When is a Hostage Situation a Dinner Date?

Well, the saga continues.  Doggy and his army of Orcs and Elephants, joined his Sniper Dogs at Mollie’s place and, with such a fearsome crowd behind him, easily captured her.

Doggy – with full blown army!

He says he has not taken her hostage and supplied the following photograph as proof that she is being treated humanely dogely.  However, having muttered something about her “not being able to leave the castle”, I fear that “free will” is most certainly being compromised.

Mollie, in Sir Doggy’s castle, doing her Cleopatra / Molliepatra impersonation

In an attempt to make us believe that she is not, in fact, a hostage, Doggy tells us that he is taken her out for dinner!  So, the question is:

“Is a Dinner Date a Hostage Situation?” 

Reporters from Hutch Hurround the World News are surrounding the “castle” but, as none of us have been able to gain access, it is proving to be a somewhat daunting task to ascertain the exact nature of Doggy’s intentionsYou know how Boy Dogs can be!

To assist us, Lady Litchfield has requested the services of Jetty the Gentleman.  Litchi had originally approached Jetty for “Hostage Negotiation”, however, as we can ascertain neither Doggy’s, nor Mollie’s intentions, we are weary to jump to conclusions.  Jetty the Gentleman is well versed in such situations, having received his Investigator Certification from the Scooby Doo Academy.

These qualifications, together with the fact that Jet is a most fabulous example of a Rescue Dog, make him the perfect go-to-guy at this point.

Stay tuned for updates, as and when we receive them.


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40 responses to “When is a Hostage Situation a Dinner Date?

  1. Mollie is being treated as any other guest, that I can guarantee, she will not leave the castle until we reach an agreement, it’s been proven that she doesn’t listen to mediators, she’s a rebel. Now she’s willing to talk nicely without name calling. If we reach an agreement she’ll be back to her half burnt village tomorrow.

  2. Hey Litchi, Hey Boks, Jet here. Hi Miss Susan.

    Don’t tell Doggy, but, I think I could pass as his double with a little help from the makeup and costume department… this may come in handy. I sent you a note on my blog (to avoid prying eyes) to answer your inquiry. 🙂

  3. That’s an uncomfy situation isn’t it? Wish I could help…

  4. Ah I wonder if she is an accomplice, she looks mighty settled in her palatial surroundings? Was the dinner date just a rouse I wonder?

  5. Whee have called CIA (Cavy Investigation Agency) operatives Agent N1BBles, Agent NU77Y, Agent 8UDDY and Agent 8A51L. This crime fighting quad will soon have things sorted. They are experts. Silent and deadly as ninjas! Very handsome and brave and amazing.

    Shame whee cannot introduce you but they must protect their identities!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  6. Well Lady Litchie, we’ve joined in the search too…..with so many of us searching, surely Miss Mollie will be found and all will be right in the world???!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. A dogsel in distress; or is she……!?!
    I shall follow along to see if, indeed, this dogsel is, or is not, a game playing seducer, or a victim of a despicable Doggy (who, btw, looks mighty pawsome…)…..! 🙂

  8. Oooooh a rescue dog…. I could go weak at the knees 🙂 And he’s black. My favourite colour!

  9. I still say CHECK THE CLINICS before war
    Mollie’s beautiful but sometimes even beautiful needs a little help.

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  11. Love your pictures. Doggie with his army is somewhere between adorable and terrifying. I’m still deciding. 🙂

    • Quite so. Not sure any of us have decided yet 😀
      His behaviour is certainly terrifying – he’s invaded Portugal and is on his way to France! He promises to keep me some cases of French wine though – so possibly adorable?!?

  12. Ok I was a little befuddled by this cause I don’t know all of you yet and there is a huge cast of characters but it has been fun!

  13. Marco

    Hehe, I like the marauding army – when they’re done please send them my way – I might just have a contract for them.

    • Oh fantastic! A contract! I think Doggy needs to send them out as an army for hire – these escapades have depleted his nations coffers and he’s gone and divided his conquered countries up between the lot of us, which means he’s left rather short. I’m happy to broker a deal whenever you find the need for a marauding army, at an absurd commission, of course! 😀

      • Marco

        One question, when they land, how do they arrive? In the dead of night, on a flotilla of long boats, do they paratroop in? Hopefully the arrival can be sort of agreed upon in advance? Yes! You never know when you might need some extra hands to suppress those damn hairy worms and awful neighbours!

      • They arrived by Viking boat, Dingy boats and Hang-gliders – what a menagerie! The Guinea Pigs apparently tunneled their way everywhere – quite a feat I’d say. If you were in any danger, I’d have notified you well in advance as I couldn’t agree more about pesky neighbours. However, we remained perfectly safe, due to a private treaty with Doggy, whereby I gained Bordeaux after his invasion. Can’t complain about that! 😀

      • Marco


  14. O, o, Doggy’s in Europe now… What shall I do when he’s coming to Holland, fear him or face him with some tulips and cheese?

  15. Well she certainly doesn’t look very distressed! In fact she looks to be rather enjoying the situation and all the attention coming her way…and maybe…just maybe she has in fact got “Stokholm Syndrome!!!!!”

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