhere (she still has issues about relieving herself) and had, quite obviously, never received a kind touch from a person in her life.  She was only about 5 months old.

That might be how her life began but, fear not, this was one little urchin destined for greatness!  We know this because she now rules the roost (if not Sabre, the cat) at home, was named, by His Royal Highness (my Dad), Lady Litchfield.  Has been bestowed the honour of Empress of Bordeaux by Doggy and has now….. wait for it…… received her first Royal Package! 

Imagine the expressions on my parents faces as they collected the mail, only to find THIS:

Royal Mail – Addressed to Lady Litchfield!!

Our dearest, most wonderful friends Mollie & Alfie had sent, by Royal Mail no less, the most impressive package (no human in this family has received such a remarkable item in the mail)

Inside were the best treats Litchi has EVER HAD!  She LOVES them!  Apparently, so do the cats.  I was silly enough to leave the package out once I got home and was greeted to a house full of strewn wrapping in the morning and half devoured dog treats!  That’ll teach me.

The BEST Dog Treats EVER!!! With a Peace Offering Note

I’m assuming the “Peace Offering” from Mollie is her desperate attempt to gain forgiveness for stealing Easy from Litchi.  Oh alright then – you’re forgiven!

Litchi, amazingly, is not food orientated (why would training her have been made any easier for me?).  However, she immediately lost the plot on receiving this gift.  I tried, please believe me, to get a photograph of her but she instantly forgot her now Royal Status and went nuts.  I couldn’t keep her still for a second.  Best we managed was this:

Looking something like a HALLOWEEN DOG GONE WRONG!

Followed by a blurry version of Litchi, looking like this:

Blurry but Nearly Still

Thank you Mollie & Alfie for our Royal Receipt!

Might have taken over 4 weeks to get here but it was worth the wait!


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71 responses to “Rags to Riches! Rummaging to Royalty!

  1. That’s poison!!!!!!
    Don’t eat it!!!!!!

  2. Sod off Doggy, Talk to the paw !!! I’m glad you have forgiven me and that you like the treats. You can enter that photo in our halloweeeen competition 🙂 Wez so pleased youz found your forever home darling. You are safe and loved by everyone 🙂 My Mom likes your Moms nail polish. xx00xx

    • Thanks Mollie’s Mom. Didn’t really think about that. It’s the cool Gelish stuff that stays on for weeks (you can see by how much it’s grown out already). Could have tried re-doing it before the manic photo shoot but there was no holding Litchi back with those treats. She really is completely and utterly nuts about them! I’m amazed. Thanks so very, very much. It was the kindest, sweetest thing EVER!

      • Well, I’m just telling what it was told me by someone who was drunk and was told by Mollie what I just told you.

      • Hmmm, Doggy! You know you shouldn’t pay too much attention to rumours started around copious quantities of alcohol 😀 Sorry to say this but the dog and cats are all doing just fine. Definitely no poison. Don’t be jealous now. I’m sure you’ll get treats sent to you sometime. Oh wait, hang on there – you got a whole bunch of Halloween treats sent to you! I recon you are doing better on the “treat gaining stakes” than I am!

      • Hay, wot Halloooweeen treats did he get, Hez kept that bloody quiet Doggie !!!

      • No he didn’t – he posted about it! Getting some odd candy corn stuff that I’ve never heard of before.

  3. Naughty Doggy! The cats had already done the taste test 😉 Mollie & Alfie are incredibly generous with their treats. Nothing to do with making amends, of course!

    • Yes – you tell him. Doggy is being very naughty! 😀
      The cats were particularly proud of their taste testing abilities. I couldn’t believe the mess when I came downstairs. It was utter chaos in here.
      I’m so astounded by Mollie & Alfies generosity. Litchi, of course, is even more so 🙂

  4. I think that’s a picture of a halloween dog gone RIGHT! Without the blurs, Litchi is waayyy too pretty to be scary! xoM

  5. Woo hoo for Lady Litchfield! SCORED BIG TIME!!! Sorry to have been missing in action for last weeks, hope I am back a bit more consistently so I can join in all the blog fun. I too have been the recipient of Alfie and Mollie’s and their Mums generosity. They sent my very first ever package with MY NAME on it! Bestest furriends! Paw pats, Savvy

    • Woo Hoo was exactly what Litchi thought, except that she was so busy playing demonic, obsessed demon that she forgot how to talk at all! 😀
      Isn’t it special – getting a Royal Mail delivery with Your name on. So special. Mollie and Alfie really know how to be good friends. They could teach a lot of people how to do it 🙂

  6. Oh lovely and yummy! Mollie and Alfie are the BESTEST……I’ll never EVER forget my very first “Royal Mail” from them – I felt like a little prince or a king opening it up. Their Mum is a sweetie pie! I do think Litchie’s first photo would be a wonderful Halloween costume contest entry though – she looks a bit OBSESSED! EEEK!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • The treats were obviously the most delicious things EVER! Mollie & Alfie really are the most generous. I’m sure you did feel like a king opening your Royal Mail.
      Re the photo – I did end up sending it in. Terrible as it was from a photo point of view, she really did look obsessed! Seemed appropriate 😀

  7. Wow what a lovely gift from Mollie and what a great back story Lady Litchfield has. We know she has landed on all four paws. Thank you so much for your kind comments and if you want a Halloween pic just email me a pic at mollyDOTthewallyATbtinternetDOTcom and I will gladly do one for you before Wednessday. Say what you’d like. Have a fabulous Friday.
    best wishes Molly

    • Awww Molly, you are just the sweetest. What a very, very kind gesture. Maybe I should take you up on that. Will look for a good pic to send through to you. Can’t believe how wonderfully kind everyone is on this blogosphere! Not even quite sure how to say “thank you” properly!

  8. a royal mail for the empress – what else. bon appetite, Litchi! …bol Doggy… he is priceless…

    • Yes – isn’t Doggy priceless. Ruby suggested he was just jealous but, if you remember, he got a whole bunch of Halloween treats sent to him, so he’s doing just fine, thank you very much! 😀
      Royal Mail! We were surprised. Such nice treats as well. How cool are Mollie and Alfie for doing that!?!

  9. Mail surprises with treats in them are the BEST! Enjoy Litchi (and the cats)!

    Love and licks,

  10. Popped on when my female human isn’t around, treats, cor yummy. I get lots but the other dog that lives with us didn’t get any before she was found by my humans in a very poor state. She is now fit and healthy and knows all about treats and sitting for them and so does my brother so my treats are spread around the neighbourhood. My female human says I must share but………. Love to Toppy.

    • Well, so nice to hear from you. What a clever little thing, using the PC whilst your Mom isn’t looking 😀
      Sounds like your Mom has done fantastic work rescuing and helping others. Well done to her. You guys probably deserve a story. Why don’t you send me some info and I’ll do a post on it!

  11. Bob the Cat is as bad as Delila the Dog when it comes to taking things off the counter. He’s actually eaten a roll. 🙂

    • 😀 Well, sounds like Bob is just like my Sabre! Sabre actually and very purposefully tosses treats from the counter down to Litchi. It is too cute to watch, even if he is being naughty. Has taught me to clean up the dinner dishes very quickly, though 😀

  12. I am so happy Litchi has found a happy life! As to getting into the treats unsupervised, they were meant to be enjoyed, were they not? Gluttony is not just a human trait when it comes to yummies!

    • Appears you are right, gluttony is a trait of all creatures! The cats certainly thought so. My house took a while to sort out though 😀
      Litchi not only has a better life but lives the life of pure luxury, love and attention. What more could anyone ask for? I was blessed to have found her.

  13. Our lady thinks that we can learn a lot from dogs. Sometimes their lives don’t start out well, but they get over it. Also they know how to appreciate a great thing (and not care about how they look). Happy Friday. Lee and Phod

  14. rubytheairedale

    Oh, those look amazin’!!! Lucky you to gets such wonderfuls treaties from Mollie!!! Wows!



    pees: Don’t listen to Doggy, he’s just bitter he didn’t gets any!!

    • Fear not, Litchi and the cats are all doing just fine. Definitely not poison. Tut, tut Doggy 😀
      Mollie is just so sweet and generous. Cannot believe that treats got sent such a massive distance just for my little Litchi. We are gobsmacked! 😀

  15. Haha I guess Litchi liked the treats!

    • Never seen her takes to treats like that! Normally she gives me a rather quizzical look, followed by a pathetic, tentative, carry buy the edge with teeth only, making sure no lips touch the stuff routine, before deciding if it’s a good or lethal treat?! This time, it was instant mayhem 😀

  16. Soooo wonderful!!! Heartwarming through and through!

  17. Hey Lady Litchi, Hey Sabre, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Wowee wow wow! Royal Mail, whoo hoo! The delay was no doubt as a result from all the security checks before assurances were made that an Empress/Lady of Litchi’s stature could safely ingest package contents!

    To think of how you began, my dear Lady, makes my heart break. We hope all those memories have been erased and replaced with the grandeur of your family, your native S.A. and your fiefdom of Bordeaux.

    If Easy so easily got distracted, he’s not the fellow for you!

    Glad you enjoyed your royal treats to the Max. Mollie, so kind of you to take steps to repair the rift.

    • Aren’t Mollie & Alfie just too sweet? Sending treats such a long way, just for Litchi (although the cats immediately thought they must be for them). What a sweet thought, that the mail service was simply ensuring the package was up to scratch for her Royal status 😀
      Worry not, my dear Gentleman Jetty, Litchi has long forgotten her difficult start in life. I wish us humans could get that right. Live in the moment! You dogs really have it spot on.

  18. Would have liked to have heard the comments in the Post Office with the package addressed to Lady Litchfield!!
    Maybe those treats have ‘dognip’ in them or some special recipe known only to Mollie. They must be so good.
    Those treats might help The Producer get Raffles to walk on the lead. At the moment he just wants to sit down!

    • I agree Zena. The looks at the Post Office must have been hilarious!
      There’s definitely something very special indeed in them. Never seen Litchi so food focused in my life. I’m sure they would help Raffles. How funny that he just wants to sit 😀 and even with you there to help show the ropes?

  19. We are so sorry that Litchi had such a bad start I can not understand how people can hurt or throw out animals. Beyond my comprehension!! But we are so happy she found you and is loved so much. Your last picture was of a truly happy dog. How wonderful:-)

  20. It was a very hard start but dogs have a remarkable ability to live in the moment and not feel sorry for themselves. Wish us humans could get that part right! She is now one very, very happy and incredibly well adjusted dog! Thanks for all your kind comments.

  21. hello litchi its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry happy that yoo ar no longer owt on the streets but now hav an entire roost wot yoo can rool with an iron paw!!! and its always nice to git loot in the mail espeshly edibul loot!!! ok bye

  22. Those treats look really good! That was so nice of Mollie and Alfie to send them to you! They are really good friends!!!!!

  23. You let the cats eat the dog treats?? I think you need to track down more for Litchi as you owe her half a bag!! *stern look*

  24. Susie and Sidebite

    WOW, Lady Litchfield, what a royal name and a cutie, and she looks like a younger version of our Shadow. Now we can say we know some of the royality over across the pond. Guys thanks for comming by and leaving a comment, we go nuts for them. We will add you to our blog roll ASAP!

  25. Only receiving her due …
    It should be daily, shouldn’t it?

  26. Oh, that’s sweet! Enjoy your treats 🙂

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