Never have So Many been called upon to Help So Few!

Never in the history of Dogdom, have so many been called upon to risk their lives for so few (well one, to be exact).

Woof World III is on the verge of breakout and not, as one might assume, due to border disputes, greed induced arguments over mineral bone resources or mans dogs’ inherent need for battle.  No, my dear readers, WWIII looks to take the stage due to Paw Tokens!  The ultimate in valuable currency for competition addicted dogs the world over!  Oh, and lest we forget, the capture, “potential” hostage situation and now Kidnapping of Mollie.

  • Doggy invaded Mollie’s village, captured her and held her at his Castle.
  • He then brazenly took her to dine at the finest trash cans in town.
    • This, needless to say, surprised all in Animal Kingdom, who had, thus far, assumed Mollie to be a Hostage.
    • However, one should not forget the Stockholm Syndrome (hostages falling for their captors).
    • Mollie, subsequently, went missing!
    • Fear reigned through the nations.  Dogs, cats and guinea pigs mobilized their forces.  So many animals, so little time, only one to rescue!

Doggy threatened WWIII, stating that his honor had been compromised, insisting that Mollie had left happy, full and content.  He provided the following proof of her being escorted by the War Elephants on her return trip.

And then, oh the horror, a ransom note was received.  All paws had been pointed at Doggy and then, this:

The Frightening Reality – A RANSOM NOTE!

Doggy is indeed innocent (although I still suspect that his intentions towards Mollie were not quite so).  Rumours having been flying about kissing by the trash cans.

Many a Rescue Animal is involved in the hunt for Mollie.  Follow their death defying escapades and catch up on previous news here:

War Horns  – By Doggy

War Update – By Doggy

Kidnap By Mollie

Call to World Invasion – By Doggy

News Reports By The Piggies at Hutch a Good Life

Investigation By Misaki

Investigation By Sam

Investigation By Zena, The Princess 


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47 responses to “Never have So Many been called upon to Help So Few!

  1. Now is time to burn some French villages!!!

  2. Villains are so unreliable!! 🙂

  3. Don’t trust him, till weve searched his mansion..Were on our way over, just used my ship to shore fax machine to get this to you…Keep you posted…Over and out.

  4. This is scary for me. Once I lost my stuffed monkey. I thought he was monkey-napped, but he was under the couch. Did anybody check under the couch????

    Love and licks,

    • Sorry to bring up such terrifying memories for you. That really must have been scary, a monkey-napping. What a very good idea though, I don’t think anyone has thought to look under the couch! I’ll notify the agents immediately!

  5. Under the couch is where I’d be if I’d had a date with doggy 😉

  6. fortunately I’m a virgo, so I can help out in french as the virgo of orleans :o)))

  7. with so many of us looking we are sure to find her soon

  8. Oh dear, is Portugal safe from all this dognapping, barking & skulldoggary?

  9. We have been following this with great mirth. We were going to join in but I became sick yesterday and had to be taken to the vet. I got stuck with pins and sent home with orders to rest. Good bit is I get chicken and rice dinners for a while. I have emailed Alf to let him know and sorry to all for not being able to join in properly. Great posts from all. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Oh Molly, I’m so sorry to hear you are sick. I hope it’s nothing serious. Stuck with pins – how horrible! Glad you are getting yummy chicken though and we’ll keep you informed as our investigation progresses. Let us know how you are feeling – now we are worried about you as well as Mollie. Molly and Mollie – both in our thoughts.

  10. Wine???????? Wine????????/ Did somebody mention wine??????? I may be up in the air right now flying my hang-glider searching the countryside by Doggy’s castle for Mollie but when I finally get back to earth I’m gonna need a BIG glass of wine!

    Over and out – Sammy on the Hang-Glider Radio…(static)…..

    • Exactly – we are all going to need a good few bottles after all this is over. Doggy has promised to hand over me, all of France’s wine (after he finishes invading the country). I’ll have to plan a big party for all of us. Someones going to have to help me drink it all – there’s not enough space here to keep it! Hope you’ll be able to make it, once you get over your air-sickness 🙂

  11. Lobster? What mobster wants lobster?

  12. Oh god, make sure Doggy leaves a village wiff some wine left..I’m gagging for a glass after all this xxx

    • Fear not, Doggy promised me, faithfully, that he would seize all the wine in France and send it to Litchi. She’s planning on having a BIG party here when this is all over. We have to because someone has to help drink the wine (there’s certainly no space here to keep it all!). 🙂

  13. You guys did such a terrific job. Such a fantastic combination of resources and helpers to complete the mission 😉 glad we live in Ohio where there is no sea for kidnapping:/

  14. Oh dear! What a dire doggish situation to end up in! I have great admiration for the teamwork occurring in this disaster though!

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