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Dazed by Doggy!

I’m Amazed, Bowled over and Completely (had to put that in for the “C”) Dumbfounded by the kindness and generosity of Doggy’s Style.

I’m left Scratching My Head in Astonishment!

As I’m sure most of you already know, A Clown on Fire has been holding the most mind-boggling competition.  Doggy, the competition addict that he is, sent out his request for us to vote for him.  This I duly did.  It was mild mayhem in there and, I’m afraid, the fever took me.  I dutifully voted for Doggy but quite simply could not resist brazenly launching my own blog into the chaotic competition.  I begged, pleaded, bribed and cheated as best I could, desperate to usurp Doggy’s lead.  I’m afraid to say, I failed.

If anyone knows how to play a game well, it’s Doggy.  He beat me fair and square, guaranteeing himself a place on Le Clown’s infamous blogroll.

Doggy Won – Congratulations!  But that’s not where this seemingly simple story ends.  No, not when you have a celebrity like Doggy in the mix.

Mere moments after finding out he’d left me eating his dust, he sends me a message.  A message that makes us humble sole’s realise what true kindness and generosity means.

Doggy had arranged with Le Clown that I be given his hard won place on the blogroll!!!  Can you believe it?   How do you even begin to say “Thank You” with sufficient fervor for a gesture such as this.  I am, as I said, Dazed by Doggy.  Not only is he hilarious and utterly entertaining but it seems he is a saint as well.  I bow to your greatness dear Doggy.  The rescue animals of the world say “Thank You” and they mean it, from the bottom of their hearts.

Look closely – even the Baby Buck are smiling!

We Love You Doggy!  


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All Clowned Out! How to make Bucks will continue shortly

The competition at Le Clown has come to an end!  Life returns to it’s standard abnormality.  Dilly blonde that I am, I missed the last couple of challenges (he put them out over the weekend, what did he expect) which meant that I dropped a couple (OK, many places).  I did, however, thanks to my absolutely fabulous readers, get at least a mention.  Not bad, considering the guy doesn’t have a clue who I am.

This picture will make sense as you read further.  Had to give you something to look at in the mean time.  I’m not saying you lack attention – just that you like pictures, so I’ll give you one.

Next time round, I’ll join the contest at the beginning and stay till the end!

What I did learn, was that I have the best readers in the universe.  Thanks to everyone for helping out and going half-blind in the process.  I will shortly be creating a blogroll on this site, in your honour.

What a pair of cutie-pie’s.  See – more pics to break the reading load.

Now, for my South African readers, I have just received this plea via email.  I know precious little other than what the email stated, which was that these two dogs were found by a poor couple living in Pretoria, who rescue homeless dogs.

They are desperately seeking new adoptive parents.  So, if anyone knows of a potentially good home for them, please leave me a message.

I could go posting a complete strangers contact details here but thought that, maybe, the jail time wouldn’t be worth it.  I’ll take the chickens route out and say that I’ll send the contact details to the authors of reasonable comments.

Doesn’t a face this cute deserve a loving home?

 Go on – give a dog a bone home!




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