Pawsible Deniability!

Life is about ascertaining the best “plausible deniability” available.  Plausible Deniability allows you to do or get what you want, with limited repercussions.  My menagerie of animals taught me this lesson very well indeed.  Whoever you interrogate, will always point the paw at the next in line.  Each appears to have perfectly good Pawsible Deniability for the bird flying around the house, missing food items or occasional “accident”.  As the zoo empowered me with this valuable tool, I shall from here on out, rely on Pawsible Deniability for all blunders.  My finger shall now point at the paws of:

Litchi – First in but ruler of the Couch and her Bed only!

Jittery Jangles – Second in and jittery about everything.  Ruler of Nothing!

Sabre – Third in and Ruler Of All (except the couch and Litchi’s bed)

Shadow – Last in (so far) with enough womanly wiles to allow Sabre to think he’s the Ruler when she’s the Boss!

Each one of these sweethearts (or monsters – depending on the day or crime committed) is a testament to how wonderful and endearing rescue animals can be.  They feature regularly on these posts, in the hope that anyone thinking of extending their family considers going the Adoption route.  Of course, if you intend “showing” or “working” a pedigree animal, then a reputable breeder is clearly the best option.  However, if you are simply looking for a companion, the No-Kill Shelters are over-flowing and each one adopted, allows another “animal in need” the vital assistance these organisations can provide.

At this point, I would like to Highly Un-recommend allowing awards to pile up, imposing upon yourself an outrageously daunting task.  I hereby confirm that this action will leave you brain-dead, causing you to press “Publish” before checking links.  In light of my new found “Pawsible Deniability”, I take absolutely no responsibility for the fact that I provided a completely incorrect address for Jodi Stone’s site, which was supposed to be Heart Like a Dog and is definitely worth popping over to visit.

My finger now points directly at Litchi, Jangles, Sabre and Shadow, one of whom must, clearly, be responsible for this error in judgement.  I am trusting that, having a Heart Like a Dog, she will forgive whichever critter was the cause of this fowl foul up.


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69 responses to “Pawsible Deniability!

  1. I loved that post and yes if you just want a companion..Go adopt one 🙂 I end up forgetting who gave me the awards, that’s highly embarrassing, but then I’m use to embarrassing myself lol xx000xx Will be posting end of week..wink wink 🙂 xx000xx

    • it’s a terrible thing, forgetting who gave you awards and what awards they were, etc. In future, I need to get the post out right away, then there’l be no confusion. I seem to be getting quite good at apologising for errors though 😀

  2. All adorable! No deniability there – pawsible or any other kind! xoxoM

  3. Yes! I am two paws up for rescue pets! Adoption saved my life – literally!

    Love and licks,

  4. You need an innocent expression for “pawsible deniability”. I’m not saying you don’t have one, but it can always be improved with practice!

  5. We have three rescues here. In fact I’ve never purchased a companion in my life! I am always amazed at the beauty and quality of a rescue. Sometimes I think they are grateful….then again, someone spilled the water glass and the paws are pointing all the way around the circle. Actually we have more issues with flatulence than with spilled glasses here. Of course, no one ever takes responsibility for flatulence.

  6. What a fab four legged family you have! And I too fully support adopting from rescue centres wherever you happen to be in the world!

  7. Kia

    Aw, they are all too cute!

  8. Well that’s quite a crew you can blame for just about anything that goes wrong! Endless possibilities I’d say…..As for rescues I’ve never had a cat that wasn’t a rescue – and each of them has stolen every square inch of my heart from the moment I set eyes on them. I am a rescue advocate from my toes to the tippy top of my old gray head and always will be. Lovely photos of your “family”………

    Pam (and Sam)

  9. Whoa, Nellie…these are some fabulous pics!! Too sweet!

  10. Lovely photos. I don’t have a sibling to blame, but luckily its always the birds that do it BOL
    I wasn’t a rescue but mummy and daddy have said that if they ever get my a brother or sister s/he will be a rescue doggy.

    • Birds have worked out to be a fabulous excuse for you Misaki 😀 I know you weren’t a rescue and that’s absolutely fine. I just like to encourage people to think about it. No one has to adopt and maybe the right animal is not there. It’s not the perfect route for everyone but it would be awesome if you got a rescue brother or sister one day 🙂

  11. veraersilia

    Wonderful animals. Wonderful post. Wonderful humor. And a wonderful mission of yours.

  12. They’re all beautiful! I want them all please 🙂

  13. Great post and how could any of those innocent looking little babies be guilty of anything 🙂

  14. they are so adorable.. i am looking forward to an event at the mall activity center from sept 29 to oct 6.. included in the event are pet bazaar, photography, nutrition, grooming competition, and fashion show but i am most interested in their pet adoption (CARA).. i hope i could find a companion for my kittycat Star..

    • They seem to have brilliant events over there, with adoptions forming integral parts of them. I am not aware of any such thing here in South Africa but the more I become aware of these, the more I think I need to look into the possibilities of starting something similar here. Would be fantastic if you could find Star a sibling. Good luck.

  15. The flipside is that when you are an only, the buck stops with you!

  16. All our kitties have been rescues. We are kittyless right now but that will change some day. Love your kitties and your pup too.

  17. Like the ears of Litchi , she is gorgeous!!!!

    • Well, being such a big fan of yours, she’s going to be truly ecstatic when I tell her you said so. Thank you!
      PS – both her ears normally hang down but she was bouncing around like a mad-hatter at the time I got that photo – a real “ears flapping in the wind” moment 😀

  18. You have been selected for the most incredible award ever.

  19. They are all innocent, even if proved guilty, so YOU must have done it!

  20. Yes after having many animals there is always someone else responsible. Recently adopted two cats that even blame each other and the dogs of course always know the cat did it!!

  21. They are all beautiful but I especially love the picture of Litchi, she is simply stunning.

    As for the website mix-up, there is nothing to forgive, it was an oversight. You have far more important things you are doing!

    • Thank you. Litchi will be very happy to hear that you think she is stunning 🙂
      Had to make sure I got a post out with your correct details in. If people click, they need to get to the right place. The whole point is to drive interested parties to your site. Thanks for understanding.

  22. I so agree, sweethearts can also be monsters can’t they?! A lovely post, and the awards piling up comment made me smile!

  23. LOL it is always best to blame the pets. They are cute so no one can get angry with them. 🙂

  24. I don’t think they’re guilty, absolutely not. Look at their honest faces. I’m sure it must have been someone else 😀

  25. LOL! Wonderful pictures! Do all the siblings get along well? Would they ever blame each other for things (like my sisters and I always did growing up :)) or would they just fess up to their boo-boos? 😉
    Also, thank you for promoting the option of adopting a resue!

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